Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene is GONE!

That meanie Hurry-Cane Irene is all GONE and I hope I slowed her down some fur my furrends up north of me where she be now.  So nuttin else happened here.  The sunbeams did come out some and it do be furry windy now but it be cool winds wot feels nice on my furs.  So since I writed the last bloggie, mom has been outside with the neybor and her daddy wot commed ofur to help cut the big tree up with powah saws and stuff coz, OMD, we had sekurity breaches. There be introoders in MY yard!
Those be the neybors dogs wot commed ofur to MY yard snooping around without MY pawmishun.  So now the bigger pieces be all cut up and out at the curb:
And there be some cut up piles in the yard but mom do be too tired to deal with them today. They can wait fur anudder day:
I checked the pawrimeter and has found the sekurity breach fixed to my satisfakshuns.
Sydney! Our yard duss not be a pond fur swimming!
So Odessa has been reunited with Nugget in the basement.  OMD, you should has heard the GRRRRRRR and HISSSSSSSS coming out of Odessa.  Mom closed off all the doors eggsept the basement door wot she leaved wide open then she poked Odessa with the broom to make her run and she ranned a hissin' and a screamin' all the way through the howse and down to the basement.  She sayed she is so calling PETA on mom.  Now that Odessa be back in the basement, Nugget has come out of hiding and be gibbing mom the stink eye.  They think mom did torture them fur no good reason. Silly kittehs.

So anyways, we only had one casualty.  Mom did sustain an injury when she stepped into my archeology dig wot had filled up with water and could not be seen.  She went flying, sayed some noggty werds, and had bloods on her knee.  Oops, sorry mom.
Again, thank you so much efurryone fur your good wishes coz they rilly werked.  We had the bestest happen wot could has happened.  We has heard there be lots of flooding and trees down close to here and has heard lots of sirens and ambulances and stuffs so we woz rilly lucky.  (And Pee Ess, no, we is not going hiking this weekend, BOL!)


  1. Glad Irene is gone and some sunbeams came out for you!

  2. I'm so glad everyone is okay and you still have electricity. Sorry about Mom's knee.

    Happy to know Odessa and Nugget are together, even though they think Mom is a big meany.

    The neighbor dogs are cute!

    Love, Cupcake

  3. Oh YAY!!! And your basement didn't flood! Great news all the way around. Sorry about your mom ruining your ark-e-ology dig! We try to injure our mom at least once a month ;-)

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  4. Whew, we are so relieved to know you will not be out hiking - BOL - we know how much you and Mom love to do that. We also have a funny feeling that once you do get out to hike again, you may be finding lots and lots of litter:(

    Glad things are improving there. Lots of peeps' lives have been so disrupted by Irene. For sure, it is time for her to say good night.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. so glad you guys are all ok *kisses for mom's knee* wow wot a clean up. atleast it's just the yard and not the house!! *BIGHUGS* xoxo - Zackary

  6. So happy you didn'th as a bigger tree come down Shawnee. I know lots of pals out east are worried bout big trees falling on their houses cuz I guess the earth is so wet. So happy you and mom are safe & had help with the tree.

  7. That's good that your mom was able to get that tree taken care of. Sorry about her owie. :(

    We looked at the weather where we were and although the winds were crazy, they got even crazier when we were in Texas.

    Again, we are so glad that all in all, everything is OK in your neck of the woods. Hope your mom will get some good rest tonight!

  8. Glad you survived Irene with minor damage and a security breach. Sorry you tripped your mom in your archeology dig. That must hurt.

  9. Well I suppose your mom needs to rest up fur the visit from PETA. THOSE are some LONG WINDED peeps.. let me tell you that.

    SOOOOOOOOO very VERY glad that you are all Safe and only have one HOOOOOGE Scratch to show fur this Hair Raisin ordeal.

  10. Shawnee,

    So happy dat Irene has left you! I will send boxer puppy prayers to your momma to helps her wif her booboo.
    You are right we is still dealin' wif LOTS of wind from her but not as much rain.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Mom says poppy corn and Animal Planet on da TeeVees tonight sounds like a great idea!

  11. glad you are ok. I am sorry about your moms knee. That could be a sore point (ha ha) for a little while. maybe you shouldn't let your digs fill with water if she is not going to be more careful

    so glad your good


  12. So glad you is all ok....well, cept for Mom's knee. You will have to give da knee lots of slurpy kisses and takes good care of Mom.

  13. We are glad to hear you came through somewhat unscathed (sorry about the scraped knee!).


  14. Oooh I'd have been mad if my neighbor came through my fence.

    Maybe you should have told your mom you were digging a backyard pond.

  15. Glad you are all safe and sound!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  16. wow...hurricanes are mean...trees are scary...
    So glad you guys are ok!

  17. With all that water in your yard, you'd have to get a life jacket for me if I still lived at your house!

    Glad you're all safe & the kitties have been reunited. Sounds like your mom is lucky that she didn't break anything with that underwater dig site!

  18. Yeah! You made it! And got those snooping intruders out of there. May I suggest you put up little flags around your dig sites in the future? You will need to keep a better eye on mom ;-)

  19. That Hurricane could have been worse! We were very lucky. Actually Irene left a bounty behind. Dad says I will have sticks to chase for a long time!

  20. Glad you're safe and sound! We are too, though, much of our area has a lot of damage and horrible flooding... very scary!

  21. So pleased you are all safe and sound Shawnee, what a worry for you! You did well with your security hat on checking the perimeter, cheeky neighbour poking his nose into your territory ;-) Stay safe, Dex and Lou xxx

  22. OMD, Shawnee. That was awful. I am so glad you and your Mom and Odessa and Nugget are OK. I know how my kittehs are--crazy!!! And I hope you gave your Mom lots of kisses on her knee. Do you know your saliva has healing properties? It makes it all better!

  23. Phew, very glad you is all OK my pal.....I dussnt fink you should be worryin bout the feral kittehs...I expect they enjoyed avin a reason to be cross...and I am glad your pawrimeter is all OK agane....I dussnt like to fink of squirrels min in fru da holes in yer fences...

  24. Glad you guys make it fine, well other than the tree, invading neighbor dogs and mom's ouchie on her white leg!

    thanks for the head up on the pony hike, I think we're going to go there!!

  25. Thanks for the hiking tip at ponie park! I think we're going to see the horses, then try the Twin Pinnacles Trail and mayber the Cabin Creek Trail.

    Yes, you did a great job HGTVing your mom's leg! You could be the next Design Star!! BOL!

  26. Oh, my! That's quite a pond you have in your yard. Glad your neighbor had the chain saw to get rid of the fallen down tree. A fence with a security breach is no good at all! Sorry the kittehs were traumatized. Hope they forgive your Mom one day. And, um, hope she forgives you for the bruised knee! No wonder you're not going on a hike this weekend. Do you have Arnica or Traumeel ointment or gel? That might help with the bruises. You want her knee in good working order for those long hikes!

    The Road Dogs

  27. Oh, yeah, totally forgot to say "thanks" for the kitty litter suggestion. It's great for soaking all kinds of stuff! Hmmm, wonder how it works on a bruised knee? Or maybe filling in archeological "digs." BOL!

    The Road Dogs

  28. Glad Irene has moved on with minimal damage to your home and everyone is okay. TS Lee is starting to dump some rain on us, but here in Florida that is nothing unusual.
    Thank you for stopping by Fabric,Food and Fido with well wishes for Lily. It is truly appreciated.

  29. Ruger 4, 2011 at 10:04 PM

    That be a bad fing that you hafed security breached. I tell you, ifn my neighbour dogs comed on my territory there would be some mighty serious bloodletting going down.

    Pawsonally, I fink your Momma shud hafe remembered where you dig site was so that she did not walk in it. But I do hope her owies get better real soon so you can go on sum more hikes.

    And tell that Sydney I won't be sending any more kisses for her beautiful snooter if she does not get out of that nasty water real soon. I be finking she is a fery lubly dog, but I don't want no germs from that water, so she better git out quick smart.

    Mumma & I is fery happy that mean ole hairycane Irene did not tret you tooo badly.

    Playbows from Ruger (and kisses for Sydney)
    your furiend Ruger