Thursday, April 19, 2012

Earth Day 2012

So if'n you dussn't know, Earth Day 2012 be on Sunday, April 22.  We is all about Earth Day around here, not just on Earth Day but efurry day.
You see, we mite not be on this earth fur furefur but we has to leave it nice fur those who come after us so they can enjoy the same seeniks we do.  So efurry year we try to come up with a new idea to do sumpin fur the earth.

This year be all about fun and games.  We started sumpin wot mom calls "Freecycling".  I calls it "Strangers Be Stealing Our Stuffs."  Now follow along with me here coz I is going to eggsplain how you too can play and have super fun times, too.  This all got started fur me the beginning of March when the boy moved out.  He had all this stuff he woz going to throw away and it would has gone here:
So mom told him to make a pile of stuffs he woz going to let the trash man steal.  Then mom went on and signed up where we live in Noo Joisey.  Fur those of you on the udder side of the pond and down unner and stuffs, there be strangers all ofur the werld wot wants to steal your stuffs so check under "Other Countries" if'n you is not in the You Ess of A.
So when we signed up, we got into a Yahoo! Group where mom would go on and post stuffs wot we did not want any mores or she would see sumbuddy else post that they WANTED to steal sumpin wot we happened to have and woz not using any more.  So when sumbuddy sends a paw-mail back saying "Yes, I would like to come by and steal your stuffs" let the good times begin! 
You plant the bait on your front porch thusly.
Then you take up a stealth pawsishun where you can lay in wait.... and wait... and wait....
Then, WOO HOO let the fun times begin!

You has to try this.  I is telling you, fun, fun, fun!  And look at all the stuff strangers has stolened from us since March.  Mom kept a tally sheet for scoring my game fur me.  They is taking ALL of our stuffs!  But it not be going in the icky landfill.  (The stuff in red went to rescue groups fur the homeless animals.  I did not woof at them when they came to steal our stuffs.)

So that just goes to show you the kinds of stuff you mite think nobuddy wants but they will come and steal it!  So do any of you has any good games to play fur Earth Day?  I is always up fur more fun and games.


  1. What a great idea. I am gonna ask My Vickie to go to that site right now.

    Thanks for passing this along.


  2. That is some impressive barking! How did they ever get brave enough to get ON your porch!?!?

    Mom got all green-hippie and makes our own detergents now and buys non-chemically stuffs from Seventh Generation and such. She's even already buying hippie-diapary stuff for the invisible people puppy. I, on the other hand, fertilize the earth...hee hee..

  3. Nice work protecting the home front from the intruders. That is a long list of stuff to give away. Did you steal any stuff from other people?


  4. Oh, Cindy, I did furget to menshun that yes, I did send mom out to steal sumpin, hehehehe. You see, that crazee loud grass cutter monster got the sickis again and mom did not want to deal with feeding it gasoline all the time and then gibbing it bad gasoline and making it sick. So sumbuddy posted they had a Scott's Reel Push Mower up fur stealin' and mom went and stole it! So now we has a nice, almost brand spanking new quiet grass cutter wot does not drink gasoline and get sickie. And as a bonus, mom gets a werkout. Yay!

  5. Woooo! Good jobs mate!! #1 is very active with freecycle here in Wyoming! Play bows & happy earth day!

    RA, Isis & Nanük

  6. This is pretty cool. You're always full of the good informations, Shawnee!

  7. I would totally come steal any squeakies you leave out. Of course I'd probably steal squeakies that you DIN'T leave out, too...


  8. Girl, you always be so fulls of imformationals. I has nevers heard of dis type of thingy befores. To some it may sounds weird but I thinks it do be smart.
    We recycle EVERTHING possible and then on trash I gets to hears my dad complain bouts ALL out neighbors gazillion trashbags. It totally Pees him off dat they not recycles.


  9. That is such a great idea. Any chance Mom might be wanting to put you out as bait because we would be the first at your door to steal you - just kidding, Shawnee, we know Mom wouldn't do that:)

    Thanks for the tip.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. That's a cool site! Heading over there in a bit. We eat homemade food, use biodegradable poop bags, recycle and compost everything and use chicken poop for fertilizer. I'm Nola by the way, nice to meet you!

  11. Shawnee, you have the best ideas. We have never ever heard of this game but it sounds like a winner for everybuddy involved. Happy Earth Day to you. We appreciate all the litter you pick up on your walks, even though we are here in Oz. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  12. Mom and me liked this one so much that she posted it on the Park's Twitter.

  13. We even saw a Freecyle table at the Health and Wellness Fair last year! We were glad to see it there. You always come up with such great ideas!


  14. You startled me with that barking! I was sleeping, um relaxing, by Mommy when she played that video and I jumped up and looked to the window, but then decided I was too tired from my morning walk and went back to relaxing.

  15. That looks like a pretty good game Shawnee. :) Fun for you for spying on those stealing peoples, and good for the humans because everyone gets rid of the stuffs they don't want and can get stuff what they do need. And it doesn't go to the landfill.
    I see that all you pups gifed up some of your toys for the rescue dawgs too. You be fery kind.
    My humans does gife their stuffs what they don't need anymore to the church yardsale. The green papers what the church people make goes to help some pawr childrens in Bolivia get fings for school and such like. We don't hafe much ways of recyling stuffs in our little town. :(
    Well, except for noms - I could recycle them fery well if the humans would let me. ;)

    Happy tail wags

  16. What a great idea! I love the waiting then howling. Very funny :P