Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day Hike

I say the bestest way to celebrate Earth Day be to wear some earth ON YOU!  (I think my furrend Sage would agree.)
More on that later.  Furst I want to show you how we went back to the same place we hiked eggzaktly one week ago and how the Earth has changed since then.  On the left be last week and on the right be now:
Crazee how green the earth got in just one week!
Ummmm, OK.... I prawmise I will not ride on a horse.
Look wot is ahind me - I has to biggify it fur you coz he flied away when we got there.
I wonner if'n it be this burd wot we has been spying on:

Watch live streaming video from cornellherons at

Some bizzy beebers woz here.
This be the beeber club house.
I is leading the way to a seenik.
Here I is at the seenik.  That is the water where we woz afore with the heron and beebers and stuffs.
And that be the pond where I be going next to get all earthed up.
I is making good progress here.
Fun times!
Taking a break after all that hard werk.
You cannot see it in this pikshure but I added some green slime to the mud fur a better Earth Day effect.
In honor of Earth Day Sydney wanted to show the litter me and mom picked up.  Sydney do be such a goof!  But I think she be sticking her tung out at the litter bugs.  Upside down fur, well, I dunno wot fur.
And here be Sydney modeling the TICKS mom pulled off of me while I woz getting the earth HOSED off of me!  Sydney be gibbing them the stink eye.
Happy Earth Day Efurrybuddy!


  1. Happee Earth Day, Shawnee!! You are a wonderful ambassador! We're sending a virtual stink-eye to those stoopid ticks, too!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  2. Another great hike! Happy Earth Day, Shawnee!

  3. Hey Shawnee, that mud on your legs makes them look skinnier than they already are. It looks like you had a great hike. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Now that is a good way to spend Earth Day. Good for you. he he - you even got a little "earth" on you.

  5. Wow, you have another great adventure ah, your place is really amazing and relaxing :D

    Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond

  6. We loved your scenic shot, Shawnee, but Ciara and Lightning are in total awe of your mud - they are quite jealous:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. Pee Ess, we loved Syndey's shots, but do be careful with those nasty ticks.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Howdy Shawnee, We loved your hike, especially the mud part. We have lots of mud to look forward to with our winter coming up. We don't know why mum just groaned. We also love your beeber photos. They are amazing animals aren't they. We agree with Sydney, phwrrrrrt to the litter bugs. Those ticks look gross. Glad your mum found them. Take care. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  9. You really know how to do up Earth Day Shawnee! That touch of green slime was pawfect ;)
    Luv the beaver clubhouse! Way cool! :)

    Sydney did good with givin the polluters the ol tongue sticker outer ;) Nasty ticks my furiend. Glad your Mom got em and made em dead!

    Waggin at ya,

  10. I can promise you dat was NOT my Bud Light can! I would nevers evers be a litter bug cuz dat would makes me a terrible dog...more of a terrible dog I mean.
    I personally thinks dat it would be less exhausting if you went horseie back.

    Mum was all lovin' dis postie and da scenics UNTIL da tickies...then hers threw up...and was mutterin', "that d@mn Shawnee"...bwhahahahahaha! Oh me, dat was a good one though.


  11. I am always gettin into trubble for gettin muddy and also avin to suffer the indignitee of bein towelled off afterwards....I just did a little paw-pack on my four legs for Erff Day...I am not sure mom notissed...but my pads is nice and soft now...

  12. What a great way to celebrate earth day

    Stop on by for a visit

  13. WOW -- you really did a good job getting earthy on your Earth Day Hike!

    Nasty, stupid ticks. I like them as much as I like pollen. Yuck.


  14. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, that mud looks just glorious! That's the sign of a great day outside. Love the birdie and beaver house. Yucky bugs! Very nasty.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  15. OMC! Ticks! They're nasty. They'll suck out all your blood and make you furry sick. Good thing your Mom found them.

    We have Great Blue Herons here too. We love to watch them fly over. They're so beautiful.

    You looked pretty good in green slime. MOL

  16. Shawnee!!! We hafe not visited wif wooooo for a fery long times. But we doesn't furget about woooo.
    That is fery amazing the difference of one week in your forest. Ofer here in NZ it be changing the ofur way. Well, for sume trees. Most of the bush near my hause does keep their leafes though.
    That be a fery funny pickture of Sydney too. Does your mom gif her sume belly rubs when her be upside down??

    Happy tail wags
    Your pal Ruger

  17. I've been dying to see how you celebrated Earth Day! I see you had a great plan. I love it when you show us the scenics and the funny signs! I've been living through you lately.

    Gettysburg better be snow free by the weekend, that's all I know!


  18. Ick! Ticks! But I really liked your mud socks.

  19. Wow...I'm impressed! Your use of Earth on Earth day should make you the poster dog for not just Earth Day, but the Earth. First rule of business as Dog of Earth is to get rid of those ticks...and vegetables breads! Blech!

  20. Yeppers...Somebuddy has treats furs you but you ain't gonna likes 'em.
    They is green beans...bwhahahahaha! Oh I terribles dog.


  21. Love your muddy paws! Blue Herons are very neat, aren't they. I have seen a few up in Wisconsin. Those beavers sure know how to party - their clubhouse looks pretty wild!

    Happy Earth Day!

    Your pal, Pip

  22. Amazing caputures Shawnee! Yes, that's the best way of participating on Earth Day, to wear earth ON US! :))

    Dog Fence

  23. Hi Shawnee and Mom, Another fantastic hike you took us on with you!! You wear the earth dirt just fine Shawnee. Not so sure if we like those tick things!!!Nice of you to pick up the litter those other#$*&
    left. They aren't good earth people!
    Ernie and the pack

  24. Happy Earth Day!
    You need to stop going on such amazing walks, we are so jealous!
    Those Ticks are awful little blighters :(


    PS your comment on our last post made us laugh so much!

  25. What a great hike to celebrate Earth Day!
    eww Sydney get away from them!
    (I'm gonna save the upside down pic...:o))

  26. Hehe. You are my kinda gurl, Shawnee! I celebrate Earth Day daily. Well, if I can....