Sunday, April 8, 2012

Good Friday Hike

I has to tell you about my Good Friday hike only coz there be no Easter Sunday hike like there woz supposed to be.  Mom messed up her back on Saturday by doing NUTTIN.  Just sitting there and WHAM, owies in her back.  I be sending her to her chiropractor this week.  So anyways, it woz a werk howliday fur mom on Furriday and we went to the Catskills, YAY!  We ♥ the Catskill mountains.  We usually do not go there this early in the year coz there be lots of snow still but this year there be hardly any snow left and we wanted to do this hike afore the trees get their leaves coz there be more seeniks that way.  So here we go!
This be how I see the Catskill mountains from my pawsishun as back seat driver on the way there.
So when we started the hike, we had to cross ofur this brand spanking new bridge wot the park peeples builded.  That Hurry-cane Irene had nommed up the udder bridge and this trail woz closed fur a long time until the new bridge woz made.  I had my ears to the side just in case I needed to get lift if'n the bridge falled down but it did not.
The trail woz by Kanape Brook in the ravine down below.
Here be a waterfall in Kanape Brook.
I had refreshments along the way.  This mountain water taste so much better than the Brita filtered Noo Joisey tap water mom brings fur me to drink.  Ahhhh, refreshing.
When we started climbing up the mountain, we got some seeniks!  See, if'n there be leaves on the trees, we would not has seened the seeniks.
More seeniks.  And we had such pritty wevver with blue skies and stuffs.
Come up here mom, there be more seeniks!
There be no mountain streams up this high so I has to has some of that Brita filtered Noo Joisey tap water now.
Climbing up higher.
Here I is at the summit of Ashokan High Point.  We climbed up 2,000 feets to get here and there still be trees in the way of the seeniks.  Can you see I is standing on olden day graffiti?
See, sumbuddy made this graffiti in the rawk in 1888.  That woz even afore mom woz borned.
So then we went bushwhacking.  That means going where there be no trail to follow.  I HATE not being on a trail but mom sayed there be better seeniks if'n we could find anudder summit wot had almost no trail to it.  See, I has no trail to follow and had to use my snooter.  Mom's snooter is useless fur this.  And, see the snow?  I found SNOW!
I leaded us in the right direkshun coz that little mountain there be where we need to be.  Yay!  I helped mom find it with my snooter!
I found us a little path through the blooberry (BLECH) bushes...
... all the way to the top!  See that mountain ahind me?  That be the mountain with the olden day graffiti wot we just came from.
Check out the fantabulous seeniks from this place!
We taked a break here afore heading back to the graffiti mountain.
We got back at the graffiti mountain and I took a nap while mom woz reading some papers she bringed with her.  Leading mom back with my snooter where there be no trail do be hard werk.
Then all refreshed, we forged on and found a fire pit with rawk furniture and more Catskill mountain seeniks!
OMD, check out all this snow!  This do be where it be hiding all winter long.
That mountain ofur there be bigger than the one we is on and it had lots of snow!
When we got back down 2,000 feets off the mountain there be no snow but pritty spring flowahs instead.
And I gots to swim in Kanape Brook to cool my furs off.
Ahhhh, wot a nice end to a nice spring hike in the Catskill Mountains!


  1. Pawesome hike as always, we love the graffiti rock, that is really really reaaaalllly old!

    Happy Easter!


  2. We humans finally went hiking this weekend, sadly it wasn't a pup friendly hike :(

    Stop on by for a visit

  3. Writing from 1888....holee molee...didn't nose dey could even write dat long ago.

    Hope your Momma's back feels lots better real soon. Gives her hugs from us.

    Hopin' you had a wonderful Easter!

  4. Khats have skills?

    Sure they do ;-)

    I hope woo snoofed that snow fur me!!!

    PeeEssWoo: Paws khrossed your mom's bakhk feels better soon!

  5. Hmm, I'm a skilled cat... are the mountains named for me?

  6. This is like watching one of those triathlons - running and climbing, swimming in that brook, all you need is a bike and you would be all set. I am quite impressed by your athletic abilities!

    I especially like that picture of you in the blueberry bushes. I have been known to eat a blueberry in my day and they are not half bad!

    Your pal, Pip

  7. You two constantly amaze us.

    Boy would I have loved to have joined you in Kanape brook.

    Be Safe

  8. Howdy Shawnee, we hope your mum's back is better soon. Maybe the hike helped it, we hope. We loved all your photos and that mountain water looked delicious.

    Even though we don't like graffiti, that old stuff is pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing Shawnee. See ya sweetie. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  9. Uh, I likes Blueberries...they is good fur you you knows...and carrotts, and nanners, and you bouts to vomit nows? Hehehehehe.
    Dat was a most impressive hike...until you gots in da water.

    I hopes your mom's back feels betters real soon. My mum has dat degenrative disc disease thingy so we understand...or mum understands.


  10. Shawnee are you gonna take your mom to YOUR chiropractor? I surely do hope her back feels better speedy quick.

    THAT was a beautiful hike. I even got to see a lovely waterfall and lots of rocks too.

    I know what you mean about FRESH water being so much better than the stuffs from our houses.

    THANKS GIRRRRRL for takin us along.

  11. Awww man! Another GREAT hike. I swear you are the luckiest doggie ever to have a mom thAT likes to hike so much and always takes you with. (M just said to me - Don't look at me Mario - I'm too old for that kind of hike and you are a cat - not a hiking dog!) Geeesh, she's no fun at all. Your pictures are great too.

  12. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, I'm sending your Mom some healing vibes for her ouchies! I sure hope she feels better. Great hiking place! Love the bridge and that you got to go swimmie. I wish I could go with you and see those seeniks too.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  13. Harrooo Shawnee! Hope your mum feels better soon! Pawsome hike mate, woo should have seen Nanük's ears perk up when woo said booberies! Such a crazy kid. It's still too cold here to swim on our walkies, maybe in another couple bows,


  14. I love the Catskills! What a great hike, Shawnee. AND you got to wet your kinda gal.

  15. You hike long ways! Wow! I'm impressed!

  16. hope your mums back gets better soon, those ouchies are no fun. We love reading about your hikes you go to such exciting places.
    Thanks for wishing me well, I feel a lot better now, Finn

  17. Oh no, not your mom's back! Tell her mom says she only has a month to get it back before her Furrginia trip!

    I have got to make mom take me to one of those waterfall things. Talk about fun swimming (when it is warm enough)!

  18. You are very brave to go off trail in the mountains.

  19. What a fantastic hike! I'm so glad you got to go and enjoy all those fabulous scenics!


  20. I prefer fresh water too my pal. I am often found lickin it out of plant pots in the garden or even the tiny oles on the way better than tap waters, filtered or not. Bootiful seeniks too.

  21. Fantastic scenics you found off the trail Shawnee! Wow! :D You could see furever :D Luv the water shots. Great waterfall and crick :D A great hike makes for a very good Friday :D

    Waggin at ya,

  22. I would love to run through that stream! Hope your mommy feels better! :)

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  23. What an awsome hike that looks like! Lovely scenery, too.

    Maybe come visit my blog, see if you like it? We don't do anything as exciting as hiking, but Jock, Lucy and Dusty can come up with some crazy stuff to stay entertained!

  24. The views are all spectacular! Whether rocky or woody pictures, these are all perfect.


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