Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pre-Vacation Training Hike

Oh noes, Blogger went and changed efurrything on me!  This old dog dussn't want to learn new tricks!  Why, oh why can't they leave things alone?  OK, 'nuff whining.  On with my hike.
We did a more strenuous hike at Harriman State Park in Noo York today in preparashun fur our hiking vakashun wot be coming up soon.  Mom has to be in shape, you know!  I made her hike 12.5 miles up and down, up and down, up and down...
I taked mom up to high places on top of the werld.
There be seeniks up here.  That be Island Pond where we hiked earlier this year.
Same pond, different angle.
Then I taked mom ofur to Green Pond.  See the beeber clubhouse in Green Pond?  I think they be away on vacashun, tho, coz we did not find any beeber carpentry going on.
Then I taked mom up high to anudder seenik where I had refreshments.
Then down to a creek fur cooling off my furs.
Then we had to choose which way to climb up.  Nummer 1 be rawk steps in a crevice where you can get youself stuck.  Nummer 2 be straight up a rawk.  Which did we choose?
I choose nummer 2, jumped on the rawk, hanged on and clawed my way up (while mom is like OMD, Shawnee!!!!!) and gibbed myself a pawdicure at the same time.
Mom, howefur, choosed nummer 1 and got stucked.  Sigh.
But we woz up so high we seened the Catskill Mountains.
Then down again fur more cooling of my furs and falling waters fur Frankie Furter.  (Coz he likes falling waters.
Then we commed back by the lake where we parked our car...
... and one final little swim so I can get in the car all soaking wet.  It needs cleaning afore our trip anyways.


  1. Hies, I be de Gia, my momo and I want to starts hikings too but I too wittles just yet! Momo showed me de picturez I wubs dem, water wooks fun!

  2. Shawnee, I am continually amazed at you and your mom. I was looking for your post today cause I have missed a few so I was excited to see this one. We were wondering where you are going on your hiking vacation. You are so, the coolest shepherd ever.
    Can;t wait to see what is next.

  3. Maybe the beebers were havin a meeting in their clubhouse.

    I just do NOT know how you managed to get WAY up on that Rawk #2. You are so athletic.

    So I wonder... what kind of skills do those cats have anyway. AND why do we never see them pawforming their skills?
    You and your mom will be in TIP TOP shape... since you went to the TIP TOP of the wurld on THIS hike.

  4. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hikes! My peeps would fall over before making it 12.5 miles. BOL. I'd be right there with you though. Love your swimmie places. I know fur sure that's fun!
    BTW: BWAR HAR HAR at your mom's bleeps!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  5. Wow! Climbing that rock was amazing! It is a good thing you are making your mommy get back in shape if she is going to do embarassing things like get stuck on the EASY trail choice.

  6. pre vacation? where are you going? I think I need a vacation too. heheh

  7. Meowza you and your mom iz such grate athaleets! Warever you iz going you will conker it! Pandy

  8. I love the beaver pics. They remind me of the beaver toy that "someone" plucked at your house. He he he...

  9. What a beautiful view from way up there

    Stop on by for a visit

  10. Howdy Shawnee, we always love your hikes and its so good of you to keep your mum fit for her holiday. We agree, sometimes blogger is a poop head. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  11. I do ope you be hazzin a pawsome oliday my pal. Your training sure seemed to go well...and i assoom mum haz got herself out of dat crevice now and be ready to go. We is lookin forward to seein your oliday blogs already...

  12. I don't knows whi is funnier, you or your mom. I mean howevers did you gets hers outta dat crevice...a crowbar? Wells at least you keeps hers in shape by takin' her on all these hikes. And lemme say, you takes hers all overs da plce. It nearly wore me out and I wasn't even theres.

    PS: thanks furs da tip on da I must go find me a rock

  13. That's a lot of water on that hike! I guess that means you took care of your baths for the year, right? :)

  14. Lovely scenery. You and your mum must be so fit to be able to do that kind of thing regularly! Do you ever get tired?

  15. Hello there! Amazing captures as usual. Love the hike adventure of yours.

    Dog Fence

  16. Shawnee, you need to check out our most recent post about my *ahem* friend, brudder, McIver...

    He likes the swimming too...


  17. That was sume pretty gud rock climbin' what you did Shawnee!! Hope the vacation goes gud & we will be waiting to see the seenicks what you visit and picktures of your most booutiful self of course too.

    Tail wags

  18. One day Shawnee you Mom will learn to trust your judgment on which way is best over rocks ;) Too funny! Guess she got unstuck somehow :) Luv the water sceniks! Frankie isn't the only one who luvs waterfalls :) Actually any kind of water is just great with me :)

    Waggin at ya,

  19. There's nothing better than a bit of trip training, especially if you can get your furs wet! Do you ever get to swim, Shawnee? That's one of the bestest parts of getting into the lake or pond or river or....