Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fool's Hike

No foolin', I went hiking!  Third time this week.  Gess that's not bad considering mom woz so bizzy doing udder stuff on her vakashun.  But not to worry, in about anudder month I be hiking in FURGINIA - WOO HOO!  A whole week of nuttin but hiking!  Anyways, back to yesterday's hike...
I could not look while mom crossed ofur just in case she falled in again.  She did not.  Whew.
We hiked mostly on the Four Birds Trail and sure enuff, we seened 4 different burds.
Don't look to your right, mom, it be skeery steep here.
But it bringed us to a seenik where me and mom sat on the rawks and had a break.
Can I has a fourth helping of chickun jerkey pawlese?
Wait a minit... wot is this....
BLECH! HACK! UGH! BLECH!  That be bananer bread with carrots and coconut and cherries, BLECH! I spit it out!
We seened a skyline from the seenik.  It mite be Yonkers, Noo York or Newark, NJ, where I is from - the inner city shelter in Newark.  Shudder.
When we comed down from the mountain we seened furry old railroad cars.
Then we found an old cemetery.
I think the name broked off.
Yikes.  Where did this water come from?  There be no rawks or logs fur mom.  We has to cross it or go back.  Not a problem fur me but you know mom, she be all like, "EWWWWW, I'll get my feet wet..."
Mom got out her nifty boot covers...
And sloshed right thru with me.  Pawsome!
Check out mom's feets after crossing the creek.  All clean and dry.
Me, ummmm, well....  But I do not care.  No paw covers fur me, thank you.
We climbed up to anudder seenik.
I feel like I is being watched.
It just be an old scraggly turkey vulture.
He don't bother me.  You only has to worry about him if'n you is deaded.
Back at home I had to has a bucket baf and got HOSED off afterwards.  Still beats wearing paw covers like mom did.


  1. Mommy likes your Mommy's boot covers. I don't see the point.

  2. We love your mom's boot covers too - she's very smart to tuck them in her pocket and they don't even take up much room and certainly don't weigh anything.,

  3. Your mom musta been a Girl Scout, Shawnee, cuz she always Be Prepared!! We got the hose yesterday after our hike even though we didn't have any mud on us. Sheesh. Have a good week!

    -Bart and Ruby

  4. Oooh....dat was one steep drop off. If you dropped off, den da vulture bird would be hap-pee. Glad you kept him unhap-pee and didn't be deaded!

  5. Hi Shawnee (and your clean footed human!). I'm new to your blog, but am so happy to have found you. What a fun hike you took! I'm barking at mom to take me on one out of the city!! We do a lot of urban hiking, so I can't really complain because I find lots of food on the streets. YUM!

  6. Hi Shawnee (and your clean footed human!). I'm new to your blog, but am so happy to have found you. What a fun hike you took! I'm barking at mom to take me on one out of the city!! We do a lot of urban hiking, so I can't really complain because I find lots of food on the streets. YUM!

  7. I think your paws and legs were pretty stylin'

    Woo have the bestest hikes!


  8. Bwhahahahaha...OMD, your mom hads boot covers...bwhahahahaha. What does her NOT think of? Geez!
    Nows Shawnee I has to ask why your mom even bothered to gives you any of dat naner bread, I jean it does contain small amounts of vegestables...then you would has to be worried bouts dat turkey vulture cuz veggies could kills da Shawnee. Okays maybe not but dis hypothetical talk.


  9. Mom is dying to know where those boot covers came from! I'm not a fan of those turkey vultures. They seem a bit creepy to me! I'm glad you finally got another hike in before your mom's vacation was over!

    We didn't get to go hiking on the weekend because it got a bit too hot on Sunday, but I'm hoping I can get Mom out sometime this week.


  10. Those feet covers are pawesome, but we agree, you definitely don't need them (even if you do need a paw bath afterward)

    Lovely hike as always.


  11. I'm there with you Shawnee. No veggie/fruit stuff for me either. Loved your Mom's boot covers but I like your muddy feet better. :)

    Pee Ess: Mom checked her settings and the "Users must be registered and logged in to comment" box is not checked. I wonder what else could be causing you to log in??

  12. Shawnee, mum and dad are sooooo green with jelliness about your fabulous hikes. Thanks so much for sharing with us. When mum wins the Lottery (cause she has the winning ticket for Saturday night for sure) she will fly, fly, fly to visit you. I hope she brings us too. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  13. Cool boot covers for Mom but we would be right there with you, nothing like feeling that oozy mud and water right between the toesies.

    Great hike and beautiful scenics, Shawnee. So when are you coming to hike in Kansas - oh wait, we don't have any good mountains:(

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. eeeew nanner bread

    Stop on by for a visit

  15. Another great adventure with Shawnee the Shepherd. Love going on journeys with you. : )
    Bucket bath! Love it.

  16. BOL BOL BOL!!!! Banner bread that is too funny Shawnee, woo are too smart for that kind of trickery eh?? Play bows,


  17. Pawsome hike Shawnee! :D Luv the Four Bird Trail that comes with 4 birdies to see BOL! Ha! Too funny. :D Mom just bout fell out of her chair laughin when she say your Mom's muddin boots. Hilarious. And very effective ;D

    Waggin at ya,

  18. We is not laffin at the nanner bread....nope...not larffin....*larffin*

  19. One, that's a lot of birdies.

    Two, how DARE she trick you into that NASTY veggie bread...blach!

    Three, Furginia next month? We is going to be in NC next you thinking what I'm thinking?? We'll be there May 12-17.