Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hiking Vacation Day 2

So the wevver woz still spritzy so we did a hike wot did not involve mountains cuz that would has been icky.  So we stayed close and I got a historical educashun ofur at Appomattox Court House where the Civil War did be ended on April 9, 1865, almost eggzactly 146 years ago. (I woz there on April 23, 2011.)  Plus it woz National Park Week so we did not has to pay green papers to get in!
Mom had downloaded a podcast on her iPod so as we walked around the historics she could lissen to the stories about the olden day places.  I just sniffed the informashun posts and readed the pee mail wot sayed the same thing.  Well, more or less.
Here be some of the places wot we learned about on the podcast tour:
This do not be the real courthouse - it be moved 3 miles away but this be a replicashun as the visitor center.
This be where Generals Grant and Lee promised not to put the bitey on each udder any more.
This be where parole passes woz printed for the soldiers so they would not go to prison camps wot would be like  us going to the animal shelter.  *shudder*
On the left be a store and the yellow howse do be the Jonathan Woodson Law Office.
This be wot is left of the old prison wot burned down.
This be the noo prison and I think the peeples in here do be needing that Jonathan Woodson Law Office from afore.
I dussn't know wot this be coz there woz no sign or pee mail to read.
This be where the soldiers did snarly face at each udder fur the last time.
So then we headed down to the Appomattox River to start our hike coz there do be hiking trails there too!
To get to the hiking trails we had to walk in the grass along the road and the grass woz wet from the rains and kinda tall.  Seriously mom, wot woz you thinking? Is you aware that your pants be wet all the way up past your knees?
So finally we gotted ofur to the trails.  Ahhh, this do be more like it.
We found anudder historic howse in the woods:
And we hiked along the Appomattox River that we had seened afore:
So at the end of the hiking trails we comed out by this cemetery where some soldiers from the Civil War do be buried:
Then we walked across the field back to our car.  We had done a 6 mile hike all togedder.
Then we just hanged out at the cabin the rest of the day.  Mom readed her book and I napped while we woz waiting on better wevvers so come.


  1. Wow.... Shawnee what a wonderful tour. I feel as if I've really been there... and without getting my feet wet in that high grass.

    Have a super day.

    pawhugs, Max

  2. YAY!!! Shawnee you are BACK in Blogville!!
    This was a grrrrreat hiking tour.. except fur the wet grass stuffs.
    I loved seeing all the places and hearing all about the stuffs that happened so long ago.. when all the peeps were mad at each other and doing bitey face.

  3. What a wonderful history lesson. Shawnee, you are so incredible and well behaved. Mom can take you anywhere.

  4. Shawnee - your mom took wonderfully vivid pictures this time. All her pictures are always great, but these seemed extra vivid. Maybe it was because the grass is so very vivid at this time of the year. Gorgeous!

  5. Bummer on the weather, Shawnee. But you and the Mom are sure getting a great education on our country's history. Thanks for taking us along.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. Dat was a very educational hike you took dere....We luved the history and da fotos!

  7. I like seeing all these hysterical sites, especially the remains of the old prison - wonder if there are any scary ghosts around there!

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Wow u did lernz a lots about dat civil war endin stuff. Beary interestin stuffs.

  9. Shawnee, this is so interesting! Off to Part III :-)

  10. What a cool tour! I love getting to see historic stuff. You must have had so much fun!


  11. So cool too see all the history! I think you should have your own show on History Channel!

  12. This was very informational, Shawnee. Our brains feel bigger already :) And that looked like a nice relaxing hike. We think even Mom could've done that one!

    The Road Dogs

  13. Thanks for showing us these pics and the signs. I'm such a history nerd and seeing these places is very exciting for me! I grew up near Washington, DC and so many of our school field trips were to places like this. I don't think we ever made it to Appomattox, but I remember Gettysburg and other great places like that very well.
    Reading and snoozing in the cabin sounds like a pretty good alternative to a hike in the rain ;)

  14. Thanks for the edumacation & terrific pix! :)