Friday, July 1, 2011

Another Castle, Dragon and Gazebos

I went hiking early this week coz the wevver be bootifuls and ofur the howliday weekend it be too hawt and hoomid so mom played hookie taked vakashun days from werk.  So we went back to about the same area we woz at last weekend to see wot udder eggsiting things we could find.
So we started out at this place called "Manitoga" wot means "Place of the Great Spirit."  It used to be a quarry like where I woz last weekend where they blasted the mountain with Dy-No-Mite like KABOOM! and cut down all the trees. This man named Russel Wright buyed the ugly quarry and turned it into a nature wonderland.
Dogs register here.
He even made his howse to blend in. Can you see it in this picture?
It do be up on that quarry rawk on the left. He named his howse "Dragon Rock."Here it be biggified:
And this do be his studio - it be almost totally camooflodged coz there be grass on the ROOF!
Can you see it here?

And there do be a place called Lost Pond but I founded it:
So then we hiked from there ofur to Sugarloaf Hill where there be seeniks.
That bridge is the Bear Mountain Bridge wot lets the Appalachian Trail go ofur the Hudson River.  I hiked ofur that afore.  This woz also a great break spot where I had a chickun strip. Nommy!
Then we went on to this place called Castle Rock and we went here speshull fur the Road Dogs' dad coz he likes castles. But you cannot buy this one or go inside it coz peeples lives in it still!  They gibbed a lot of their land to the park fur hiking trails but they keeped the castle.
So then we went ofur to the Hudson River
Heading towards the Hudson River...
Hey, those be my werds...
The deer did not even run away from me. She woz nomming like CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH and did not stop.  Unfortoonately, mom made me stop watching the deer and move on along to the Hudson.

OMD! Look at all that litter. That be way too much fur us to carry out and sides, we is not cleaning up a pawty spot so they can have it all nice to just pawty again.  We just moved on to a better spot where there be no litterbugs.

Then we found this gazebo where I rested fur a minit:
Then we woz on the path what that Benedict Arnold used to eggscape to a boat in the Hudson River when they founded out he be a traitor!
There be a deck at the spot overlooking where he got in the boat at the river but you cannot see anything coz of leaves on the trees.

So then we headed back and found this gazebo in the woods:

and woz on the Appalachian Trail fur a bit...
...where we runned smack into a SNEK!
We had a standoff coz he would not move out of the way so when we tried to go around him to the rite, he sayed "Hey, I woz going that way!" and started moving in that direkshun so we had to go around the udder way and he RATTLED HIS TAIL AT US!  Mom knowed he just be a black rat snake with no poisons or nuttin but she sayed to him "Did you just RATTLE at me?"  Mom googled it when we got home and it seems the black rat sneks can rattle their tales to do an immitashun of the poison rattlesneks to make you skeered so you leave them alone. We wozn't going to bother him anyways, we just needed him to move ofur.

We also seened a pritty buttahfly:
And a tiger beetle wot do be the brightest green efur!
We hiked 14.6 miles and I went strate to my hidey spot when we gotted home so I let the loverly Sydney model the litters fur you.  These be udder litters wot we picked up along the way, not at that pawty spot.


  1. I love going on your hikes! That hidden house is so crazy, and I can't believe there is a real castle! Though the snake part was kind of scary.

  2. Well, I think that Manitoga should mean "Place of the Great Shepherd".

    These pictures were so fantastic and I really love seeing all the critters you encounter.

    Sydney is a beautiful model!

    Love, Cupcake

  3. It's always amazing what fun things you find on your hikes, Shawnee! Well, not the snakes...

    Thanks for another gorgemous hike--I'm going to tell Mom we need to get the lead out and go on one too!

  4. You hike the most amazing places! The house was very cool...hard to find! And the castle! Wow. Boo on the litterbugs....totally UNcool. : (
    Thanks for taking me on a mini-vacation. Loved it!

  5. Yikes - a snake! M even got creepy crawlers all over her just looking at the picture. You and your mom are so brave to keep walking anyway. That new camera your mom got sure takes great pictures.

  6. What a beautiful hike! I love all the little gazibos just waiting around fur you to come and take a rest! Your mom got some great pictures! Rest up, Miss Shawnee!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  7. That hidden house is awesome! I would like to live there, but not as much as I'd like living in that castle! You sure got a lot of hiking in! Whew! It must be a lot cooler by you than it is by us right now. They are warning everybody not to go outside if they don't have to here. Phooey!

    I am not sure I would like to encounter that snake. I'd be going way around him!

    The squirrels taunt you, too? Somebody really ought to teach those tree rats a lesson!


  8. Shawnee,

    Dis wuz da furst hike I gots to go wif you cuz we is new furiends and I wuz NOT disappointed! I LUVED every bit of it...well except fur da snake cuz dem is skeery to me!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  9. We so love your hikes, Shawnee, because your commentary makes all that history stuff so much more enjoyable. We loved reading about Benedict Arnold's sneaky escape. That was one very big snake. Thunder would have loved to have met him.

    Hope you have a great holiday weekend, we bet you will be hiking again.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  10. Aren't vacation days the best. Today was the first day of my mom's vacation and I am very excited!

    First that hidden house is really cool. My mom had to her glasses on to find it. And people still live in that castle???

    Now, the litter part really upset me. Why would anyone leave their trash in such a lovely place.

    Your pal, Pip

  11. How khool The Monarch stopped to see woo on its way to Khanada fur their big pawty!

    Great hike!


  12. Okay, we took a vote and we decided -- we are moving THERE! OMD that guy's house and studio and pond and a mountain are all we need in ONE place! It's perfect!
    So glad you posted a picture of a pretty butterfly and a beetle so we can get the image of that snake out of our heads! We don't like snakes and they don't need to rattle anything at us to make us skeered and keep us away!
    That castle is magnificent! We can't wait to show it to Dad! He's gonna flip! He would love to live in a castle, but Mom likes that house in woods with all the windows. Hmmmm, decisions, decisions :)

    Hey, if you're going to the luau, we're asking everybody to watch out for Cooper to make sure he doesn't get in troubles. Aloha!

    The Road Dogs

  13. PeeS - Sydney is beautiful! What a sweet face :)

    The Road Dogs

  14. That was PAWSITIVELY awesome!


  15. I didn't know non-poisonous snakes could rattle! What a sneaky critter.

  16. Hi there again Shawnee,

    Mumma says fanks for getting Sydney to model wif the litters for us to see her some more. She sure does not look impressed wif those litters.
    That snek looks kind of cool, but he did have fery bad manners not moving ofer when you wanted to go past.
    Mumma & I fink we will have to keep a better look out fur critters, so we can show you what our New Zealand critters look like.

    Tail waggs from your furiend Ruger

  17. Magnificent hkin again my pal but I do notiss you did slink off for sleepz after goin so far. I do not be surprised. I do alf that distance and i dussnt surface for days....nice werk wiv da snek by the way. I might ave put the bitey on him and gottens into trubble

  18. Sydney makes a great garbages model!

    That sneke would have made dad go "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" like a little girl person. He hates them!

  19. Are chicken strips better than power bones?