Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Hike

So today I gibs you some death defying acts of hiking.  Well, not rilly. It woz not as bad as wot the sign say eggsept if'n you do something stoopid but we is not doing anything stoopid.  In fact, I earned my kibble today coz I showed mom some ways around some dangeruss parts wot would has made her weak in the knees coz, well, those parts made me weak in the knees, too!  So we went to Glen Onoko (not Yoko Ono) in Jim Thorpe, Pencilvania.
Leading the way through the easy part.
At the waterfalls the trail starts to get more rawkier.
Careful on these slickery wet rawks, mom!
We has to go up this way...
... to get to Chameleon Falls.
Chameleon Falls is supposed to has all kinds of pritty colors in it when the sunbeams shine on it but we had no sunbeams. I do has a moovie, tho, but it be a little shaky. Sorry.

So here I be at the top of Chameleon Falls where there be DANGER! DANGER! No stepping out on the slickery rawk where the waters fall down from or you fall down and be DED! So we stayed far, far away from there.
Climb on up, mom.  I lite up the way fur you with my laser eyes.
Mom, can you grab that litter and throw it in my pawket, pawlese?
This be a waterfall wot you can stand behind. I show you...
See, rite where the arrow points. But we did not do it coz there woz deep puddulls to go thru and mom did not want to get her shoes all soaked wet.
Hey Chad and Katrina, this be so not kewl to put your names on the rawks.  The arrow and udder werds be to show us where to go. We dussn't want to see you on the rawks. I cannot beleef you did that just two days ago on 5/27/11.  Shamie on you!
I maded it to the furry top of the waterfalls! Now that smiley face be furry cute coz that be our direkshuns.  Chad and Katrina, not cute.
Standing at the top of the waterfalls.

So now I has to tell you the legend of Glen Onoko wot I copied here from this website so I can gibs them credit fur it.  I think the Indian maiden jumped from where I is standing but ofur at the edge where I is not going coz it be DANGER!
"Onoko was the name an Indian chief's daughter who was a white settler's lover. The irate chief accused the white man of stealing his daughter's affection and executed the culprit by throwing him over the cliff by the falls. During this execution, Onoko hid in clump of rhododendron bushes, and upon witnessing her lover's doom, gave a shriek of despair before leaping from the cliff to share In her lover's horrible fate.
According to legend, the spirit of the Indian maiden haunts this tragic spot. At precisely 9:15 on any clear sunshiny morning, the restless ghost of Onoko, also known as the "Spirit of the Mist", makes a misty appearance as a white veiled lady gliding across the silvery surface."
We did not see any ghosts even tho we woz there at 9:15 but it woz not sunshiny, that woz the problem.

So now we woz hiking along the rim of the Broad Mountain where there be seeniks. Down below us be the Lehigh River.  This be called Oxbow Bend. Can you see why?
This be anudder seenik of a different river bend but I dussn't know wot the name is.
Ugh. More litter at a seenik. But mom has to carry that one in her hand coz it duss not squish down to fit in my pawket and as you can see there be no room in her backpack:
Just the udder day I woz thinking how we always find black rat sneks.  Not that I has anything against plain old black rat sneks, but would be nice to has some varieties. My wish commed true!  Allow me to pawsent my furry furst efur Eastern Milk Snake!
No worries, he not be the putting the bitey on you kind of snek. He be our furrend.

So then we commed down off of the mountain by the Lehigh River and we did see this hole in the mountain on the udder side of the river:
Must cross river to check out hole in mountain...
So we get to the udder side around the back way and OMD, KREEPY!
There woz old railroad ties on the ground wot we had to step ofur and it woz DARK in there and water woz leaking on my furs from the ceiling.  Move towards the light, move towards the light...  Here I is in the hole in the mountain and I can see where I woz standing afore on the udder side of the river.  This used to be a tunnel fur the train when there woz a bridge but now peeples can walk in it.
A nice laydee in the hole in the mountain taked me and mom's pikshure togedder by the hole.
You know, mom mite has been able to see better in the dark tunnel if'n she did not has her sunglasses on.  Just woofin.  (As you can tell, we got off the mountain and the sunbeams showed up.)

So that woz it on our hike today.  We only hiked 7 miles coz it woz hawt and hoomid and we needed some air condishunning in the car.


  1. Pawesome hike, Shawnee. You and your Mom are very brave, lots of scary stuff there, slippery rocks, snakes (!!!), and scary holes in the mountain. We don't think the MOmster would EVER go there. We thought we spotted some rhododendron leaves in the pics before you told us the story of Onoko. We hope you never run into poison ivy.

    And yes, Mom does close her eyes during a lot of the movies she see with the Dad - she says once she finally sits down, she just gets so relaxed she can't help it:)

    Enjoy the holiday tomorrow.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. You and your mom are so brave! You faced danger rocks, ghosts, snakes and that creepy hole! I am completely impressed!

    We didn't get to go hiking today. Mom and Dad went to a dog show and didn't even take us! The nerve! I have my paws crossed that they'll get up early tomorrow and take us for a hike in one of our old favorite spots.


  3. What a beautiful hike! Kinda wish you would have seen the ghost of Onoko though. That would have been a great picture for the blog. Also, that is the cutest snake I've ever seen.

    Love, Cupcake

  4. Another fantastic adventure Shawnee and some wonderful photo's as usual. The story of Onoko is sad and also a little scary...our peeps is easily spooked. The snake would have made her run a mile much as she loves the outdoors :-) Louis has got a new backpack like yours only red. Our Peep bought it for him at Crufts to give him something to think about when they're out walking instead of barking at everything! Thinking of you on your Memorial Day, Dex & Louis x

  5. Shawnee, we just love going hiking with you!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  6. Now that hike is out of this world!

    Amazing photos.


  7. wow Shawnee,

    Besides being a gorgeous Shepherd, you get to go on fantastic hikes.

    I am so glad I found your blog.

    I get so excited to see where everyone lives and more excited to see the areas you get to go hiking in.

    Can't wait for your next Blog


  8. I've missed reading about your hikes, Shawnee! I can't remember if I told you but we moved back to CA. We've been planning it for a few months but just flew back last week. Papa is still drivng our car across country and we're staying at Mama's Mama & Papa's house until the movers get here.

    What a beautiful place. Love that second picture. Mama always wanted to go to Jim Thorpe but they never got there. Those steps near the waterfall look a little harry.The view from Broad Mountain is so pretty! Wow! Enjoyed reading about the legend of Glen Onoko.

    Take care!

  9. Shawnee - i think this would have made a perfect Halloween hike! There were quite a few scary moments here. I really liked the "cheese!" pic :)

  10. So, did woo wear your proper hiking shoes?

    Thanks fur sharing that great adventure!


  11. Shawnee, we loved your Underdog costume! Outstanding!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  12. You always got to such awesome places to hike! That black hole IS kinda scary. I wonder if there are bats in there.

  13. Really cool post! I love the photos. That's what you call a real adventure in the wild. That looks like a really long hike you did. Thanks for sharing :)
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  14. I bet Chad and Katrina were the ones who left that litter behind. Grrrrrr.

  15. We LOVED that hike - all that water! And we can't help but think of that song "Running Bear" now after your sad story of the of indian maiden and her lover. Still a beautiful hike! haha - those directions on the rocks are like GPS for the Flintstones :)

    The Road Dogs

  16. Happy Wednesday woofs & hugs!


  17. Fantastic hike... loved every bit of the commentary and pictures. Thanks.

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  18. Shawnee, you and your Mom take great hikes and we love your pictures, You are a great tour guide and we feel like we are there with you. Awesome!!!! Good to see you and your Mom at the hole.
    PeeEss: We agree with you about the name Poochie....

  19. Your hike looks spectacular. You are a pro! What a treat to get to meet the Milk Snake and he posed for you and everything.