Saturday, July 16, 2011

Back to the Big Mountains

So we hasn't been to the big mountains in the Catskills in Noo York yet this year.  We liked the name of this mountain so we thought we would gib it a visit:
How pawsome is that? Peekamoose Mountain!  And just one mile farther be Table Mountain, so we got two mountains in one trip!  There be lots of things I rilly, rilly like about the Catskill Mountains:
  • No blood stealing ticks like closer by us
  • Dogs is allowed off leash as long as they be unner control
  • The wevver be 10 degrees kewler in the mountains
  • It do just be downrite bootiful there
So furst we need to sign the trail register so that the park peeples knows the trails is being used and so if'n you get lost they know where you woz last.  We signed 1 peeple and 1 dog. 
Those rite afore us writed 1 peeple and 1 dog too and we runned into them later in the hike and had a little visit. But me and that dog woz the only dogs on the trail this day.  A total of 9 peeples had signed in.  Oh, and this woz yesterday on Furiday, coz mom played hookie taked vakashun from werks again. 
So we had to climb steep uphill fur the furst half of the hike.  The high temp forecast woz a whopping 64 degrees on the mountain but it still feeled like 100 degrees climbing up high like that.  Mom and I woz both panting.
We commed to this rawk wot looks like you could just push it ofur but it duss not fall.  We dussn't know why. Mebbe the aliens put it there like that. It be called Reconnoiter Rock.
See that crack in the rawk next to me? Gess wot woz in there?
It just be a harmless little Eastern Garter Snek.  Then we finally reached the 3500 feets elevashuns mark.
And here is where the trail rilly gets pritty. We be going through mossy spruce-fir forests wot looks like they is from the pages of a fairy tale.
And then way at the top, seeniks!
You can clickie on this Pan-O-Rama two times to biggify it:
Then here at this big rawk be the summit of Peekamoose Mountain wot marks the spot so you knows you be there:
Then a little farther we be at the summit of Table Mountain.  Somebuddy builded that pile-o-rawks ahind me to show where the summit do be:
There do be anudder seenik at Table Mountain:
Here I is pashuntly waiting fur mom to finish futzing around at the seenik:
So then we be heading back down the mountain...
... and stopped at one of the seeniks one more time...
So mom's knees has been going wonky on her not on the going up but on the going down so I made sure she stopped lots to stretch.  Then when we woz finished I taked her across the street from the parking lot fur us to ice up our knees in the freezing cold icy Roundout Creek:
BRRRRRRR.  That woz heabenly.

But wate, we woz not done yet!  We drived up the road just one mile and stopped speedy quick like at the Buttermilk Falls:
Then we stopped and did anudder short hike on flat ground wot woz only 1 mile each way to the Vernooy Kill Waterfalls!

So all togedder we hiked 11.5 miles.  There woz even seeniks on the way home:
Oh, hai. It just be me watching the seeniks from the car.
So when we got home it do be Dixie's turn to model the litters.  We only founded the pencil on the trail wot somebuddy prolly dropped on axident.  The can and sodie bottle woz at the Roundout Creek.  Grrrr.


  1. What a cool hike! I am not sure I'd have been so happy to see that snake. He doesn't look so little to me! I always like going on hikes that have water along the way to cool off in. We had great scenics on our last hike, too! I get to talk about it on our blog on Monday.


  2. Those wuz pritty seeniks Shawnee, an its nice to see Dixie lookin so bewtifuls.

  3. Maybe we should all go hike in the mountains to keep cool these days.

  4. I love the waterfalls. How beautiful, but not as beautiful as Miss Dixie modeling.

    I was hoping to see the other dog that was hiking too. I bet she was happy to meet the incredible Shawnee!

    Love, Cupcake

  5. WHEW!
    11 and a half miles is a very long hike Shawnee. You could have almost walked all da way to see me here in Texas...well, not really, butt that was still a long walk!

    Loved da foto of you riding and viewing da scenics!

  6. Beeyootiful hike! Sounds like a real dog-friendly place, too! We must say, that's a really nice way to spend a vacation day. And it doesn't sound very crowded. A BIG Plus. You know, in that one pic of you laying close to the tree, you really look a lot like our brother Dusty in the face :) We never noticed that before in any other pics - just that one. Some people think all black & tan Shepherds look kinda the same, but you know that's not the case.

    Dixie has the cutest little face! Doesn't look like she cares for the litters either!

    The Road Dogs

  7. Shawnee,

    You and your mom go on great hikes! :) Da Catskill mountains are beootiful!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  8. I am glad that Dixie got to show the Litter stuffs.. She looks like she is saying... NO MORE OF THIS NONSENSE. STASH YOUR TRASH PEEPS!!
    I marked this post a COOL beclaws of the Ice down you and your mom had in the stream.
    Now I would not have been very impressed with the SNAKE... butt this was a darned BEAUTIFUL HIKE! I kinda have a THINGY fur Water Falls.
    I agree that those were three very much Good reasons to hike this Mountain. BUTT it is a good thingy that your mom was only futzing and NOT settin FIRES up there. hehehe
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH fur sharing this hike with us.

  9. Great hike, Shawnee. We showed your post to our Dad today, and he couldn't believe that you are 10 years old. He thinks you are in great shape. He loved reading all about your hike in the Catskills. He and Mom both went to the Catskills as kids to go to the zoo. He says he could never do all that climbing that you and your Mom do.

    Great scenics - bet they are nice in the fall too.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  10. I need to get a new hike khoodinator!


    Of khourse, The KHATS-KILLS are high on my list!


  11. My first visit to your blog and your hike looked soooo wonderful! I am not sure me and my Mom could do that many miles, but it would be fun to try.


  12. wow, My Vickie and I are always amazed at the beautiful places you guys go. And Oh mY goodness.....the miles you travel. 11 miles today. that is unbeleiveable.

    We are in the "Walking Challenge" and we only go 10 miles a week.

    And you do it in ONE DAY. WOWOW

    My Vickie loves the pictures too and she would have hurried me away pretty darn fast when you came upon the snake.......Poisonous or not....

    Snakes freak her out.

    I didn't get to wish you a Happy 10th Gotcha Day cause we are behind on our blogs, so "Happy 10th Gotcha Day"


  13. More fery nice seeniks!! My Mumma fery likes to read your blog & see the seenicks. Me, well I like to see the picktures of you & your bootiful sisters.
    I don't fink Mumma & I could go on a walkies that was close to 20 kilometres long (Mumma had to change your miles to km so she knowed how fery far it was.)
    But we wish we could. Mumma would like to see interesting fings like sneks too, but I don't fink I would like them.

    Slobbers & play bows from your furiend Ruger

  14. Wahahahaha...Dixie look like she has been cort red-pawed droppin the litters herself! Or mebeb she was juss jellus she dint be doin no hikin....

  15. The fairy tale forest with the moss is really, really, really cool! And those were some beautiful scenics for sure!

  16. Oooh those kills look really nice. I asked Mommy why we don't have kills. She says we do, but they are called creeks and ours are mostly polluted with farm chemicals. Bad chemical companies!

  17. Again, you've done a most magnificent hike, Shawnee. You know the best part, at least for me, was seeing you in the water!! I'd be right there with you, that's for sure.

  18. That waterfall swimming pool looks fantastic!! And good job Dixie on the litter modeling. You're a natural!