Thursday, July 21, 2011

Loot From Corbin!

OMD, I had totally furgotted that I wonned a prize from Corbin fur taking him on a hike with me! So wowser, that woz rilly a surprise coz I woz not eggspecting it!
Wowser! Loot from Corbin!
Warming up the snooter.
Corbin has such nice pawmanships.
 Here I is checking out all of the loot:

Hey! Who invited you two?
Fine, I gess I has to share the noms.
I is going to play with my new Skinneez in my hidey spot coz the udder two would not dare bother me there! I is pawtending he be that evil skwerrel wot woz looking in my winder yesterday.

Thank you Corbin, that woz some PAWSOME loot!


  1. Wow - Corbin sent you the best pressies. I wonder what "WTF" meant in his letter? "What the fur" we hope!


  2. Dude! So my mom had bought all the pressies... and made cookies and had everything all ready to go like... furever ago... then I found all the stuff and ate the cookies... oops. Then mom said she'd have to make another batch... and then it became like furever later and she found all the stuff and said OMG! Then I told her that I've been reminding her to make more cookies and that I wouldn't eat them, but her mush brain forgot that I was asking for her to make cookies for my furiends... anywho. Better late than never? Hope you enjoyed it all! And super thanks for being so patient! hehe

  3. Corbin is such a sweet woofie, those seem like AWESOME gifts!

  4. Shawnee,

    It looks like it wuz worth da wait! Great pressies from Corbin and Momma Jenn!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  5. Shawnee... that is such a COOL DROOL Pressie package.. THAT Skineez is grrrreat. When you finish you should hang it in the window.. to Ward Off any more Squirrels!!!
    Darn girrrl those snacks look SUPER Delicious!!

  6. You sure gots lots of nice pressies there.

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  8. Hey, if you can get great pressies like that, who cares if they were late:) And you are so gentle with those stuffies - were you just putting on a good show for us, Shawnee? Those noms look quite tasty too. You are such a sweet girl (oops on our typo) to share them.

    We are all ready for this weekend's hike.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. WOW!! What a great package!!

  10. Sam, that is hilarious..What the fur!!

  11. Tee hee! I'm glad he remembered to send them! That looks like a great haul of loot!


  12. Getting pwesents is fery fun!! I fink it is fery kind that you shared the nom noms wif your sisters. Mumma & I read about your hike wif Corbin. That looked like a fery fun day!

    Slobbers from Ruger

  13. What a nice prezzie package! Congrats on winning.

  14. How can you be so calm with a bunch of new squeaks? And a Skineez too! You are supposed to take the Skineez and shake shake shake it and then run to your mommy and slam it into her over and over again to show he how well it squeaks!

  15. Shawnee, you are "a class act". Congrats on your pawsome pressies. BUT you were "dog enough" to share the noms with your sisters and stuff.
    We do like your hidey place too. Corbin & his mom were very sweet to send them to you- no matter how long it took. Corbin was only taste testing the cookies to make sure they were good enough for you....

  16. Those pressies were TOTALLY worth waiting for! What a haul - and plenty to share :)

    The Road Dogs

  17. Oh...those toys look super squeaky... *drools*