Saturday, July 2, 2011

Glens, Ravines and Historic Village

OK, so that OP Pack woz rite.  They sayed they betted I would be hiking again this weekend.  I had tolded you all that coz the wevver woz supposed to be hawt and hoomid on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, mom taked vakashun Fursday and Furiday coz those woz not hoomid days and we hiked on Fursday.  Howefur, I checked the wevver last nite and the wevver man changed his mind but fur the better - no hoomids TODAY! The hoomids is late and they be here on Sunday instead.  We did not has a hike planned so we had to scramble to come up with something rilly fast coz if'n we woz going to leave early, it woz bed time alreddy!  We had this hike on our "to do" listie but the hike be too short so we nefur did it.  Well, seeing as we hiked 14.6 miles on Fursday, a short hike was pawfect fur today so we did this one wot woz 7.5 miles.
The hike do start out through this Millbrook historical village where there be some furry interesting things. Come along and I show you some of the hilites.
This be the old turnpike wot woz the main road thru the village in the olden days.
Oh my woof! A historical dog howse hidey spot from the olden days!
Obedience school fur childruns or mebbe that dog from the dog house.
I is allergic to hay (fur real) - see how it maked my hed all fuzzy?
Then once we got out of the village we seened something ofur unner the trees and went to check it out.  OMD, it do be a grave fur a dog! But he lived way after that village so I don't think he lived in that dog house.
This is wot we found on the innerwebs at about George Busch and Bozo and that area wot be called Watergate Picnic Area:
Watergate was the 1950s estate of George Busch. There are only remains now, such as a stone dam with a Victorian turret and the grave of Busch's dog Bozo.
1952 – his wife Helene died at age 49.
1970 – George died in his sleep.
(Pee Ess - no relashun to the presidenshul Watergate or George Bush.)

Now the fun part begins.  Follow me.  Into the glen...
Van Campen Brook!
Van Campens Falls!
Then we leaved the glen and went looking fur this old cemetery wot is supposed to be off the trail somewhere.  We founded it! And not many peeples must know how to get to it coz it be in good shape, no vandalisms or litter bugs or stuff like that.
This be the DePue Cemetery (not to be confuzzled with PePe Le Pew) and the oldest tombstone seems to be from 1839 but they is all from the 1800's.

Back on the trail, OMD, look wot else I founded!
Sorry I missed Mr. Turtle but I gibbed his hidey spot a smooch and left some Shawnee slobber on it (see the shiny stuffs?) so he knowed I been here to say HEY!
Then we went by some old falling apart farm howses...
See, wot happened woz back in 1955 they woz going to build a dam on the Delaware River and that would has made a lake 140 feets deep and flooded all of these houses (and the bootiful Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area where we hike lots).  So the governmentals made peeples move out of their howses wot would get flooded.  But then the dam woz nefur builded coz it make peeples too mad and they stopped it from happening.  So the howses just sitted empty and rotted away.  I think this old jalopy must be from back then, too.
Then we commed back around to the udder end of that Van Campens Brook and I got to get my furs rewetted.
After I had my final fur wetting, I taked mom back to the car.
Eggsept fur we had to go thru big grasses and mom has pulled seben tickies off of me so far. ICK!  I use K9 Advantix wot is supposed to repel ticks.  NOT!  At least it makes the tickies fuzzy in the hed like that hay made me so mom can grab them and yank them off udderwise I has to bitey them with my teefs and try to pull them off myself but mom duss not approve of that fur some reason. I HATE TICKIES!


  1. Oh Shawnee, we're living through you this weekend! There's a party here tomorrow that Mom and Dad are getting ready for, and it's so hot here today, you can't even breathe outside. Mom looked like she was about to pass out from just being out and about today. I am sure hoping this doesn't last.

    Isn't it always weird when you find houses that people just left behind? It always makes me feel a little sad. I wonder how they got out of there if they left their car behind!


  2. Happy Fourth of July Shawnee!!! I think that Van Campens Falls was just beautiful. The water was sooooo clear!!! I am glad that you explained about the Watergate and Busch/Bush thingys... I would have been very much confused. BUTT you always make everything so perfectly Understood. That is why I think I love your hikes so much. Hummm I don't use that kind of tickie repeller stuffs.. Mine DOES kill the ticks and they drop off. My mom would not approve of the teefs thingy either.. and YES... WE all hate the tickies on my hill. Esp. my MOM.. My tick stuffs does Fleas too, does Yours?? Mine is Frontline Plus. Puddles Barks the praises of K-9 Advantix... and I was gonna ask my Dawgtor about switchin.. butt Now... maybe not. Let's talk more about this, after you think about the Frontline stuffs.. Here is what my MOM hates about Frontline Plus... it goes between my shoulders... and it is very much OILY and sticky and icky for about 2 days.

  3. I was coming back to tell you that I think you should Bottle and Sell that.. Slick Shell stuffs.. Turtles all over the world will be wantin some of THAT!!!

    Now about what you said on my blog about the tick/flea stuffs... That is all the stuffs that I have been hearin too... except I didn't know that K-9 Ad. didn't make your neck all funky and stuffs.. SOOOOO I am gonna take your word fur this.. and tell my Dawgtor.. next March.. that I want switched over!!! THANKS (Mahalo.. since I am in HonoRooRoo right now) my furend fur the info.. I truly trust your word fur thingys!! Puddles had me pretty much convinced.. butt your words.. PLUS learning that I won't have Funky Furs.. makes it a wrap!!!

  4. Another great hike pal. I know you call it short, but M said that's the kind of hike she could do and I probably could too. We love historical parks where buildings still stand. Thanks for showing us around.

  5. What a GREAT hike!!

    I hope you have a very happy and safe Fourth of July holiday! :)

    Woofs & hugs,

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  6. Looks like Bozo was loved very much, I'm glad for that.

    Shawnee, you are such a wonderful history teacher. I like learning stuff from you.

    Love, Cupcake

  7. Shawnee, how many places have you & your hoomies gone to for hiking? I'm gonna guess well over a hundred!!! Am I right?

  8. I always love your adventures! You have the most beautiful places to hike and the! So very cool. Thanks for yet another mini~vaca through my computer. : )

  9. What a wonderful hike. Nice of you to leave a howdy-do for Mr Turtle. All the pictures are so beautiful, but I love that one of the car... It's a very artsy shot.

    Have a great holiday.

    pawhugs, Max

  10. That was a very nice hike, Shawnee. Except for those tick things. I've never had one of those blood-suckers on me before, but Mom said she has. ICK.

    I'm really glad you got to do a little dipping in creek. That's really important (at least to me).

  11. I think Mr. Turtle was lying to you. Have a fun 4th!

  12. Hi there Shawnee,
    Mumma & I enjoyed your hike. You America dogs always see such interesting critters on your walkies. We hafe no turtles in NZ, and no snakes, or raccoons, or skunkers --- well, I am pretty glad we hafe no skunkers, cause I would not like to get stunked by a skunk and Mumma says I most like would annoy one, known me.
    I fink that turtle was not fery polite when he did not come out to say hi to you after you been so polite to him & all.
    Mumma & I liked your picktures & histories fery much.

    fanks & tail waggs from Ruger

  13. Too bad Mr. Turtle wasn't home. Thunder has made friends with Tony the Turtle a few years ago but we haven't seen him since. Do you think maybe that is his son or grandson there with your sweet slobbers on him?

    We loved seeing the old village and the dog house and that cute little school. Why can't we find fun places like that to go hiking? Oh yes, that would have something to do with the Momster who says she is too old for that stuff:)

    Happy Fourth of July to all of you too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  14. Again you have done an awesome job of taking us along with you on a great hike & pictures. Ticks NOT so good!!We haven't had any of those yet - hope we never do!! M uses Revolution on us.
    Happy 4th!!

  15. Happy forth of Joolie Shawnee! I hopes you an Sydney an Max iz nawt too skarded by thoze evil firewerks. They iz banned here acuz of teh fires we iz hazing all ovars but we been having they thunderboomerz an litenings so its still kinda skardy but Iz been brave. I think you look so pretty in da Glen an teh waters even if it iz wet. Teh histerikal town you visited looks rill kewl espeshly cuz of that histerikal dawg howse!

  16. Oh how I hate ticks, too, Shawnee! Glad mom is pulling them off of you.

    Fascinating to have found those houses all empty there - kinda creepy!

  17. I fink we mite haz to stage a intervenshuns for mum....she is obvioulsy a hikin ADDICT!! But seein your fotos of you walkin I can see why so mebbe we dussnt try and dissuade her juss yet.....

  18. I think we have all the stupid hoomidities! It's so hot and yucky, no hikes for us!

    At first I thought you was near me, Millbrook, AL is right across the interstate from me! Oh well. Close enough!

    Mom uses preventic collars, they work pretty good. Ticks suck (no pun intended!)

  19. Shawnee..........that town was uber-cool, most especially da Ancient dog house

    We has to use da K9 Advantx fur da gazillion fleas that like living in Texas. Butt this year it don't work very well...... My momma is frustrated with all the greenpapers it costs....and still we get da fleaa. Sigh

  20. Hey Shawnee! You know your parks! Yes, we were at Bond Falls in Michigan!!! It was very cool.

    Your pal, Pip

  21. Shawnee!!!

    You goes on so many wunderful hikes, my mom doesn't takes me anywheres! :) We luvs da foto of da old car too!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  22. Greetings from Southern California

    I am your newest follower.

    I invite you to visit and follow TOGB.

    Have a Nice Day :-)

    BTW, Great Photos!

  23. Hi Shawnee, you and your adventures, you have so many you should write a book. That was a very interesting place, some of it looked quite spooky though, especially the old car, and fancy meeting Mr Turtle like that. Have a great weekend, Dex and Lou xxx

  24. Mom and me are happy to be back in blogworld. We sure missed your posts and have a lot to catch up! In this post you will never guess my favorite part. Okay, so maybe you will guess - the swimming. I'd love to see a waterfall!

  25. The brook and falls look SO cool! Glad you got some good swimming in.