Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Free Ewey Hike

OK, so mom started following this bloggie about a fambly from Noo Joisey wot is traveling around the Wild, Wild West with their stuffie lamb, Ewey.  Seems like Ewey had a brush with the law out there and that Ranger Dave in Zion put him in the slammer.  You can read all about wot happened HERE. So fur bail, 15 peeples either has go fur a walkie or a hike.  So Ewey, this hike be fur your bail.  I hiked 10.6 miles today at Sterling Forest State Park in Noo York.  Mom did too coz I has to drag her along with her being my ride and all, so if'n that counts, you has 2 more.
Me and my furrend Smokey Bear.
So we started the hike in Noo York but we commed back around by Noo Joisey on the trail.  The sign do say "NY-NY LINE" but somebuddy shoosted holes in it.   Grrrrr.
Then I had to scramble up steep, steep rawks to get to seeniks.  I show you how I did it.

Then at the top, ta da!  Seeniks!  You can click on the Pan-O-Rama to biggify it.
Then we commed to the Sterling Fire Tower:
Wate a minit....  Wot be going on here? Why is I tied to the fire tower?
Oh. My. Dog.  She did not! Mom climbed the fire tower!  Well, not all the way coz you know she be skeered of climbing up high like that but she made it to the 5th level and that be the highest she has efur climbed.  I did not hear her scream or nuttin.  And she got some seeniks from up there but they has part of the fire tower in them coz she did not climb high enuff.
Then we woz off again and commed to a seenik at Greenwood Lake.
I is in this Pan-O-Rama of Greenwood Lake
There woz so many boats on the lake I had to count them on my paws three times, that be 60 boats!  And those woz the ones moving around not counting the ones wot woz parked.

I saw lots of chipmonkies today but they woz too fast to has their pikshures taken.  There woz a whole flock of turkeys, too, and mom got one of them but the pikshure did not turn out.  We did get pikshures of these guys.
There woz a gabillion of these teeny mini frogs hopping around and we had to watch our paws so we did not squish them. They woz only bout 1/2 inch long.
Can you find this frog? He be about the size of my paw but he be camooflodged.
And we seened some pritty flowahs and udder plants, too.
Rhododendrons wot is starting to bloom.
Blooberries wot the bears be nomming on.
Mushy Rooms
Then, OMD, we gotted home and mom pulled two tickies off of her legs, one woz crawling on her car seat and she yanked ELEBEN out of my legs along with some of my furs.  Ouch. They usually dussn't get on mom coz she sprays the Deeps Woods OFF on but these tickies did not care.  Yikes.  We has a new saying around here...
A good tickie be a ded tickie.
That woz death by Starbucks Frappuccino sediments mixed with waters and soaps.  It werked!  (I always knowed that bafs be bad.)


  1. What a fantabulously beautiful place! I'm proud of your mom for getting that high on the fire tower, too. I could climb those, but they always leave me at the bottom, too. All those ticks look gruesome! Ewww! They're almost as bad as those bloodsucking mosquitoes we had to fight off on our hike. I am glad we got out hike in on Friday, because it was too hot for sane people and dogs to be outside this weekend!


  2. wow those seeniks iz rilly good! But all those ticks, yuck! Iz glad you can do teh hiking an i can look at a pikchures. Thanks you Shawnee! *purr*

  3. You have me ready to go for all kinds if hikes...and then...the ticks. Uuugghh. Those freak me out!

  4. Ewww ticks. Mommy says this is the worst year ever for ticks. Did you eat the blueberries?

  5. Hi there Shawnee!!

    We been waiting fur you to go on another hike. Mumma enjoyed your seeniks fery much exspecially the one of the lake. Mummas are craaaazzyy about taking picktures of seeniks & doggies some times. Least my mumma is. She says one day we will go on a walkies somewhere to take some seeniks of our town for you - but there is not much good places to go up hills for doggies around here.
    I watched the moving picktures of you going up that rocky track fery carefully to learn some skillz, for when Mumma takes me to the uphill seeniks.

    Lots of woofs & playbows to you,
    your furiend Ruger

  6. Shawnee,

    Another wunderful hike! You would like my cuzin' Herschel, him is a 46er! He and his two-legger family completed da high peaks last year. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  7. Those are some great pictures your human took and we love reading and seeing about all the places you hike to.

    I gotta say, though, ticks!!!

    eeewww. We got leaches in some of our lakes but I think I would take a leach to a tick any day.

    so if your ever out west, come on over and i'll take ya for a hike.


  8. Hey Shawnee, you scrambled up the rocks and Mom scrambled up the fire tower. That's great!

  9. Shawnee
    Your momma climbed the fire tower! Amazing fotos but that is scary. I sure wish you caught the froogies in a jar instead of the tickies. I have drops on and sprayed and eat garlic but still get tickies crawing on me too. Yucko.

    Ps i hope your friend gets bailed out soon

  10. You are a good pal to hike for Evey. Gorgeous pictures. We are very impressed that you mom climbed up to the 5th level. WOW, M says there is no way she'd do that anymore.

  11. Those were some bootiful senicks, Shawnee! We're gonna go visit your fureind Ewey, cuz w hiked some today, too. guess what? Ruby went swimming for the very first time in the pond, butt of course Mom didn't have the camera. DUH!! It was awesome, tho.

    Also, Mom finished the book about the AT. She liked it better than "A Walk in the Woods", too. Butt that was mainly because Bill Bryson was whiney like she would be if she tried to do that hike!! Thanks for the recommendation, though :-)

    Have a good week!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  12. It took me awhile and I had to put on my glasses, but I found the frog in that picture! He is a cute little thing.

    Those ticks are a mean bunch. I have never had one,but my papa was bit by one and got Lyme Disease a few years ago. He is OK now, but my mom is a little bonkers about checking all of us for ticks now.

    Your pal, Pip

  13. Blueberries and froggies? Awesome! Ticks--BLAH!!!

    Duncan never gets ticks, but I do. It must be because us Shepherd girls are so sweet.

  14. Wo, you got da most feroshuss ticks in the werld my pal. We might get one every now and again but not so may in one day. I would not like dat. We missed one stuck to Lola a few weeks ago buried in deep furs) and he fell off when he was the siz e of a blooberry....yuk...

  15. Blueberries - yummers. Daisies - beautiful. Ticks - not so good. Glad you were able to make them be dead.

    You sure do a great job of scrambling up those big rocks for a 10 year old.

    Another great adventure.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  16. ELEVEN ticks?! EEK! Glad you got them all with the bath of death!

  17. What an exciting and suspenseful hike! That fire tower climb was scaaaaary! Dad thinks fire towers are cool and would like to build a tree house in one. They have those someplace that are for rent! Can you believe it? Bet no dogs ever rent them! We checked out Ewey's blog and we gotta say - it made us long for the open road something fierce! Aspen is very jellus of your climbing abilities! Is your DNA for sale? BOL!

    Great hike! Hope it got Ewey out of jail! We can't show Dad that blog 'cause it might put him in a real bad funk seeing as how he used to LIVE out there and could hike there all the time.

    PeeS - We showed Dad the castles, he thought they were amazing!

    The Road Dogs


    who doz I report her to?

    Did herz using da tick key to removin ur ticks (i wunnerin if it werks)?