Sunday, July 31, 2011

Way Way Yonder

That do be where I hiked today - read fur yourselves, it do say Way Way Yonder, no?
There do be lots of ponds and lakes at this park but none that I could go in.  Wassup with that?
No good way to get in...
Swamp, ewwwwwww
Ah, finally a creek I can get my furs wet in.
There be a big, big lake but OMD, look at all the peeples there!
They is setting up tents and hauling noms in kewlers and stuffs.
Look at the pawsome swimming beach but dogs is not allowed.  Boo.
That be OK, we find udder ways where it not be so crazy bizzy with so many peeples.  See, we go ofur to the udder side of the lake with the gooses but it be too steep fur me to get in the waters.
Look at this big rawk!
The bugs woz just horribulls and we could not even stop to take a break.  But wait a minit, mom made us a bug-free zone at Lake Lookout!  See that OFF thingie on her backpack? It has a fan in it and blows stuff out at all the skeeters so they leave us alone and we can take a break!
So coz we could sit there quiet and not be swatting my paws at bugs and snapping trying to put the bitey on them, we seened lots of wildlifes...
My furrend the Blue Heron - I see him efurrywhere.
A dragon wot flies.
Loch Ness Turtle
A Monarch Flutter By
So no seeniks today, just lots of lakes and ponds and stuffs and we hiked 12.8 miles.


  1. What a beautiful, long walk you had! Did you get some good treats to eat along the way?

  2. Hey Shawnee!

    Beautiful hike! I'm glad you were able to get in the creek. I can't say I can relate but I know you like it. I'm also glad you were able to get rid of those nasty bugs. We here don't like bugs at all! I love all the close-ups of the wild life and the last picture is so pretty of you walking through the green woods.

  3. It looks like all kinds of fun to me! I'm starting to worry that we're never going to get to hike again, but when I see you out there, I have hope again. I think it's very cool that you showed us all those animals. Boo on no dogs at the beach!


  4. What a cool thing those bug fans are. I love all the critter pictures and I am so so sorry you couldn't get in the lakes.

    My Vickie says we wouldn't have gotten to swim either cause of all the swampy stuff you had to go to get to the water.

    Are their snakes in them swamps?

    Glad you got to hike today.


  5. It's a good thing you went to the other size of the lake cuz the first side didn't look like a place you and mom could enjoy. Beautiful pictures. Your mom is getting really good at pictures.

  6. What pritty picktures of the bugs & fings. That Loch Ness turtle should go meet Loch Ness Norwood some day!! That wud be fery fery funny. But best not let Nordude near that ribbit. ;)
    That is good your mom has that little fan machine fur keeping the bugs off of you both. It is a fery good idea indeed.

    Slobbers from your pal Ruger

  7. Yay, Mom to the rescue with OFF. I'm glad you could enjoy your break.

    I gotta say, when you show us the beautiful 'seeniks' it is breathtaking. But what I love even more is seeing all the little critters. They are so special and you are such a great observer.

    Love, Cupcake

  8. That rock is GIGANTIC!!!! Was that really the Lockness Turtle??? You might be able to sell that picture 87 million dollars!

    Your pal, Pip

  9. you saw sum good wildlifes Shawnee, Iz sorry you din't get into teh waters sinss you seems to likes that stuff but maybe nekt time you will find moar waters an less peepuls.

  10. That first lake did look like a little icky. My Mom wouldn't have let me go in either. But you saw some neat critters along the way.

    I liked your OFF fan--at least those critters didn't come close! They probably would have bitten my Mom anyhow......

  11. Now dat was a really nice hike. Specially da part bout not seeing any sneekes. Da furst waters looked kind of icky so good ting you didn't go in dere. And what do you dogs allowed on da beach!!! Hope you left dem a big pressie before leaving da area. (Jus kiddin')

  12. Our neighbor said her bug fan thingie didn't work. Did yours really scare away the skeeters?

  13. Oh my, I got exhausted just reading that you hiked over 12 miles! HOLY KITTIES!

  14. What a HUGE rock that was!!! Guess it will be staying there for a long time, don't think any one will want to push it or lift it.

    That bug fan is cool - Mom hates the bugs, maybe she needs one of those for our walks too.

    Even if you didn't get too many scenics (although we loved all that you shared), at least it looks like you had lots of shades. Not too many areas here for us to walk with big trees, just lots and lots of HOT sun.

    Have a great week.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  15. I love reading your posts Shawnee. They make me so happy!

  16. Me and Mom saw Mr. Blue Heron the other day!! Do you think he flew all the way from Cal-i-fur-nia to Noo Jursy just to say HI?? Pretty hike butt that sucks that there were no swimmies!


  17. BTW, Shawnee, we awardified you! We think you're quite versatile!!

    -Gizmo, Bat and Ruby

  18. Hey Shawnee! With all the big parks & lakes & stuff....well, is there any room left in NJ for peeples to live there? Your whole state a park? It sure is a beautiful place!

  19. Shawnee - Are you SURE you weren't in SC??? All the stuff you saw looks just like stuff here - the swamp! the heron! the dragonfly! too many people! the bitey bugs! At least you found a cool spot to dip your toes in :)

    The Road Dogs

  20. What!! couldn't go in the waters to cool off?? What's with that? At least you found 1 place to cool in and you saw lots of little critters.
    Glad you took us with you.../.

  21. What fabulous pictures as usual, what a great name for the park to start off with! All those peeps getting in your way though, cheek! Great gadget to keep those bugs away, we're getting bitten every night on our walk by harvest mites in the fields, boy do they need some biting! Have a good weekend Shawnee whatever hike you go on! Dex and Lou xxx

  22. You do the bestest hikes! So many fun things to see. And of course, you look like a professional guide with your backpack! Have a great weekend.
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRD and HOotie

  23. no seeniks?! Every pic with you is a seenik :)
    We were so impressed with that gynormous rock that I had to call the Mr over to see it! I love your critter names - we call them Flutter-by's too

  24. Mom got one of those Off things, too, to use when we go visit my neighbor outside!