Monday, July 25, 2011

On Top of the World in Massachusetts

Big eggsitements yesterday on our road trip to the biggest mountain in Massy-Chew-Sits, Mount Greylock!  You can drive your cars up to the top but of course that be too easy fur us, we had to hike up there and hiked up 3 udder mountains on the way.  And the boy and his gurlfurrend (we call her the gurl now) commed with us.  Kewl drool that the boy sitted with me in the back seat and gibbed me skritches the whole way.
I think I gibbed him plenty of MY seat to sit on but all he did woz complane "Shawnee! Move OVER!"  Honestly, I woz being more than generous sharing my space.  The gurl woz up front with mom and she did not complane.
So we all started off our hike togedder out to Stony Ledge.  This be our group shot at Stony Ledge:
See that mountain ahind me with the two things atop it?  That be Mount Greylock and on the left be a towah wot you can climb up in (not me, no way, no how) and to the rite be just an ugly radio towah.  I biggify it fur you:
So here do be where we pawted ways.  Our hike woz going to be too much fur the boy and the gurl coz they is not used to hiking so we sented them on a wild goose chase a shorter route.  Mom made them maps and direkshuns and stuffs so they would not get themselves lost.  We sayed bai and off we wented in opposite directions and we woz going to meet back up ofur there at the towah on the summit of Mount Greylock.
 We crossed this bridge wot had a furry kewl sign on it:
We commed to waterfalls wot did not has lots of water coming down coz they duss not flow well at this time of the summer but there woz pools I could soak my furs in and mom taked her shoes off and kewled off her feets with me!  Refreshing!
Then we climbed up Mount Prospect fur a seenik:
In this zoomified pikshure of the seenik below, you can see the Adirondack Mountains far, far away!  We has not been there yet fur hiking coz it do be a little too far away fur a day trip.
Then we climbed down and crossed ofur that road wot takes cars to the summit:
We do be on that Appalachian Trail here:
Then we climbed up Mount Williams and it woz STEEP up!
Then we climbed ofur Mount Fitch but there woz no seeniks there.  Then finally, we woz getting closer to that towah on Mount Greylock!
OMD! It do be the boy and the gurl! They made it!
A seenik at the Mount Greylock summit.
That towah up close and fursonal.
That Appalachian Trail goes rite ofur the summit.
So duss you know wot the boy and the girl did while they woz waiting fur us?  They had noms at the lodge!  They sayed it woz the bestest noms efur.  Did they save me any? NO!
Where the boy and the gurl had noms.
Is dogs allowed in here fur noms?
This do be that sign by the door biggified but I is thinking it duss not apply to dogs.
So then it do be getting rilly late and the sun be setting.  Oops.  We still had a ways to hike to the car and it woz getting rilly dark on the trails:
When it gotted too dark on the trails, we cutted ofur to the road coz it do be a little lighter there and we could see better.
OMD, lookie at the sunset! We did see the most fab sunsets efur from walking down the road.  There woz no cars on the road coz almost all the peeples had left the mountain alreddy to go home.
We made it back to the car just afore it gotted pitch black outside!  Mom and the boy had their headlamps and flashlites but they did not has to use them.  On the way home the boy drived so fur the furst time efur, mom sat WITH ME in MY back seat!  But all she did woz complane:  "Shawnee! Move over!"  I gibbed her more than enuff room.  Look how squished I is.
So me and mom ended up hiking 14.4 miles!  The boy and the gurl sayed they had a furry good time on the hike and seened some pawsome seeniks on their route wot mom and I did not see.  We will just has to go back again sometime.


  1. Thats a grate hike an Iz espeshlly luvs your pikshures of da sunsets - bewtyfuls!

  2. Oh Shawnee, no wonder you are in such good shape. 14 miles, up and down, through beautiful country.

    I bet your boy and girl were glad they didn't go with you guys. I bet they still traveled far and had a fun time.

    Love the pictures.


  3. What a cool life you has....all dat hiking and stuffs. You get to see so much. All I sees is my backyard! :o(

  4. Excuse me? How dare they sit in YOUR car in YOUR seat and complain! Pfft...I don't know what the problem is all about! And then they gives you no NOMS?!?! Some peoples!!

    But mom sayz she like's the boy's shirt. Go Cards! :)

  5. Great hike. That was one of the best tours ever, Shawnee. Thanks for telling us about it. I loved the pictures of the sunsets too.

    pawhugs, Max

  6. Another beautiful hike, Shawnee! We really liked the picture of you at the summit of Mt. Graylock. We liked seeing your beautiful black snooter!! Oh, yeah. And Mom liked the sunset pictures. Moms....

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  7. Wow Shawnee, another fantastic walk!! Well climb, hike etc. We love Bob Quay by the way, what a lovely plaque for him. The photo's are amazing, esoecially of the spectacular sunsets, we bet you all spept well that night! Dex and Lou xxx

  8. You look pretty tuckered out Shawnee. After all those miles, I would be too, especially if you didn't get any of those good noms. I'm really glad you found some nice water to cool your tummy. We dogs sure know how to do it, huh?

    You know, my Mom has never let me get too close to little baby kittehs, so I don't know if I'd be skeered too. It's good we have our hidey places!

  9. How nice to have company!! Do you think the boy and girl will come for more hikes?

    Love, Cupcake

  10. Shawnee,

    Ifs you ever goes to da Arirondack Mts to hike you has to stop and vist me cuz I lives on da way dere, so does Corbin! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  11. What a great hike and super special that the boy and his girl came along to give you extra skritches! We were wondering how in the world ANYBODY could keep up with you and your Mom. So glad they got to take a short route with noms! Bet they are, too!

    Oh, we think we read that the postal workers made a vest for Owney to wear his tags and whatnot 'cause they got too heavy for his collar. Even still, that would be a LOT of stuff to wear around. Who knows the real story???

    The Road Dogs

  12. Shawnee.. I am so glad that the Boy and Girrrl got to go on SOME of the hike with you. PeeS tell the Boy that I said.. GO TRIBE!

    Now I gotta admit that my favorite pix this time are the SUNSET.. butt that is a very cool Shaped tower!!

  13. Great scenery shots - thanks for sharing!

  14. That is just fantastical! Oh, Shawnee, I'm green with jellyness over your fantastic hike! It's so hot here, people honest to gosh fried eggs on the sidewalk and baked cookies on the dashboards of their cars! Plus, I was way too sick this weekend to hike, but I am hoping so much that we'll get to go again soon. That food place looks awesome!


  15. OMD! Look at you on the top of the world again! We don't have mountains (or views) like that here in Illinois. Everything is flat and boring. I guess this is good because I am not sure I would be up to the climb.

    That picture of you approaching the tower (??) is one of my all time favorites of you.

    Your pal, Pip

  16. Shawnee
    I can't believe u were in masterchewsitts so close so so close to me. I bet if woo looked east from the summit woo could've seen me. Ah.. that was the purriest sunset and I'm surprised that gurl and boy were able to keep up wtih u and momma. Wowee. How long was the drive? Momma says you were so close u could probably smell my stinky self.

  17. I think you were at the very tip top of the world Shwanee. So nice the boy and gurl came with too. he he - I'm surprised dey lasted the whole trip! M is worn out just reading about how much hiking you did.

  18. We are still amazed that you do all that hiking with just Mom. She is a very brave woman -Mom would be scared to be on those trails alone with one of us.

    Mom is a native of MA but has never been to those mountains. She was from Western MA.

    Nice to meet the boy and his gurl too:)

    Pawesome photos, especially those gorgeous sunsets.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  19. Those sunsets are GORGEOUS! Glad the Boy and Girl got to enjoy some of the mountain with you, too. But it's really too bad that everyone tried to hog YOUR seat in the car. That's just not right!

  20. Hi there Shawnee!

    Mumma & I lub looking at your picktures. Those sunset picktures be especially lubly. That is pretty clefer that your mom figured out some trails and such that your boy & his gurl could hike on so that they could goes wif you.
    It is fery fery not fair when the hu-mans go places for lunch that have delishous nom noms and do not get any fur the doggies.
    But I do fink that you did not really mind one bit sharing your seat wif your mom and snuggling your snooter up behind her.

    Woofs from your pal Ruger

  21. Wait a minute...the boy sat in YOUR seat on the way to the hike and then didn't save you any noms? What kind of behavior is that?!