Saturday, August 7, 2010

Raccoon Ridge - Worthington State Forest, NJ

So today we hiked 11.3 miles on the Raccoon Ridge part of the Appalachian Trail. We hiked up high atop the mountain:

And I founded a pillow wot somebody must has lefted when they woz camping:

Mom putted it up high on a rawk next to the trail so it be furry visibull and she sayed if'n it still be there when we commed back that way, then we would pack it out but when we commed that way later, it woz gone. Mebbe a bear founded it and taked it fur hims den. Mebbe it woz the bear wot this poo belonged to:

No worries. I woz not nomming it. I woz just checking out all the booberries and stuffs wot commed out whole.

There woz lots of nice views up on the Raccoon Ridge:

Then we heared a lowd noise and OMD, it woz a helly-koptah!

I had to biggify it coz it just be a teeny dot on the horizon in the pikshure. We did not knows at the time wot the helly-koptah woz doing but we woz soon to find out.

We woz headed to Sunfish Pond to take a break afore turning around and heading back. Then we seened the forest pawlice who putted up this sine:

OMD! A FOREST FIRE! The forest pawlice sayed the helly-koptah woz bringing water to dump on the fire but they had to close down the trails so fire fighters could use them to get to the fire. The pawlice sayed we could go to the lookout at the pond but no farther so that is wot we did. We tried to take a break there...

...but the smokes woz getting in our throats and making us coff so we had to head back. We is furry sad that a stoopid hooman did something so rilly stoopid and irresponsibull coz that is the only way a forest fire gets started. And they say the fire will not be out until in rains. That could be many days.

On the way home I woz sad thinking about all of the animals wot is losing they homes and many lose they lives. I even feel sad fur the chipmunks, skwerrels, mouses, burds, snakes and bugs, well, eggsept for fleas, tickies and skeeters.

Here do be an article we founded about the fire when we gotted home: New Jersey Herald and here be a wildfire repawt.

We will be thinking about our animal furrends in the forest and hoping fur the bestest fur them.


  1. Hey Shawnee - I had fun petting you today. When I left the forest I saw the interstate was closed...I thought it was a car accident. I had no idea it was a forest fire! Say hi to your mom and let her know she is reall good with websites!


  2. OMD OMD there was a FIRE???? How scarey.
    Guess what. My mom's Grandpa name was Douglas WORTHINGTON.

  3. Holy SMOKES Batdog! Dat fire sounds skeery.

  4. How sad and scary for you! I'm glad you got out safely! We were out hiking today, too, but we didn't have anywhere near that kind of excitement. We just played in the pond by the waterfall!

    Morgan was wondering if you'd mind telling us about how much you weigh and what size backpack you have. We want to order one for her next time Mom gets paid, but we want to be sure we get the right size!

    Bunny and Morgan

  5. And another great adventure. You would get really bored if you had to walk around our city blocks like M has to do! your walks are much more fun.

  6. Interesting poo, Shawnee. I'm glad you weren't nomming it!

    I'm sorry to hear about the fire. I hate irresponsible humans, too. I hope they got it under control quickly!

  7. Shawnee,
    I'm sorry your hike, which at first looked pretty fun, was cut short by that forest fire. It is indeed terribly sad. We're from California where there are lots of wildfires, and we hate thinking about the poor animals. On the brighter side, you got sniff some interesting poo.

  8. Did you find out what caused the fire? We have a lot of wildfires here that are caused by lightning.

  9. oh no...poor animals... we'll be thinking about them too... hoping for rain...

  10. Wow - what an adventure! I think about those little creatures, too, Shawnee...

  11. I think the state of NJ should start paying you - you make a superb tour guide...

  12. When we wents for our walk on Saturday we did look at all the dry brown stuff and finks we woz gonna see a fire for sure near us. We dussnt ave one so far and I ope we dont get one til they do a controlled burn to make everyfing ready for next year.

  13. That is a bee-yoo-ti-ful place you hiked. We've never been to that area before but we would love it, for sure!
    The Road Dogs