Saturday, January 9, 2010

Butler Reservoir (Kinnelon, NJ)

Well, this woz kind of an axident hike coz it woz not where we planned on hiking. We wanted to go to Pyramid Mountain but the parking lot was closed when we gotted there. So mom sawed on the map where there woz parking at the north part of the hike by a ball field so we wented there and parked and woz able to pick up a trail from there. But coz mom gotted all turned around, she wented the wrong way and we never made it to where we woz supposed to hike, BOL! But this werked, too. We just dinnot knows where we woz until we gotten home coz we wented off the map mom had. At home mom looked it up online and founded out we did the 8.7 mile Butler Reservoir hike.

So it's kinda hard to tell you where we woz coz we dinnot knows. Here is one seenik place we woz at:

And some rawks we climbed up:

And thru the woods:

To the reservoir:

So the hiking trail wented all around the reservoir and we founded these frozened waterfalls. It woz in the single digits with the wind chillz so no wonner the waterfalls is frozened!

At one point mom lefted her camera on too long and the lens frozened up!

Mom had to make it warm so she could take more pikshurs.

Then, we camed up over a hill and gess wot we runned smack into? A HUNTER! Wif a GUN. A BIG gun! Thank goodness I had my no-huntin-me orange vest on coz the hunter seened me afore he seened mom and he could has shotted me ded thinking I woz a deer! Now this shows you why you should always wear your no-huntin-me orange during hunting season. We woz in a NO HUNTING ZONE! Mom talked rilly lowd with the hunter so the deers would hear her and run away. After we wented around the reservoir mom taked a picture of the hunters on the udder side of the waters. They is so noggty coz they is not sposed to be huntin there.

So then we camed to this pritty creek:

But we had to cross a bridge to git over it and I is skeered of slickery bridges. I would rather go thru the waters but it woz too cold today and I would has frozened so I had to go over. Watch me doing my death defying stunt crossing over the bridge. Drum roll, please...

Thank you kindly for your cheers and applaws!

So mebbe tomorrow we goes back and tries to do the rite hike, k mom? Mom has a pawty to goes to tonite so it depends on if'n she drinks too much whiskey.


  1. WOW!



    PeeEssWoo: I do think that khalls fur another hike tomorrow!

  2. That was a scary bridge - you are brave! That frozen waterfall really made me feel cold. brrrrr. Maybe your mom should get one of those GPS thingees.

  3. Your mom takes some really good pictures. It was very pretty where you were today, but I know it was very cold. I love how your mom was trying to scare the deer away from those nasty hunters.

    It was fun watching you in the movie, Shawnee. It was cute how you sped up once you got toward the end. :)


  4. Those BAD, BAD hunters!!! So sad that they would be naughty like that. RUN, deers, RUN!

    The frozen waterfall is really pretty.

    And Buttons is very proud of you for crossing that scary bridge. She says she misses you and her foster family. Asked me to tell you "hi" for her.

    Hope your mom doesn't drink too much whiskey tonight! LOL.

    Lexi's Mom

  5. O.O wow...Shawnee you're really
    really brave...!
    ummm...I don't think I could do that...nope.