Monday, March 12, 2012

Hiking is for the Birds

So on Sunday we hiked anudder piece of the Appalachian Trail in Noo Joisey.  (We only has 11 more miles of Appalachian Trail in NJ to hike afore we has done the whole NJ part!)
We started out in the woods....
... through creeks...
... up mountains...
... thru swamps (thinking about you Sage) ...
... all the way up to seeniks.
Here be a better shot of the seenik with big ole me out of the way.  We be heading to that water down there.  That be the Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge.
Here we is down at the wildlife refuge.  Notice how I has mom on my walking string.  That be coz...
... I duss not want her running amok and skeering all the burds.
Shhh, walk quietly, mom.
These be just some of the burds wot we seened:
That be the  mountain we has to climb back ofur (and 2 more ups and down ahind that one) to get back to our car.  This be why I is napping instead of blogging.


  1. OMD! I'm tired just thinking of all that hiking... i need a nap...


  2. Oh what a cool drool hike. I just LOVE birds. So they have SWANS there too??? THAT is amazing. Thanks fur takin us along.

  3. That wuz bewtyfuls so it wuz werth it but I hope you takes lots an lots of napz!

  4. What an awesome hike! I'm so glad you got to go out and see all those birds. It looks like a fantastic hike!

    Will you try to get to more of the Appalachian Trail after you hike all the New Jersey parts?


  5. Great hike, Shawnee and what a gorgeous day too! We loved seeing all the wildlife - that eagle's nest sure was big. They must have monster eggs.

    Happy snoozing.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Harrooo Shawnee! That walking spring is probably a good idea around those birds, sometimes #1 can't control himself either. Play bows mate,


  7. BIRDS....eeeeeek! Them darn things likes to poop on me! Twice now I has been pooped on by birds!
    I dunnos why but I thinks da word amuck is funny and it cracks me up.

    I would so be takin' ne a nap too...till next week.

    Thanks furs getting da can down. I has tried to grows beer once befores but I has no green thumb.

  8. What a wonderful hike! We are having crazy warm weather here and it is confusing all the birds and flowers. I saw my first cardinal in our new yard yesterday.

    Your pal, Pip

  9. I think I need a nap after reading about your hike. Thanks for sharing.


  10. And I want MY snow!!!

    The flowers would still be there - just at their NORMAL time ;-)

    Thanks fur sharing your pawesome hike!


  11. We looked fur your postie yesterday afternoon. Now we understand why it wasn't there - you and your mom were napping!! What a beautiful, if long, hike!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  12. Wow - you certainly earned your naps after this hike! And having to keep a close eye on mom, too? Jeez - you must be exhausted!

  13. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, I sure wish I could go with you on these pawesome hikes! Robins are so great 'cause they mean Spring and I love that Eagle nest. Neat bridge over the swamp.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  14. I nap a lot instead of blogging, too. I don't hike, of course, but you know how much exercise rolling on toys is!

  15. Shawnee, thanks for sharing your hike. We are glad you put your mum on the string so she didn't chase the birds cause they were very beautiful. You are a good girl to take care of her. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  16. Haha, Shawnee. You KNOW I'd have been wallowin' in that swamp in a heartbeat! that was an impressive array of birds you saw, but you sure had to do a lot of walking to get there. I'd be nappin' too.

  17. That looked like a real leash and not your magic collar leash. You must have really been worried that your mom would run off.

  18. Your hikes always look amazing, sure wish we could go on one with you!