Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hiking Plans Foiled

So yesterday when mom wanted to go to the go postal office, the old jalopy woz ded.  Ded as a roadkill skwerrel.  Mom hooked her up to life suppawt and got her to the car fixer guy.  He say the battery be fine (it be only 1 year old), the alternator be fine and he cannot see any problems.  He say mom must has left a light on or a door not closed all the way.  She did not think so but hey, you know those senior moments.  And mom has blonde moments, too.  So this morning we is getting reddy to go hiking.  We has a routine.  Mom take her backback and stuff out to the car, opens my door, leaves the gate open, then comes back and lets me out so I can run straight out the gate and into the car, udderwise I start woofing and wake up the nayborhood.  So this morning mom takes her backpack out and when I thought she woz coming back to get me, she woz bringing her backpack back IN.  Wot the...  Well I woz going cracker dog CRAZEE and would not settle down.  My brain woz saying "HIKING! HIKING! HIKING!" and mom sayed the car be ded and we cannot go.  I would not take no fur an answer.  So mom had to take me to our local park.  (Hehehehe - see, you wear them down and you get your way, BOL).  So it be dark outside still and we went quietly through our nayborhood...
Shhh.  Efurrybuddy be sleeping still.
The sun woz starting to come up when we got to the park.
These ducks woz not skeered of me.  We sayed GOOD MORNING!
Pritty flowahs in the park.
Check out this fat skwerrel in the park!
Happy Dog
It be 3 1/2 miles from our house to the park around and back.  Better than nuttin.  It do be supposing to rain later today and tomorrow and mom dussn't know wot to do about the car yet.  Mebbe it did not charge long enuff yesterday so she mite gib it until Monday to see wot happens.  Kind of hard to get to the car fixer place on a Saturday coz they be rilly bizzy.  Mom has vakashun all next week so the car has to get fixed so we can go HIKING!

So, I has been holding out on you.  Well, not on purpose.  Mom be hogging the pooter all week.  I did get to go hiking on Wednesday and did not tell you about it yet so I can tell you now in case you is hasing Shawnee hiking withdrawals, BOL.

It be furry foggy on Wednesday when we went hiking.
It woz supposed to clear up after 9 am and be sunny.
The wevver peeples fibbed.  It started to rain...
... feel my furs.
So all of a sudden I smelled sumpin wonnerful and got my "I be in my happy place" look on my face.  Just as I tilted my head to the side and went in for the slide/roll combo, mom screamed RILLY LOUD!  Dang!  Why can't they just let us be dogs?
Eau de Fox Poo - an oppawtoonity wasted.
There be some flowahs blooming alreddy.
So we has to cross this creek and I just go on in like any upstanding dog would do.  Mom be picking her way ofur the rawks wot be slickery from the rain and all of a sudden..... SPLASH and "BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP" (werds wot mom sayed).  Yes furrends, mom FELL IN THE CREEK, BOL!
Then we got down to the river and OMD, that man must has fallened in on slickery rawks, too!
I found some wet sawks but they woz not mom's.
It stopped raining finally when we got up to the seenik in the afternoon but then we found icky graffiti GGRRRRR!
The seenik without the graffiti.
So hopefully we find out wot be wrong with our car coz we need our car fur HIKING!


  1. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, I'm so sorry your ride got the sickies! My mom's chanting "Su-Ba-Ru, Su-Ba-Ru, Su-Ba-Ru" She does that all the time 'cause she's nutty for her subaruride. Anyway, great park and I bet you barked at that squirrel. Pawesome poop there on your hike and teeheehee about your mom getting all wet! Great pix.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  2. The Rottenmobile didn't start the other day, and the guy came out and checked everything, bla, bla, bla, and nuthin' was wrong and then our DAD pushed the gear shift thingy more firmly into PARK and the Rottenmobile started. Weird... Fun foggy walk, tho. Sorry your mom fell in the stream. Our mom does that, too. Once she broke her arm, so tell her to be careful!

    -Bart and Ruby

  3. I hope you get your car fixed so you can share more hiking adventures. It was not nice of the car to break just as you were planning on heading out the door. Way to go to get your mom to take on a local hike instead.


  4. Oh no! Not on vacation week! I hope the car gets fixed pronto! Would you believe we have the same problem. The power steering went out in the van, so now we might not get to go hiking this weekend, either, unless Mom and I go alone in the car. Woe. Is. Me!

    And tell Dixie I am so sorry about her missed car ride, too!


  5. Car troubles are no fun. We only have one for the hubs and I so I fear what would happen if ours gave up on us

    Stop on by for a visit

  6. First a non-hike then no rolling in fox poop? Not nice.

  7. Wow... we are lucky, we got a hike and a half... I mean. It was great to go to the park and then for a real hike. I burned lots of calories today for sure watching all that hiking. Thanks for taking us along.

    pawhugs, Max

  8. Howdy Shawnee, sorry about your mum's car, sorry about your mum falling into the water (hehe, woops sorry) and really really sorry you didn't get to roll in the fox poop. We love that as well but our mum is a meanie too. Thanks for the hiking photos. Grrrr about the graffiti. Hope next week is a good one. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  9. Thank dogness for parks, right? You got some good sceniks there too. Too bad about the car - we sure hope they can figure out what is wrong. Vacation weeks are made for Shawnee hikes.

    Fox Poop???? We don't think we have had the pleasure but we bet that would have been the bestest roll ever.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. Oh dears....I hope your mom gets da Shawneemobile fixed, without having to spend too many greenpapers! Her may need to raise her prices at da Squirrel Drive-thru window.......

  11. I got to do my Princess RainKhloud Siberian Sponge stuff on Saturday -

    Paws khrossed The ShawneeMobile will be HEALED and HEELED!


  12. Shawnee, your hikemobile not working so good... hope it isn't serious. Not a good thing to happen during vacation week when LOTS of hikes planned. Sorry your Mom fell in the she was cold... can't imagine how people can lose their socks and then what's with that graffiti stuff on the seenik areas... not so good..
    Glad you got to go hiking anyway even if not the one you wanted.
    Ernie and the pack

  13. PeeEss: You could have had so much fun rolling in that foxpoo.. The tree guys took the wood and it was donated to the Scouts who cut it up into firewood and sell to make moneys to support their troop and stuff. Sad to see the tree have to go cuz it gave us lots of shade in the summer...

  14. Oh, no -- poor car! Glad you got to at least go on a "short" hike to the park, though!

    Mom went on a 3-mile hike by herself yesterday morning. She can barely walk today. *snickers*

  15. Great hike before the car went kapoop. Mom was laughin herself silly (well she was already silly ;) bout your Mom fallin in the creek. Glad she didn't hurt herself :) I feel for ya Shawnee for not getting to savor the fox poo delicacy. Shakin my head at Moms ;)

    You have a very purty local park! Good job tip toeing around so as not to wake the neighbors :)

    Hope you get your hikin ride fixed soon!

    Waggin at ya,

    PeeS: Mom says she had something similar happen a while ago. It was the starter. Had it replaced and all was revvin again :)

  16. I am pretty sure you car will just be needin some noms Shawnee. Whenever i dussnt be werkin i can be fixed up wiv snaks. Mom just haz to find out wot snaks the car do like.

  17. Glad you got a hike on Wednesday since the weekend one was a bust. Hope the car gets fixed soon. Can't get enough of Shawnee hiking stories!

  18. Fox poop AND seeing your mom fall in the water! Wow, what a day!

    We do sympathize about the whole car thing. Our car is 87 years old and seriously on its last legs. We are hoping it will hold on a little longer!

    You are very lucky that your mom works at home. My mom wishes this was an option for her.

    Your pal, Pip