Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Mini Hike and the Chiropractor

Yes furrends, as you can see, I is HIKING!  The hikemobile LIVES!  Beleef it or not, mom figgered out wot the problem woz.  It be the anti-theft doomahicky (that be wot mom calls it) wot malfunkshunned.  Here be the differences:
  • Shawnee the Shepherd Anti-Theft Device:  Slobber and snot on winders so thieves cannot see into the car and if'n they by chance can, loads of shepherd FURS wot send the message:  "Nuttin to see here, move it on along.  Grrrrrr."
  • Hikemobile Anti-Theft Device:  You are not my mommy.  Or are you?  Did you put the right key in or did you put the wrong key in?  I am having a senior moment so to play it safe I will play possum and not start.
So, I ask you, which be the most reliable anti-theft device?  We park the hikemobile in remote areas all the time when we hike and it has yet to be brokened into.

Anyways, mom googled about it and found this to be a common problem where the car won't start because the anti-theft doomahicky gets confuzzled.  Sumbuddy wrote on the innerwebs to put the key in the driver door and lock and unlock 5 times and it resets the anti-theft doomahicky.  Mom did that and we has had no more problems with the hikemobile not starting.  Go figger.  But yes, Sarge, mom was soooooooooo close to buying a brand spanking new Zoo-Ba-Roo but, the insurance be way cheaper on the hikemobile coz she be so old (OK, not rilly, I is the eggzakt same age as the hikemobile and I had better not get traded in fur a new model) so we be keeping her as long as she not be costing us lots of green papers.  This fix woz free so she lives to see anudder day.

So on to my hike today afore going to the chiropractor.  We did lots of mountain climbing to lots of seeniks but we could not stay at the seeniks furry long coz it be sooooo windy and mom almost got blowned off the mountain a few times!  She should try hiking on all fours - the wind can't blow you ofur that way.  But we did has wind gusts up to 40 mph today.  There woz even white caps on this LAKE!
This be a lake, not a river, and lakes should not has white caps.
Climbing up, up and away.....  No, mom, no flying in the wind.  Keep your feets on the ground.
Pritty spring flowahs in the mountains.
Can you see wot be ahind me on the horizon?
It do be the Noo York City skyline.
This woz a steep climb up wot I would not do.  I found me an alternate route and beat mom to the top.
We woz looking fur a place called "The Livingroom" coz it has rawk furniture but this can't be it coz there only be one chair.  We keep looking.
Found it!  See, there be sectional seating around a fire pit.  But lots of brokened glass all ofur so we had to hurry up and move on coz I did not want to cut up my paws.
Now we had to go steep downhill.  Can you see me way down there in the middle?
I had to slime myself up rilly good fur the chiropractor coz he likes it.  Mom always say to him she be sorry I is so wet and stinky when we get there and he say "Oh, that's OK!" and I gib him big smoochies.  So see, I do it speshull just fur Dr. Chiropractor.
Hark!  Who goes there?
OK, so I looked on the innerwebs to get a translashun fur turkey talk and this be wot the turkey be saying:
The putt is a single note, generally associated as an alarm. It could be several sharp or rapid notes and usually means they have seen or heard something, and are alerting others of the danger.
Hey, I is no danger!  I dussn't chase or nom wildlifes.  I only nom wot comes from the store like these new flavors mom found at Mike's Feed Farm after I got my bone aline-ments:


  1. Very interesting find about the vehicle - your Mom is really very smart to discover the problem all on her own. We told Mom to file that in her brain somewhere and not lose it.

    Great hike - we loved that living room, but we think we prefer the soft cushions on our sofa here best:)

    Now the Momster has to get to the pet store and check out those flavors of Merrick - sure sound mighty tasty to us. Thanks for sharing.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. That's it! I'm sending Mom to the dog bakery tomorrow to see if they have the new Merrick's flavors! Oh, I am drooling!

    Your hike looks beautiful, in spite of the wind. Dad took the van in today to find out what was wrong with it, and the good news is, the van lives to hike another day, too. It will cost more than a few green papers, but not nearly as many as Mom and Dad expected! It means we still get to go on our big adventure at the end of April! I am one happy hound!


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  4. I see one of those new flavors is called "Love Potion #9"! Who is that for? Do you have a boyfriend?

    That looked like a fun hike too.


  5. It sure was furry furry windy today!

    My pantyloons got khwite the flooooofout!

    We took two videos of our walk along the cherry trees - it was almost like walkin' in da winter wonderland!

    Woo SO have some tasty khans of foodies!


  6. I sure do like your stone couch! You know I love a good couch - even the stone kind!

    Your pal, Pip

  7. That couch doesn't look comfy to us...

    Stop on by for a visit

  8. What a wonderful way to spend your MOnday. I loved the flower picture and can't wait to see your nature come out and dance in teh wind over the next few months.

    I am so glad you take your hikes and your human takes all the pictures. Waht a beautiful place you live in.

  9. You gots such a smart Momma...fixin her hikemobile like dat!

    Glad you didn't blow off da seenik! Dat would not be good!


  10. HooRaaay fur the Hikemobile!!

    I love that Furniture.. it REALLY Rocks!!!

    Easter Brunch??? That sounds like a delicious flavor to me.

    Snot smears and dribbled furs should deter any thief fur sure!!

  11. Hmmm - that's interesting about your car! What an interesting hike you had that day - loved the pictures too. To think you are that close to big NYC and yet still in a wooded, mountain area - what a view.

  12. Shawnee, I have the same anti-theft device you have! Who'da known our window slobber, sand and Sage fur would be such an effective "Stay Away" deterrent!

    I'm so glad you got green slimed! It leaves such a lovely eu de stink---I don't know why our hu-mans don't like it....

  13. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, I'm so glad your hikemobile is back among the living! Grrreat hike this the slime for your dogtor. BOL. Great rock furniture too. Gosh, I know a bunch of turkey-birds just like that and they say that alot! Great pix.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  14. If the anti-theft doomahicky do go splat again mebbe mum can goes back an borrow Mr Turkee. he can do da warnin sounds if the bad peeple come for the Hikemobile...

  15. A stone living room - how cool is that?!?! I want to find one of those on my walks!

  16. OMD. I wanna know how nommy that "love potion # 9" is!!!

  17. I'm glad the Hikemobile is fixed. It would have been awful to miss another hike. My Mommy would NEVER let me be that high up by myself. She is sure when I'm up high I'll try to jump down. I don't know why, I've only jumped off of one tree, a loading dock, one hill and one stone wall.

  18. Easter Brunch?? Love Potion # 9?? YUMMERS, Shawnee! Enjoy!

    -Bart and Ruby

  19. Your mom be likes waaaay smarter than mine to figures all dat out bouts da Hikemobile. My mum would has kicked da tires and hoped it would start...withs scraemin' a bunch of terrible, bad words. Of course, I would has laughed at hers.
    Nows, dis food you know does has zucchini in it...which is gasp...a vegestable. Be very carefuls.

    Oh and I just knows da chiropractor just looooves all dat slime you brings specially furs him. I knows he can' tever waits to sees you.


  20. The hike-mobile is silly. Who would want to steal it with all the evidence of a massive, hard-core, bitey, Shawnee protektion device all over it! I wouldn't mess with it!

    I'm here...we've all been slackers at our house, but now we're getting better. :)

  21. Hmmmm, that's 1 of the things that I wanted to experience. My human pawrents didn't allow me to hike with them, they said there are a lot of wild beasts out there.

    Dog Fence

  22. Glad you were able to break into your own car so you could get your hike on the road. This one had lots of high places. Excellent hike. Thanks

    pawhugs, Max

  23. Hey Shawnee, this is my 3rd try. Blogger keeps losing my comment. We had fun hiking with you - even if only in the pics your mom takes. Glad she takes a lot. THAT rock living room is really something - not sure about the broken glass. Liked the Spring flowers - we are ready for it to be really Spring..Glad you didn't get blown away...
    Ernie and the pack