Friday, March 30, 2012

Last Saturday's Hike on Friday

So rememmer when we could not go hiking last Saturday coz the hikemobile would not start?  Well, we did that hike today, on mom's last day of vakashun.  You would think we could has hiked more this week but mom woz too tired.  I mean all she did woz take apart furniture, move it from upstairs to downstairs, put it back togedder, paint, clean...  Did not make me tired snoopervising all of this from the comforts of my hidey spot.
Those skunk cabbages is getting HUGE!
I woz just minding my own bizziness when those gooses woz all like HONK HONK HONK at me.  Rude.
We hiked around farm fields.  Do this be wot your hill looks like, Frankie?
There woz lots of farm fields here.
Me and mom woz taking a break when the PARK RANGER drived up!  Thank dog I got mom on my walking string in time or we get a ticket!  There woz two park rangers in the truck and they waved out their winder at us and sayed HELLO.  Whew.
We had to cross ofur on a beeber dam to get to the ponds.  Thank dog the beebers builded a strong dam wot could hold mom's weight so she did not fall in.
I, howefur, did not fall in.  I went fur a swim.
Mom just happened to has the camera on when this American Bittern flied by.
Those bizzy beebers...
... bizzy, bizzy beebers....
uh oh
Here be the litters we picked up today.  That be Quiznos wrappers and napkins in my poo bag.  Not my poo.


  1. What is it with these humans? They get a vacation and all they do is work! We think those beavers were very nice to make that sturdy dam for your Mom. They must have heard you were coming.

    Hope this weekend brings another great hike.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. I am not sure even the bestest in beaver engineering khould hold my mom...

    Just sayin'

    Thanks fur sharing such a pawesome. Saturday hike on FrEYEday!


  3. I sure love the beavers up by us. I love em from a distance though cause My Vickie says I can't swim with them. She says the are kinda mean to dogs in water.

    Still that was mighty nice of htem to build you a bridge over their house.

  4. Wow - your mom is very brave to walk over a beaver dam. M says she'd be afraid it wouldn't hold her up. (But then she weighs a ton too).

  5. That looked like a beautiful place and a nice beaver dam and a brook to swim in. It's like a dream! Makes us feel that sometimes being a city dog sucks:( We are jealous...

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

  6. We have those geese in our yard. They are pushy and mean. And they poop more than a small dog and no one cleans up behind them with a poop bag. But then again, it's fun to roll in.

  7. Wait...your mom took a vacation and didn't go hiking every day?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER?!?! That's what her vacations are FOR, isn't it???

  8. Howdy Shawnee, glad your car is all fixed up. Not so glad your poor mum had to move lots of furniture and do cleaning stuffs. That Spring cleaning bug is a troublesome little devil. The beeber dam is so amazing. We can't believe the size of the trees they can chew down.

    Thanks for picking up other lazy, good for nothing, people's rubbish. We are sending you hugs and smoochies for being so grreat. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  9. I'm glad you finally got a hike on the last day of vacation! I hope it doesn't come to that here. *looks at the humans* You found a great place for hiking, too!


  10. Super hike Shawnee! Those geese are rude aren't they? ;) Luv the capture of the Bittern your Mom got! Fab! :D

    Waggin at ya,

    PeeS: Good job slimin up fur your Dr. Chiropractor ;) And Great shot of Mr. Wild Turkey! Mom isn't sure if they are better eaten or drunk ;) Hardy Har Har

  11. You are such a great Canine Citizen always aware and picking up after other people leave their trashy stuff in your beautiful hike locations!
    I have been enjoying your blog and seeing your photo captures of the moments you choose to share. Reading your posts and sharing in your adventures has been rewarding for me. I want to say thank you and that I believe you deserve the Creative Capture Blogging Award. Please enjoy the fact that someone out here in the blogosphere enjoys your photo captures of the moments you choose to share. Stop by to get your badge if you would like to show others your award status. Keep blogging, keep photographing, and keep sharing. Congratulations and enjoy! : )
    Award Info:
    Just Ramblin’

  12. Glad you got to take the missed hike. Be careful around those beaver dams. Beavers can have a nasty bug in their gut which they poop into the water (Giardia--I had it when Mommy adopted me) and a nasty fungus (Blastomyces dermatitidis) can grow in their lodges.

  13. Wow - those beavers do some AMAZING work! Thanks for sharing that with us!

  14. Litteres drive me nuts!

    Stop on by for a visit

  15. Wow, that countryseide sure do look like my bit of the UK Sahwnee. Are you sure you dint pay us a surprise visit? We couldda had tea and noms....

  16. You dosent look one bit impawested by all that litters Shawnee. That does be fery fery gross if the humans does not pick up the poops what their little humans make. :(
    We does hafe big problems here in Noo Zealand with humans leafing their poops in wild places & besides the roads when they be travelling in their camper vans. Lots of humans from ofer the seas does not know the rules about if they hafes to poop in the wild.

    Play bows