Sunday, March 4, 2012

Permit Hiking

So if'n you remmemer, last Monday afore my chiropractor appointment mom went to the watershed office and buyed us a hiking pawmit so we can hike on watershed lands.  That be wot we did today.
Do this pee-mail seem a little high up to you?  Tucker or Rory, woz any of you guys here?
Waiting.... Mom woz pawticularly slow on the uphills today.  She defrosted the freezer in the basement yesterday so she sayed her legs feeled like rubber after up and down the basement steps all day long.  And you ask why I do not do steps?
We woz on the Two Brooks Trail so I is gessing that meaned we had to cross two brooks.  I pawsent to you Brook Nummer One.
Brook Nummer Two with a snazzy log bridge.
Oh look, a few sunbeams.  There wozn't many sunbeams today.
Here be a reservoir and a few more sunbeams.
I think this big rawk look like a fish.
It do be warm enuff today to sit down fur a break.  We has not been able to do that since fall coz it be to cold to sit on the ground.
Got more chickun jerkey?  No kiwi bread, BLECH!
The trail used to go ofur that way but the beebers builded a dam and flooded out the trail so the trail do go a different way now.
So fur our break we seened the reservoir from up high and now we be rite at the reservoir down low.
There woz lots of old ruins on the way back to the car.
So thank you all fur the birfday wishes.  Seeing as we dussn't know eggsaktly wot day my birfday be on, we is still celebrating!  It be one of the perks of being a shelter dog.  (See Puddles, there be a method to my madness, BOL!)


  1. Another great hike with a lot of great pictures. I am hoping that by this weekend My Vickie will take me for a hike.

    I should be well enogh for at least a little one. Have a good weekend my friend


  2. OMD OMD.... the Rawks at Brook nummer One just blow my mind. Don't you just wonder at the Power that pushed them up there like that?

    I think that must have been a REALLY tall dawg that left that PeeMail..WAY up there. I know fur a FACT that it couldn't have been ME. I'm just sayin girrrrrl.

  3. Another beautiful Sunday hike, Shawnee! We hiked today, too. It was 85 degrees!! We went fur a swimmie!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  4. Another pretty hike. It seems to me that your Mommy packed waaaaay too much food for her and not enough for you, since yours was all gone and she had that big container of hers left.

  5. Kiwi bread - now there's one Mom hasn't heard of yet, but it sounds delicious. Pawsonally we would prefer some jerky too.

    You have some beautiful photos here today, Shawnee. You are looking very beautiful.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Great pictures and HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY from me, Pimp and Moo! :)

  7. How did u eber get out on dem rocks? dey look an awful lot likes stairs to me. Did dey not full u den huh?

    I shuld fink dey would iffen dat one big one made u see fish *shakes hed* ders no such a fing az a fish DAT BIG!

  8. I always love following along on your hikes! You see the most interesting stuff!


  9. Hi Shawnee, hehehe, sorry not my pee mail. Too low! Hahahahahaha. Another great hike. You are a lucky girl. Hope your mum's rubber legs are less rubbery today. No worries, and slobber, Rory and Stella

  10. wow, what a great adventure you had with your Dad, I love hiking too with my Mom! :))

    Dog Shock Collar

  11. ahhhh great pics shawnee, you are so lucky all the fab places you get to visit.

    happy birthday too xxx

  12. I really liked that you had two brooks to cross...AND a reservoir. All that water!

  13. Oh... I loved this hike. Especially the water pictures. Nice one.

    pawhugs, Max

  14. A nice walk for you my pal. I opin you haz more sunbeems next time tho. Spring do be comin...

  15. You are so right - that rock does look like a fish head. he he - good imagination. Thanks for participating in Hats for Miss Judi.

  16. Kiwi bread?! Double blech! Bring on the chicky jerky!!! And Power Bones!!!

  17. That log bridge sure looks like fun! Your hikes do look awesome and ever so pretty, and yes urgh to kiwi bread!


  18. Your mom does make bread out of kiwis??? My hu-mum says she nefur did see a recipe for that before!!:)

    Happy nomming to wooo