Monday, March 19, 2012

Island Hiking

So yesterday we went hiking on an eye-land in Noo York.  It be on Long Eye-Land in The Hamptons, the summer playground of the rich and famuss, like P Diddy, Jerry Seinfeld, Martha Stewart, Calvin Klein, and udders.  So from this sign we woz supposed to see the Atlantic Oshun but the seenik woz hiding ahind fogs so we started our hike without it.  Mebbe later when we is finished the seenik will be there.  The wevver peeples did say fog until 9 then clearing.  Did they tell fibs again?  We hope not after driving 2 1/2 gabillion hours to get here.
Dogs is not allowed on the Atlantic Oshun side of this park so that be fine, I is heading ofur to the bay side where all the pawsome hiking trails and seeniks be and where dogs is allowed.
Anybuddy home?
Woo Hoo!  The Napeague Bay beach!
So I be at the beach and the sunbeams is not at the beach and it be 10 o'clock in the mornings.  Wassup with this wevver peeples?
I do not mean to keep whining about this (well, I akshually do mean to) but would these seeniks not look better with some sunbeams?
No sunbeams up here either. 
Beach Bum
Could it be?  Sunbeams on my furs?
Yay!  Sunbeams and blue skies - better late than nefur!
I can get my furs wet now.
We found a nice grassy spot with a seenik AND sunbeams on Duck Bluff fur our break.  I had chickun jerkey and powah bones.  Nommy.  Mom had X-Treme Bananer Bread - do regular bananer bread not be bad enuff?  BLECH!
Got more chickun jerkey?
This pee-mail say we be going on a road where Puddles' ancestors used to smuggle booze in the olden days. I think it be safe to say that it woz not any relashuns of Puddles wot left this pee-mail up high like this.
I found proof of Puddles' kin's booze smuggling.  See, this be why Puddles has, ummmm, addikshuns.
So then we went out on this long, long pier and I made a new furrend wot be a relashun to Maggie Mae and Max!
So rememmer last week when I found Lost Lake?  Well, this week there be a lost BOULDER wot I had to find.
Found it!
After we hiked thru the woods a while, we commed to a seenik where we could see all where we had just hiked.  Do make note of the pritty bloo skies.  This seenik woz 2 1/2 miles away from the end of the hike where our car be...

Fast forward 2 1/2 miles back at our car...

OMD!  It be COLD and WINDY and WET!  Did you see the fogs blowing in ofur our car!  So no seenik of the Atlantic Oshun AGAIN!  Oh well, at least we had bootiful wevvers fur most of our hike.

So coz so many of my furrends liked the burds from my last hike, I brought you all some more burds - some eye-land burds!


  1. what just makes you thinks my old relatives couldn;t has left dat pee mail? Okays, point made...I do has short legs but they sure do be gawjuss legs! relatives were boot leggers...bwhahahahahaha!

    I'll trade you some chicken jerly fur some cabbage...I has more left JUST furs you!

    I has to agrees dat da scenics do looks more luverly wits da sun beams.


  2. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, another pawesome hike fur you! Love those cool trees...I bet some critter lived in that one trunk and you sure climbed right up that other one. Great birds too!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  3. Man your hikes always look a blast! Good job you found the lost boulders, BOL.

    At least you got some sunshine before all that fog :)


  4. Great hike, Shawnee... I like that one tree... I could live in there. It could be my private condo... Anyway, thanks for bringing us another great hike.

    pawhugs, Max and the re-energized boys (thanks for your caring thoughts about Knuckles).

  5. Another great hike, Shawnee! Did you see anyone famous?

  6. BaaaWaaaaaaaaaahhhh That PUDDLES does crack me up.

    Now that TREE that you could get up into is just spectacular. I WISH that I had THAT in MY yard.

    I thank you fur more of the burds AND that HOOOOOOGE ROCK that is no longer Lost!!

  7. Great pictures and hike pal. I still think I should get to ride on your back on one of these hikes. he he I don't weigh much - just 14 pounds.

  8. Between your comments about Puddles' ancestors and her comments back (btw, don't trade jerky for cabbage ever), you have us almost ready to pee too and we can guarantee you it would be up high:) BOL.

    Great hike again, but those sure were a couple of very strange trees.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, I had no idea Puddles' relatives would have landed so far North! In the event that you did find any of their old moonshine, though, I think I'd definitely pass on giving that a try.

    YOU found a deer leg, too?! What are the odds? I can't believe that your mom wouldn't let you bring yours back or show pictures of it, either! We were totally robbed, Shawnee! At least my mom took me to dinner later. But still, Chicken Ceasar Salad is NOT the same as a deer leg!


  10. The beach!!! Oh, I love the beach. Now, I have never seen the actual ocean, just a couple of the great lakes ...but there's nothing better then sand between my paws and the water lapping at the shore ...sigh, I just love the pictures!

    Your pal, Pip

  11. What a beautiful day you and your mom had at the beach in the Hamptons:) That is wonderful bonding time!

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

  12. as usual shawnee another fab day out, you have the best owner! im taking stormy on his 1 year old birthday holiday to the beach soon, cant wait to get the suitcases out and see if he remembers what it means. ive only got them out twice before xxx

  13. Ohhhh wow what a beautiful island you hiked on Shawnee. So lovely. If you like hiking on islands maybe you will come and hike on Kolo island one day.

  14. Oooo you went hikin in the Hamptons?!!! Pawsome! :D Great scenics Shawnee :D Glad the sun showed its face fur yaz. So was the moonshine bottle empty when you found it? ;) Hardy har har

    Did you see the Barefoot Contessa while you were there? Mom just luvs her cookin :)

    Happy sunny Spring to y'all!

    Waggin at ya,

  15. As usual we enjoyed going on the hike with you!! Or at least seeing pics of it. SOOOO glad the sunbeams and bloo skies finally came out for you. Those trees were unusual - a little condo for gnomes and a 3 "legged" tree to climb up in. Thanks for visiting!!!
    Ernie and pack

  16. Oh, you're a very beautiful beach bum!

  17. What a great hike you had. But you always have great hikes.

  18. I LOVE your "got more chicken jerkey?" face! Surely your mom had to give in to such a sweet, pleading look!

  19. Howdy Shawnee, you lucky dog. Another great hike. Your mum takes such good photos. Thanks for sharing cause we always feel like we are there with you. See ya gorgeous girl. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  20. Awesome beach pictures! Wow!

    I hope you got more chicken jerky. :)

  21. BOL at your mom's Xtreme 'Naner bread. You need to have her get you some Xtreme Jerkey to nom on....only fair.

    PeeS.....I always love da video fotos of you. Next time your mom makes a movie, tell her your fans want more than a quick couple seconds of you in the program.

  22. I'm so glad you found some sun, Shawnee. AND water! How great is that!?!

  23. How do you lose a boulder that big? Humans are weird.

  24. So many photo opps to show your best khome hither look ;-)