Sunday, July 22, 2012

Invisible Waterfall Hiking

Yes, furrends, today was the day of invisibull waterfalls but the seeniks did make up fur it.  We will get to the invisibull waterfalls soonly, k?
First I lead the way through the woods...
Then I put mom on the walking string so she do not get runned ofur by a car at the seenik coz you just know she be looking at the seeniks and not paying attenshun.
This be what the seenik looked like to me...
... until I jumped up higher where I could see.
No worries, I did not go on the udder side of the wall coz it say DANGER on the sign and you know I is all about staying away from DANGER.
Ummm, do there be a DANGER sign missing here?
SERIOUSLY?  You want ME to go DOWN those SKEERY steps?!?!?!?!  I plant my paws.  Say NO to skeery steps.
Ummm, I be looking fur an alternate route...
So then this fambly commed along with little childruns and a little beagle dog wot went right down the skeery steps and mom sayed "Shawnee, you going to let that little dog show you up?"  HECK NO!  Say no more, I went down the skeery steps.  I is big.  I is Shepherd.  Hear me RAWR.  At least that be wot I be saying to myself all the way down, down, down down.....
Hellooooo!  You call this falling waters?  Where is the falling waters I commed down here to see?
There should be falling waters in front of me.  They is not there.  Who turned off the water?
You see, I is standing where those peeples be standing at the white arrow and there should be falling waters coming down from ofur my head.  Oh well, we just has to come back when the water is turned back on.
There is supposed to be falling waters here, too but these is shut off.  (Frankie, at least I has LOTS of rawks for you!)
Now that I has come back up they has DANGER signs again.
We is hiking along this fence now with lots of seeniks.
Mom found a picnic table where we could take a break but it be too sunny for me since there be no falling waters to cool my furs in.
I found myself a nice spot of shade.
And gibbed a big woofout to my furrends Corbin and his foster brudder Brutus and Maggie Mae and Max wot live right down there.  I think I hear them woofing back!
I snootered out some little falling waters up high and had mom fill up my water bowl even though mom had my water in her backpack.  I wanted falling waters water.
Ahhhh.  Refreshing.
Then on to anudder seenik.
As we woz approaching the last seenik, a bunch of loud and rowdy teenagers woz just leaving, thank dogness.
So I had a chicken jerky.  Drool.
Anudder hiker commed by and he and mom sat in the shade eating their luches and saying yak, yak, yak while I napped in my shady spot.
The seenik from my nap spot.
Then, wowser, we found a POND fur cooling my furs!  Do you see wot be right next to me, that green blob?  Can you guess wot that do be?  I show you...
It be Mr. Frog!  There be LOTS of Mr. Frogs in the pond and they let me get furry close to them but I did not bother them.  I only put the bitey on my stuffie Mr. Frog wot says RIBBIT, RIBBIT.
Then finally, right afore the end of our hike, teeny little falling waters.


  1. Oh, Shawnee! You are giving Morgan and me serious hike envy! Will this heat never end?

    I love that last picture of you in the teeny tiny waterfall! You sure saw some beautiful views this time, even if the water was turned off!


  2. So what's up with them turning off the falling waters? Beautiful scenics, but it sure would have been nice to see those waters. We are having a serious drought here so we could use some falling waters from the skies.

    How cool that you heard Corbin, Brutus, Maggie Mae and Maxx!!! Give them a woo from us too.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. You got to Wooooooof at Maggie Mae and Max and Brutus and Corbin??? THAT is oh so COOL.
    Well, at Least we got to see a tiny falling water.. and LOTS of RAWKS. I like those too.
    Shawnee, do you think that the Sun Spots and all the HAWT WEATHER Stole our falling waters?

  4. Too bad so many of the falling waters were turned off on your hike. Glad you finally found a pond to cool off in.


  5. What a beautiful hike! I can't wait to go hiking now!

  6. OoH My Doggies Shawnee!!!

    You and your sweet momma wuz so close to me and Max on dis hike! Dat park is only 16 miles to da west of our house! Our cuzin's Herschel, Archie and Reggie lives even closer and dey goes hikin' dere too! Our udder cuzin' Thatcher is named after Thatcher Park! Oh how I wishes you told me you wuz comin' I could have met you in da furs, maybe next time. It has been so very dry up here, so maybe dat is why da waterfalls wuz turned off. :(

    We thanks you so much fur da shout out my furiend.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  7. I don't get it, you must be living in the world of hikeing trails. You never go on the same one. That is so so cool. I loved the little waterfalls at the end of your post. You are still the luckiest dog i know.


  8. Wooo turned da falling waters off Shawnee???? Do you fink it was that nasty Mr Sunshine?

    Where woo were standing under dat rawk must be extra pawesume wif falling waters!!!!

    I was sooper impawressed abowt how brave wooo were going down those scary stairs. Well done. :)

    Woo are getting pritty clever at taking nice picktures wif your Shawnee cam too. :)

    Tail wags

  9. Oh Shawnee, who did turn off the water??? I cant believe you and your Mom were tricked in to thinking that there were wonderful falling waters and there wasnt! Booo! I love the fact that you swam with frogs, he is a big frog, we dont have frogs that big here in Wales or if we do I have never seen one THAT big! You were very brave to walk dont all those scary steps, I know how much you hate them but I'm glad you proved you were a big Shepheard and didnt get shown up by the smaller dog! I love all the views, great scenery and really lovely photos, I like that you got to sit in the shade and finally have a swim to cool off! I love your blog Shawnee! I just love to go on a "virtual" hike with you! I wish I could be there with you! Love, Licks and Hugs with Tummy Rubs from your Furiend Frank xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Shawnee what a day and what a walk. Lucky you. Nice to meet you and we wish you a good Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. I can't believe the park peoples shut off the falling waters like that! How rude. You should have gotten to play in the falling waters since you did all of that hiking in the sun.

  12. Okay, I don't know why mom laughed at the "I am Shepherd. Hear me roar" part but she did. I mean, being brave around the clock is tiring! We have to have some moments to relax, no?? So demanding our peoples! We've actually had some rains here, but it's very sporadic, so the water is sporadically turned off here. :(

  13. We love that teensy tiny waterfall! We've missed you!

    Bart and Ruby

  14. You were so brave my pal, conquerin your fears like that. I saloots you! But i fink mebbe you is not so brave at that Mr Frog. He dint seem at all scared of da big shepperd in his pond.

  15. Hey Shawnee, another great hike you and your M went on. Those steeeep stairs do look a little skeery but you be "da dog who can handle them". too bad someome turned off the falling waters but you did get to see the teeny tiny falling waters. Thanks for visiting us..BTW You are NOT old. We think you are in your prime and all your hiking helps keep you in good shape.
    Your friends
    Ernie,Sasha,Chica,Lucas and Rosie - Mom too

  16. What's up with the shut-off waterfalls?
    I love how your mom saved the day at the water fountain to give you some falling water :)

  17. They shouldn't be allowed to turn those falling waters off after you were so brave going down those scary steps specially to see them.
    Keep on going on your hikes we really enjoy sharing them with you.
    Tailwags Finn

  18. They turned off the water? Are you sure it wasn't the frogs drinking it all?

  19. TODAY IS MY BIRFDAY!!!!!!!! I is 4!
    Okays s anyways, I was crackin' up readin' your comment overs at Sarge's....girl, you know me SOOOO well! I just hope nobuddy needs to be saved cuz well...

    Oh and dang you also SOOOOO knew I wasn't goin campin' too. Is you one of them dog's dat likes can predict stuffs? Like a paw reader or sumptin?


  20. Are they seasonal waterfalls? How odd!


  21. I was really getting worried, Shawnee, about the falling waters. Soooo glad you found some. And those steps. OMD, I think you are the bravest one of all! I don't know if I would have gone down them.....

  22. Those steps looked scary to me too! You are very brave Shawnee. Glad you found a pond with big froggies in it :) and finally some falling waters :) Great Hike!

    Waggin at ya,