Sunday, July 15, 2012

Teatown Hiking

So yesterday we went to this place in Noo York called Teatown Lake fur hiking.
The hike do start at Teatown Lake where I seened a....
... FROG!
Shawnee Cam:  On the trail.
Pritty trails...
... and a gnarly bench in the woods.
Shawnee Cam:  Stopping fur a drink of water.
We climbed a mountain where there woz supposed to be a seenik but I do not see a seenik.
Shawnee Cam:  Mom looking fur the seenik.
No seenik to be found.
Moving on.
We crossed a pritty meadow through the hawt sunbeams where we seened...
lots of flutter-bys.
Then I got to cool my furs in the water but I woz being watched by...
Great Blue Heron #1 on a rawk in the water...
... AND Great Blue Heron #2 on that island in the water.
Then after getting wet and tromping through the mud a little, a nice nap on mom's clean blanket.
Hey, somebuddy lost a stuffie!  Who would lose a stuffie?  Woz that Busy Buttons here?  No, she would nefur lose a stuffie coz she do be a stuffie hoarder, BOL.
Shawnee Cam:  Back on the trail.
Shawnee Cam: Checkin' pee-mail.
Shawnee Cam:  Me and mom hikin'.
Then we commed back to the Teatown Lake and went ofur this long, long, long bridge.  At furst I woz brave and leaded the way...
Then it got kinda skeery so I let mom lead.  No worries, I woz not shirking my pawtection dog dooties, I had her back.
See, we made it safe and sound back to the hikemobile.


  1. Mom got some beautiful wildlife shots on your hike. Lightning says he was happy to see that he is doing a good job imitating that froggie legs pose.

    Hope that stuffie finds its way home.

    Happy Sunday.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. You saw Froggie the Gremlin??? My mom says she remembers F.t.G from her CHILDHOOD... on the Mayflower..

    THAT was a grrreat pic of you gettin your DRINK. ShawneeCam really works.

    LOVE your mom's nice CLEAN Blanket. BaaaaWaaaah

  3. You get to go to the most beautiful places. And almost every day. You and your human must be the most healty critters in all of blogville.

    I loved the long bridge, how cool was that. boy I wanna come live with you.


  4. Awww! Poor little lost stuffie!

    I think that lake looks like all kinds of fun! You saw some great scenics, that's for sure! I'm glad it's not blazing hot somewhere so somebody can get out and hike.

    After all our fun with Griffin last week, we decided to relax and take things easy since Mom has to go back to work tomorrow. Boo! Summer break is too short!


  5. Great shots, Shawnee! That froggie was something. I saw one up in Wisconsin ...actually, I didn't see it, but my assistant did. She tried to show me, but I didn't pay much attention.

    Always love the flutter-bys!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Sounds great, you really have a great adventure on that beautiful place and it's nice to see some friends of ours out there :D

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy Bond

  7. FROOOOOOOG!!!!! Did you gets to lick it? I heard if you licks 'em they makes your mouf go all foamy...hehehe.
    You should puts up a ransom furs dat stuffie and then you could buys chicken jerky.

    PS: your mom is gonna beat me withs all these ideas I gives you.

  8. I most enjoyed coming along with you on your shenanigins today - don't worry, together we will seek out that "seenik" with our schnozzles, I am a great hunter you know, well it is not how many you catch is it (thankfully!), it's the taking part that counts, not the wining (that's gonna be my Olympic slogan too you know, ha ha!) - Love Barnie x

  9. Another AMAZING Hike Shawnee! I love the name "Teatown Lake" it sounds so pretty! You got to see some really good wildlife here! The frogs and birds and butterflies and all! Wonderful Wildlife! I adore the bench in the woods its amazingly beautiful!
    Mum was laughing at you napping on Your Mommy's clean blanket coz I do that ALL the time!
    OMD! Who leaves a Stuffie!! Thats crazy! I would NEVER let any of mine escape!!!!
    That long bridge looks just like the one I had my photo on with all those lily pads you have one in your country just like it! Its very beautiful and I dont blame you for getting scared! Bless!
    Another great lot of photos and I feel like I'm right along side you, the pics from the Shawnee Can are great!!
    Love, Licks, Hugs and Tummy Rubs from your Furiend Frank xxxxxxxxx

  10. wow you have the best adventures shawnee xxx that bridge looks way scary, i bet i would of been crawling behind you on my knees LOL!!! xxx

  11. that frog looks HUGE,and fancy someone leaving their stuffy for you to find!
    Love the pix, where did you get your Shawnee cam? It's so cool taking your own pix.
    best tail wags Finn

  12. I'm a TOY HOARDER?! Hey, now! I resemble that remark! *snickers*

    If that stuffie needs a good home, I'd be happy to take one for the team and adopt it...

  13. We haz herons my chum. They live on our small pond. When we had fish in the garden we sum times find em by our back door. They looks fierce if you ask me. We dussnt ave fish no no more herons...i don't two fings is connected.

  14. You did have beautiful seeniks, Shawnee. And I must say, you lived up to my motto..'a little mud keeps you healthy'.

  15. How could someone leave their stuffy behind?!! The horror!
    Oh, and the best way to cross bridges that look like that is to stop after each post and stick your head through the rails.

  16. Beautiful, beautiful place!,

    Bart and Ruby

  17. That was sad to see an abandoned stuffie :( I hope it has a new home now :)
    I saw scenics in every photo! :D Really great place that Teatown! Luved the big Froggie :D

    Waggin at ya,