Friday, November 1, 2013

Virginia Hiking Trip Day 1, Part 1

Hi furrends, I is baaaaack!  What a pawsome time I had on my Furginia hiking trip and I can't waits to tell you all about it.  That Arthur-Itis in my knee was unner control with Adequan, Tramadol, Dasuquin, and a bunch of udder stuff mom sneaks into my foodables.  I hiked 30 miles in 5 days and fur those of you who doesn't know, I is 12 1/2 years old!  

We left my house furry early in the morning while it was still dark out and after hours and hours and hours in the hikemobile, we stopped at Michaux State Forest in Pencilvania to do a hike.
Most of the leaves has fallen down here.  I hope the trees in Furginia is still holding their leaves until I get there!
We is hiking this Rocky Knob Trail.
Pawsome portal in the woods.
Here be the seenik!  I shows it to you biggified below.
That be Long Pine Run Reservoir down there and Rocky Knob on the right.
We is heading up on that Rocky Knob now.
I see that Rocky Knob ofur there through the trees.
This do be Rocky Knob.  It just be a big rawk but mom would not let us climb up to the top because rawk climbing makes that Arthur-Itis be bad in my knee.
But an old girl can still hurdle a log or two, if'n they isn't too high, then I skwish myself unner.
So me and mom decided we would make the hike longer since I was doing good with my knee and we went down to that reservoir.
Reservoir means waters fur cooling of the furs and this be the water that goes into the reservoir.
I hads to look both ways to cross the road.
Then we taked this Beeber Trail.
This do be my kind of water!
OMD!  So pawsome!
No wonner they call this the Beeber Trail.
This beeber has big teefs.
Here I is looking back at that Rocky Knob where I was before.
Snack time at the waters!  Drool!
A little powah nap on pine needles.  So comfy.
All refreshed and ready to move on.
After a lot of climbing back up I just taked a break in the middle of the trail.
Almost back at the car.
Here be the track of our hike:
Michaux State Forest, PA - Rocky Knob and Long Pine Run Reservoir at EveryTrail

Stay tooned fur Pawt 2 of Day 1, tomorrow!


  1. Shawnee girrrrrl you are only as old as you FEEL. And you obviously FElT like you could go fur a BEAUTIFUL HIKE... We LOVED that furst place you cooled your paws and furs... there were ROCKS and FALLING WATERS.
    THAT was a BEAUTIFUL Hike... butt we are laffin our collars off over how the PEEPS spelled Pencil Vane E Ah. BAAAAAWAAAAH...

    Can't wait to see what you have fur us tomorrow.

  2. GIIIIIRL, I so can;t believes you done all dat hikin' withs a bum knee! well, I don't guess it is really bummed nows!
    Dat was such a purties trail withs all da leaves.
    I not thinks I wanna be anywheres nears dat beaver.


  3. Shawnee, you always have the bestest of the bestest places you go!

  4. You now have to give shout-outs when you're in Pencilvania because we're back. Well, this is my first time but you know what I mean. The lady just wishes the shout-outs would include Lucy but that's not to be.

    It's beautiful there. Oh my goodness that beaver has big teeth! You are such a testimony to exercise, Shawnee. You're amazing to be able to do all that with arthritis.

    Can't wait to see part 2!

  5. Hey Shawnee - take care of that knee of yours. I'm on bed rest :-(


  6. WOW - that was quite a hike sweetie. You were hiking like a young pup almost too. So happy you are doing so well. Mom is taking good care of you. Great pictures.

  7. Hi Shawnee - We wuz waitin' fur the trip repawts to start! You and yur Mom find the most incredibull places to hike and you are a sneenik magnet! Glad Mr Arthur-i-tis isn't joining you on yur Furginia hikin' vacay! Looking furward to pawt 2...
    Lexi da Shih Tzu

  8. Wow! That was a great hike, but wasn't the water cold?

  9. Please note: I, Busy Buttons, did NOT pluck any of THOSE beavers' butts.

    *evil snickers*

  10. We are very impressed with your hiking. We thinks that Fenris & Tuiren could do that but no way could our Mommy she would be like hold up I wanna take a picture every 5 minutes (what she really means is I am out of breath and need to rest so I am going to pretend I want to take a picture of whatever she can find to take a picture of)

  11. Pawsome hikes my pal....yoo is lucked to be on your olidays....why was dat Justin Beeber on dat trail tho? Haz he ike down from Cannerder?

  12. Oh My Gosh, Shawnee we are far behind in your posts. This hike looks amazing. The leaves are gorgeous and that beaver tree?? How incredible is that! We can't believe a beaver can chew through a tree!!! Well we know they can of course, butt it's still amazeballs! Our cousin Jinx is 13 and we think you and her would make excellent hiking partners. She is as fit as a fiddle like you! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory
    P.S. On to the next post!