Sunday, November 3, 2013

Virginia Hiking Trip Day 2

So we got up early in the morning to go hiking in Shenandoah National Park.
We seened the sun waking up from my cabin.
On our way out of the state park we seened this deer hasing breakfast.
Here I is, ready to hike with my lucky "Furginia is fur dog lovers" bandanner on.
We stopped at some of the ofurlooks on Skyline Drive along the way.
There be some good sniffs here and lots of pee mail gossip.
Wait mom, I is not done snootering pee mail yet.
Continuing on Skyline Drive to our hike.
Here we is on that Appalachian Trail.  We hads to decide which way to go.  One way would make it a 5 mile hike and the udder way would make it a 7 mile hike.  Mom thought 7 would be too much fur me seeing as I hiked that much yesterday and we is hiking efurry day this week so we went the way to do the 5 mile hike.
La di da di da, hiking along ...
Oh. My. Dog.  We almost runned smack into a BEAR!  I could has almost smooched him on the lips!
Mom talked to him like she always talks to bears when we sees them.  "Hi Bear!  How are you this morning?  Lovely place you have here!"  Yeah, my mom, she be crazy like that and usually the bears say "EEK! Crazy lady!" and run fur their lives.  Wouldn't you?  But not this bear.  Peeples always ask what I do when I see a bear.  I just pawtend I do not know the crazy lady.  I knows that I is a guest in their home and I do not bother wildlifes.  Now come into my yard, hehehehehe, and I gibs you a run fur your kibble!
This bear do be nomming his breakfast and he did not care that we was standing there.  He was bizzy with more impawtant bear bizziness.
Not caring at all that we is there as long as we doesn't come closer because then he might think we be wanting him to share his breakfast and I tells you, I would make snarly face if'n the bear tried to share my breakfast.
Since Bear was not moving so we could get by, me and mom had no choice but to retreat, turn around and go the udder way which meant we had to do the 7 mile hike.  Bye Bear.  Bone Appetite with whatefur it be you is nomming on ofur there.
We retreated furry slowly like is proper bear pawtocol.
A gnarly old tree.
I do not see any bears up ahead.  The coast be clear, mom.
Oh yes, there was a time when I would sail ofur logs like a gazelle but this one be too high so I skwished myself unner it.
Pawsome, a chance to cool my paws.
Break time!  Chicken jerky!  Life do be good.
Break ofur, back to hiking.
OMD, how pawsome is this?  Fresh spring water right off the trail.
We hads to cross ofur that Skyline Drive so I hads to look both ways.
Back on that Appalachian Trail again.
A chipmonkey!  Mom gets all SQUEEEE ofur them.  Sigh.
So that be Hogback Mountain and we has to climb it next.
But furst, check out this pawsome seenik behind me.
OK, now we moves on.
We hads to take a break climbing up the Hogback Mountain because mom had to catch her brefs.  Not me.  I has 4 paw drive.
We is getting higher.
Here is a better seenik.  Just pawtend those ugly electric wires isn't there.
Furry comfy and peaceful here.  We stayed fur a long time.
I got some belleh rubbins.
Seriously, you should all try this sometime.
At the end of the hike we was up ofur that Skyline Drive and could spy on all the peeps down below.
All done.  I did make it anudder 7 miles after 7.5 miles the day before.  And before all my Arthur Itis medications we did be thinking my hiking days be coming to an end.  Not so!
The tracks I made of my hike:
Shenandoah National Park, VA - Hogback Mountain at EveryTrail


  1. I am sooooo glad Mr. Bear was too interested in his noms to pay you any attention. Skeery!

    But the seeniks were mighty pawsome, Shawnee. I'm so glad your Arthur itis meds are working.

  2. OMC! I can't believe you saw a real live bear. That's so scary.

    I don't always have time to comment, but I do love reading your hiking adventures. I never miss a post!

  3. OMD, you saw a bear too?! Mom and I saw one the other day! We weren't hiking, though. Mom had taken me out for a late night potty before sleepytime. She turned the corner, the motion light came out and...BEAR. It was laying down in the yard nomming on hickory nuts.

    We quickly went back into the house after that!

    This whole first part of your trip looks awesome fun! My mom super hopes to be able to go fun hiking things like this with me in the future.

  4. I have to say you and your mom were quite cool about the bear. That sure was a beautiful hike and you look so comfy in that resting spot in the sun. I think you were channeling your inner kitteh. Great job hiking 7 miles!

  5. OMD SHAWNEE... we did not KNOW that the AppleLaytion Trail could be so FULL of WILD LIFE.. A chipmunk, a Deer and ... GASP... A B E A R !!

    It is certainly a BEAUTIFUL place fur your Hiking Pleasure.

  6. Oh Shawnee - you look so happy being back to yur hiking wif yur mom. Dat bear seemed pawfully close; hopefully yur Mom just haz a rilly good zoom on her camera! I saw some lizards on my walk today; duz that count as wildlifes?
    Lexi da Shih Tzu

  7. We see bears on our hikes here all the time

    Stop on by for a visit

  8. OMDOMDOMD!! I would have FREAKED if I seed a bear in da furs!! You is the bravest girl effurs, Shawnee!!


  9. I'm SO glad the arthritis meds are helping you keep hiking, Shawnee!

    That bear would have freaked my Mom out. I probably would have just hid behind Mom, too. (Oh, heck, who am I kidding? I wouldn't have gone hiking to begin with!)

  10. Iz gud job we is leevin da bares and skwee critters to yoo my terrier brane wud haz to chase em and do looking furry bootiful place to be doin yore hikin too my pal

  11. Howdy Shawnee, wowza and yaahoo. You saw a bear? We peed ourselves just a little when we first saw him/her cause we do not have bears here in Oz. Aren't they beautiful! We loved your hike and mum gets all sooky when she sees you having a snooze and a belly rub. She thinks you are so lovely and we aren't jealous at all cause we think you are too! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory