Monday, November 4, 2013

Virginia Hiking Trip Day 3

So on this day we sent to see lots and lots of falling waters.
We hads to cross the Skyline Drive.  See, I knows to look both ways furst.
Here I go, off into the sunrise.
We stopped at a cemetary.  These peeps has not been here furry long.  The rilly old graves doesn't has any headstones because they is long gone but there was a list of names and lots were childrens :(
Continuing on...
You efur get the feeling you is being watched?
So we get to the Dark Hollow Trail and we cannot go on it because it say NO PETS.  Grrrrrr.  But that OK coz there be udder places where I be welcome.
I can see some waters coming out of that Dark Hollow place.
But the trail I is taking goes right along the waters and it be more falling waters than I knows what to do with.
Fangtabulous, doesn't you think so?
The only problem be that I cannot find a way to get into the waters to wet my furs.
No worries.  Where there be a will, there be a way.
Looking ....
Here we go!
Hot diggity dog!  This feels PAWSOME on my furs!
All reenergized fur the climb up.
I just thought of something funny but I can't remember what it was.
So this be the big falls.  It be 67 feets high!
When we taked a break mom was sitting facing the waters so she could see the falling waters but this ls furry loud so  I always has her back so nobuddy can sneak up on us.
Off we goes again.
This is the furst litter we has seened on our trip and mom picked it up to put in the trash later.
See, we likes to keep the forest clean and tidy.
Hey mom, the hikemobile be ofur that way.  Where is we going?
Ah ha!  We walked ofur to the seenik close to the hikemobile.
So when we gots home, mom gibbed me my Tramadol pills.  That be because my shoulder muscles work harder than they used to and get furry sore and tired.  So I takes the Tramadol fur pain, I takes a nap and wakes up all refreshed and ready to go again.
So this was only a 4 mile hike so I could rest up fur more hikes coming up. 


  1. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Rawks and MANY MANY BEAUTIFUL Falling WATERS. Ahhhhhhhhhh WE even feel REFRESHED just looking at all that BEAUTY. You surely did have a WILL to Find a WAY to enjoy a cool down of your furs.
    The waters look so CLEAN and CLEAR.
    Shawnee, you take us to the bestest places.
    We are glad that you had your Tramadol so you would not be Sore... THAT stuffs is like with our mom who takes the ALEVE.
    THANK you fur sharing your super Hike.

  2. Hey Happy to go along with you. And see the falling waters and your beautiful self hiking along! N that tram afoul is good . It helps me after a big walk.
    We still be working on blog problems.

  3. I was there with you, Shawnee, in that stream. Did you feel my presence? I was just glad Mr. Bear didn't show up so you could see all those falling waters. Super lovely!

  4. I am glad I gets ere after Frankie Further to see ow eggsited he be bowt da fallin waters....i ope you do be ok my pal and not sufferin wiv da showlders good to ave some meds fur it....

  5. Loved the deer pic!
    Looks like you really enjoyed the water, Shawnee :)

  6. Another great hike! Too bad the humans hogged that one trail. Isn't that water awful cold?

  7. Shawnee, you live the LIFE! How we wish we could go on a trip like that and see so much great stuff!