Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Virginia Hiking Trip Day 5 - Howloween Edition!

You know me and mom, we always do a special haunted Howloween hike because well, we is just crazy like that.  So deep down in the hollow of the Blue Ridge Mountains there do be a haunted cabin and forest.  Long, long ago when peeps lived in Shenandoah National Park (they was booted out to make it a park) a fambly lived in this cabin and the lady was hasing her 3rd human puppy when she died!  So they say it be her ghost doing the haunting.  Mom and I went to check it out!  (If'n you wants to hear something furry interesting, this do be an interview with the husband of the ghost lady.  He talks about how life was back in the olden days and how he builded the cabin and stuffs.)
So furstly we woked up to another bootiful sunrise outside my cabin.
We stopped by Culler's Ofurlook to see the mountains waking up.
Then we drived to Shenandoah National Park and through the Tunnel of Doom.
Leading mom across Skyline Drive with my ghost busting bandanner on.
I ain't skeered of no ghosts.
Do the ghost be in this hollow?  Wrong kind of hollow.
I laff at the ghosts and goblins, whahahahaha.
This be the right hollow, Nicholson Hollow.
We bravely descend down into the haunted hollow.
But I hads to stop fur a drink ...
... and a brief rest furst.
Oh. My. Dog.  Check this out.  Mom's drink be FROZENED and it did not be cold out.  Mom even had her skeery white legs showing to ward off evil spirits.  How did her drink get frozened?  Creepy.
Forging onward.
Almost there.  Corbin Cabin, that be the haunted cabin.
Yikes, the haunted cabin.
Not seeing any ghosts or spirits here.  But a ways up the trail ...
Now this cabin do look way more haunted to me.
Most definitely haunted.
Gibs me a chicken jerky mom so I can show those ghosts my teefs so they knows who they be messing with.
Mom read her book.
I napped.  (That be Corbin Cabin ofur yonder.)
Then we found the fambly cemetery.  Spooky.
The graves is marked with field stones like this but they is mostly missing.
Come on mom, let's go.
We started to climb up out of the hollow but hads to stop fur a break.
A spooky spidey crawled across mom's stuff and that drink, it still be frozened.

Mom, read me some of your skeery story.
"Once upon a time..."  OK, enuff, let's go.
OMD!  We gets back to the hikemobile and look who be waiting fur us!
Back at my cabin, we taked another drink out of the fridge fur comparison purposes.  The one of the left be the one that went through the whole hike with us, still frozened.  The one on the right, fresh out of the fridge, not frozened at all.  Mom's drink do be pawsessed.  I is staying far, far away.
A furry tired ghost buster.  Off dooty.


  1. OOoooooooh a Haunted Hike...I haded to go grab my blankie befores I read dis...just in case.
    Nows, I was on pins and needles readin' bouts dis hike but thank goodness nuttin' tradgic happened to ya'll..udder than da frozed drink.

    I likes yur ghost bustin''s like a ghost bustin' AND no hunt me bandanner all wrapped in one. Good thinkin'.


  2. Oh the TUNNEL of DOOM pic is FABULOUS.
    Love your Howl O Ween bandana.

    Maybe your mom's Drink was filled with ECK TOE Plazm.

  3. Your pictures are breathtaking. Good job. So happy you got out for your annual Halloween hike.

  4. Shawnee, you and Mom had such a spectacular trip. LIfe here has been crazy with all the renovations, especially this week, so we haven't been around much for visiting. We wanted to thank you for your good wishes for Phantom. He seems to be responding well to the combo of the adequan and deramaxx for his pain, but sadly he has lost a lot of weight recently. Mom is worried about him, but he keeps plodding along.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. Shawnee yoo are so brave! Yoo fotograf so well and yur Mom takes such grate pikshurs. I rilly like yur laffin' pikshurs too!
    Lexi da Shih Tzu

  6. We are glad you busted that ghost, Shawnee! And mom is glad you showed her another pretty sunrise picture :-)

  7. The area you hiked was just lovely we love seeing the leaves changing color, just beautiful. We were charmed by the haunted cabin, we thinks it is too bad peeps got thrown out of their homes.

  8. I guess the ghost tried to drink your mom's drink.

  9. I am so impressed by your bravery! Flattery and I went on a haunted ghost tour, but next year we'll have to look for a haunted hiking spot! I was really hoping you'd sniff out a ghost, though.


  10. Iz kwite da mistry wiv dat drink Shawnee my pal....I also notiss that it be the culler of blood....mebbe next time she ave one wot be green or yeller or summing and then it not be pawsessed

  11. Bow-WOW Shawnee, this was one incredible hike, really fun and super scary, it was spooktacular! I love the first two photos, the sun coming up is so very beautiful and the photo of you looking at the mountains is gorgeous, you are so very pretty Shawnee!
    Ohhh the frozen drink is spooky, I think there is some magic going on there fur sure! I loved the haunted hike with the log cabins all deserted and creepy but I'm dissapointed that you couldn't sniff out a spook with your snoote! I always like seeing you have a little hike break with your little water bowl and chickun jerky! Yum! Did your Mom scare you reading that ghostly book? I love your Halloween bandana you really look a treat ... a trick or treat! BOL!
    It looks like you had a really good time, you look so happy in the photos and you must have been very sleepy after all that ghost hunting, you look mega cute sleeping, sweet dreams Shawnee!
    Love and Licks from Frank XxxxX