Saturday, November 2, 2013

Virginia Hiking Trip Day 1, Part 2

So after our hike at Michaux State Forest we got back in the hikemobile and drived fur hours and hours and hours.
We there yet?  Oh, that orange towel, ummm, that be to cofur up my puke from earlier.  I hardly efur puke in the car and it was not such a good idea to do it early on in the trip because then I hads to step ofur it all the time.  I was just ofurwhelmed with excitements about the trip.  And that blue thing, that be a sling what mom uses to fling my hiney up into the hikemobile so I is not needlessly putting wear and tear on my knee and making that Arthur Itis all mad and stuff.  Usually after a hike I is too tired to jump in so it helps get me back in the hikemobile because I is kinda heavy fur mom to pick up and I would not give my cooperations anyways.  Us dogs is good at tripling our weights when we doesn't want to be picked up, BOL!
So finally we was almost there and mom decided to buy our Shenandoah National Park pass furst so we could get in and out all week long.
Just think how many green papers those governmental peeps lost when they was doing snarly face with each other and shut the park down a few weeks ago.
So then we arrived at the Shenahdoah River State Park, not to be confuzzled with Shenandoah National Park.  The State Park peeps doesn't close their parks.
On the way to my cabin, we stopped at Culler's Ofurlook to see the sun go down.
Finally, we is at my pawsonal cabin, the same one I stayed at 3 years ago!
Checking pee mail from other dogs who stayed in my cabin.
I always has a hard time with steps so I was all weirded out but I got ofur myself and made it up.  After that it be easier to go up.  Just the furst time always gets me.
See, I is up and I is heading straight to my favorite place, the deck with the rawking chairs.
Oh, that be new down there.  It do not be there 3 years ago.  You could make chicken jerky down there.
So now inside, here we has the living room and the foodables room.
There only be a shower in here, no baftub, and fur that I is so grateful because I doesn't fit in the shower.  Whew.  But that did not stop mom from gibbing me a baf before we left my house.  She thinks I should stink like flowahs fur staying in MY cabin.  Phew.
This room is in case you bring hooman puppies with you.  We doesn't has any so we just closed this door.
Here be where me and mom sleep.
My orthopedic bed be too big fur the hikemobile but this werks fine for when I is on vacay.
See, all comfy with Mr. Monkey.
Come back tomorrow fur Day 2 when the Furginia hiking begins!


  1. HEY.... we know that FAMOUS SONG

    ♫ OH Shenandoah, Shawnee Kame to see ya. Look away she'll be Rollin in ya.♫
    Your Cabin is SUPER... Sorry that you puked in your Hikemobile.

  2. That looks like a very nice cabin. Oh, and Mommy says I weigh 75 lbs unless I don't want to move, in which case I weigh 200 lbs.

  3. Thanks fur da tour of yur cabin Shawnee; it is so nice. My fur brudder who lives ofer the Rainbow Bridge used to need a harness like yurs; Mom called it his fling sling. I'm only 7 and a haf pounds so Mom just picks me up and carries me - whether I like it or not! 'Cept when I'm on my string I can crazy glue my feets to the ground ifn I don't wanna move BOL!
    The trees sur look purdy; can't wait to hear & see more!
    Happy Vacay, Lexi da Shih Tzu

  4. What a beautiful sunset!!!

    The cabin looks really nice, too. I hope Mr. Monkey approved.

  5. Such a bootiful spot, Shawnee!! I hasn't had to use my sling lately - mom just throws her back out lifting my hiney up on the bed!! BOL!!


  6. Looks like sootybull commydayshuns fur you my pal....i ope you haz all yer meds wiv yoo and be fighting fit for hikin every day....tell mum to get dat pukey wipe up kwik a disgrace ow she leev da hike mobile...

  7. Howdy Shawnee, sorry about the puke in the car. We reckon your mum said, "No Worries Shawnee", cause she knows ya can't help being sick. Your cabin looks cool. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory