Thursday, November 7, 2013

Virginia Hiking Trip Day 6 - The Long Road Home

It was our last day in Furginia and even though we did has a hike planned, mom thought I had enuff fur the week and we was going to cancel it except mom thought we might walk down to the river from our cabin and pay homage to Yoda the Dog's Brown Cabin.  Howefur...
It rained.  We hads sunbeams all week long so we is grateful fur that.
We loaded up the hikemobile and headed north.  I nefur has been one fur napping in the car but now that I is a senior citizen ...
We there yet?
There do be Noo Joisey ofur there behind those mountains.  Wowser, those mountains look so teeny tiny after the big mountains in Furginia!
HOME!  Lemme in, lemme in!  I has to .....
Some privacy pawlese, I has to use the facilities.
Sis Sydney was surprised to see mom walk in the door.  The boy had been coming to let her out and when she did not see the boy come in, she was like ....
"Hey sis."  "Hey back at ya sis."  So much fur happy reunions.
I headed straight fur my bed to take looooooong naps and dream about all of my Furginia adventures!
Of course, I had the most pawsomest time again because you know why?


  1. Shawnee you had a SUPER time in FURGINIA... walkin/hiking and seeing the Seeniks and cooling in the waters. It was WONDERFUL to have you SHARE the good time with us. We are TRULY grateful to you.
    Enjoy your nice THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME ...NAP.

  2. Sleeping in the car is the best! I usually fall asleep about 1/2 hour after we start driving. I wake up for treats tho. Why doesn't your sis get to go on vacation with you?

  3. I thought cars were made for taking naps! I'm glad you had a safe journey. There's no place like home!


  4. What a wonderful trip you had. Thanks fur takin' us along!

    Bart, Ruby and Otto

  5. Sorry yoo did not get yore last hike my pal....but i fink you haz a grate vaycayshun.....welcome ome .....may yoo nivver stop hikin

  6. Hi Shawnee, it looks like you were exhausted after all the fun and walks of your Furginia holiday, you look really cute sleeping in the hike mobile! I'm glad that your sisfur Sydney gave you a warm welcome home, even if you did sleep straight away! Love and Licks from Frank XxxxX