Saturday, June 6, 2009

Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park, NJ (Princeton - Kingston)

We did da hikes today. Da plan was to walks 6 miles on da Delaware & Raritan Canal tow path starting in Princeton, NJ. But it was such a beeootiful days dat we ended up going 11 miles! Yes, we did. I is perfectly fine, however, my mom can no longer stands up straight.

Da said beeootiful sunshines today after all da rains last week but dey lied. Der was no sunshines only clowds. But dat was OK cause it kept da temperatures comfy yet warms enough dat I could take a dips and gets my furs wet.

Oh, look how littles I is way out der on da waterfalls...

Then, of course, I met another turtle fwend. Hims was teeny tiny, only about 2 inches long and hims was in perils in da middle of da path. Somebodies could has stepped on him and squooshed him so I said, "Mom, please moves mai fwend da turtle off to da sides where he be safe." So her did. And her moved him in da same direction hims was heading in as is da proper turtle protocol.

We spotted another wildlifes but I could not pose with hims for da pics cause mebbe he bites. We dunno.

So we hads lovely times and obeyed da park rules.
  • We dinnot has motorized vehicles - we did walkies.
  • We dinnot litters or dumps - I dinnot do pees or poos.
  • We dinnot has alkoholic beverages - I drank water outta da puddles.
  • We dinnot do huntings - we halped da wildlifes.
Is der a rule I missed? I don't see more rules, does you?


  1. That looks like a great place to go.. love the pic of you on the waterfalls, you look like a tiny pup! And you met a turtle.. we don't get them over here.. I'll look forward to reading what else you get up to!! Every dog should have a blog.. Teagan x x

  2. Wow. 11 miles! Looks like you had a great time!
    How nice of you to ask your mom to move the turtle. :o) I;ve never seen a snake yet though.
    Waterfall looks pawsome. And no, I don't see more rules. heheh

  3. You are so right! It looks like we hiked in the same park, BOL!!!! We want to go off leash too, doggone it!!! Glad you had a super fun time just like we did :)