Friday, June 12, 2009

One Paw Helps Another Paw

Some of you might know my fwend @TruckingDogKarma and the incredible story of her rescue from stray truck terminal dog to amazing cross country trucker dog! Well, if you doesn't knows her story, here it is on her mom's blog.

So anyways, from living the life of a stray, Karma had lots of pwoblems, one of them being icky heartwormies. Ack, ack, ack. They be very dangerous and could has killed Karma cause nobodies gived her the heartworm prevenshun treat when hers was a stray and hers got bited by infekted skeeters. (Has you taken your heartworm prevenshun this month?) So Karma was in the hospital for treatments to gets rid of the wormies. Her mama got some donashuns from nice peeples to help pay for some of it cause it was expensive. And there was to be more expenses to come.

So then I said to my mom "Mom, how can we helps out Karma? We has a rescue group. Is there not somefing we can do?" Peeples always call us cause they wants us to take the strays they find for us to fix them up and finds them homes. But not Karma's momma. Her was fixing Karma up by herself AND giving her a good furever life. The least we could do was to halp her out some.

So mom checked the books and sure enough, the rescue group, @CCritters, hads some grant monies lefted over from @Petco that was to be used for spaying and nootering. Karma already has lots of homeless puppehs running around from when she was a stray and she no need no more puppehs. Plus her needs to be spayed to has better health. Mom called Karma's vet hospital all the way over in Texas on the phone and told them we pays for Karma's spay. It now be a done deal and it be one less expense Karma and her momma has to worries about.

Many more miles of happy trucking adventures to you, my fwend, Karma!


  1. What a very nice story. You are so nice to help!

  2. OMD that was so sweet of you and your mom! We love Karma and follow her journey all the time. Thanks for being an angel for Karma!