Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Night The Sky Fell In

We had big thunder boomers storms, wild winds, rains and hales last night and neighbor's tree came crashing down on our howse from up in the skies. It was skeery. But we is all OK, nobody was hurted and there was only minor damages to the rufe, gutter and fence. Lets me tells you the whole story.

My sisfur, Sydney, does not has enough sense to come in out of the rains. When there is thunder boomers, Sydney hides herself under the deck and we dunno her is there. We were all watching the rains out the back door but then the rains started coming inside so mom closed the door. A few minutes later there stood Sydney on the deck wanting inside, soaking wet. What was her thinking? Well, not more than two minutes after mom got Sydney in and dried her off, we heard CRASH! CRUNCH! BOOM! SMASH! WHAM! It was crazee loud like the howse was falling in on our heads. Where to run, where to hide? Big tree branches camed down right outside the window where we was and landed on the deck, right were Sydney was just a few minutes before. Her could has been sqwished. Mom opened the door and this is what we saw.

Oh noes! We was trapped!!!! Mom and the boy hacked at the branches and cut us a way out. Thank dog. What would has happened had we needed to potty? Then we went out in the back yard to investigate...

Oh noes! What a mess!

Please make note of the lower rite korner of the above pikture, enlarged for your konvenience below...

That would be Sydney's feet back under the deck again. Sydney mite not be our britest sisfur but we luvs her anyways.

Today we started werking on kleening up to make the deck safer since sum of the debris was not stable. Did we not do a grate job?

Tomorrow some mens is coming to kleen the rest of it up and cuts up the really big parts of the tree.

Of course, foster dog Jack did his parts in the kleen-up effort but Jack, buddy, why you takin the tree inside the howse to put in your bed?


  1. Holy mackerel that must've been so scary! Thanks dog Sydney came in when she did... *shudders* I hate T-storms...eeek.
    Hi Jack I see you like trees. And spinach too. BOL! was it good?

  2. OMC! Dat iz some scary stuffs goin' on over at youz house (I not wanna say stuffs here but I iz a gud kitteh & watches my mouf --- mostly)! You give dat Sydney a good talkin' to 'bout bein' out in da thunder boomers. So glad you iz all okai and dat da house wuz not terrible hurt! Maybe Jack wuz savin' a soovunirz of the experience for when he is 'dopted.