Sunday, June 21, 2009

TOP SEKRET - For Anipal Eyes Only: My Hidey Spot

I offers you a rare invitation to tour my hidey spot. I cannot disklose the exakt lokashun because, well, then it would not be a sekret hidey spot. The only ones allowed in is my mom (cause it's her howse) and my sisfur Dixie (cause her has seniority and is the boss of me - most times). Nobody else. Ever.

Every foster dog tries to come to my hidey spot one time but never a second time cause I say GRRRRRR like I is going to put the bitey on them. It skares the tar out of them cause that is so out of karakter for me but they thinks I mean bizzness. Well, I do. For real.

It is my self-proklaimed dooty to keep my mom's shoes safe in my hidey spot. She recklessly leaves her shoes on the floor and you know it's a matter of time before those rascally foster dogs chews them up. I gently picks her shoes up in my mouf and carries them to safety in my hidey spot. I has to do this almost every single day. As you can see, my favorite toys is also in my hidey spot for safekeeping and personal entertainment. And this is where I sleeps at night.

I hopes you enjoyed the tour of my hidey spot. Does you has a hidey spot? Take my poll and tells me about your hidey spot in the komments. I keeps it sekret, k?


  1. This was so cute and funny! I love that you know exactly where your toys are. Good fur you!!

    Abi and Madi

  2. I don't have a hidey spot. I don't really need one but it sure looks cool! Gonna make one. Yep!

  3. Wow... Thanks for the great idea. I love you hidey spot and am going to look for one in the condo. Woohooo... hope I find one as good as your. *nosetap*.... Max

  4. I wish I had a secret hidey spot like you do. Then I could stash my mom's flipflops there. Is hard work protecting mom's shoes.

  5. Kitties usually has spots dat dey stash der toys likes you do der along wif your momma's shoes!

    I likes dat you sharings your hidey spot!

    I gots your entry up so takes dat tag image from dat entry page to puts on your blog here so you gets votes! *nosetap*