Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Got Mail! (#pawpawty June 13 - 14, 2009)

It be the second times I got mails this week! The mailman did not rings the doorbell this time. Think mebbe I scarded him with my excited barkings the last time?

We all checkded out the beeootiful package. It had doggie paw prints on it. Could it be the #pawpawty prize I won from @laineyspawtique????

All of a suddens, Jack, the foster dog, grabded my package in his mouf...

...and tooked it to his bed where he said GRRRRR at mom and showed his toofers. Oh, no, BAD, BAD, JACK! Hims had to go to doggie jail.

Look what hims did to my package.

No wonder Jack tried to steals my package. It was full of nommy COOKIES!

Hurry mom, opens them up and we can has a pawty!!!!!

Some for me...

Some for sisfur Sydney...

Some for sisfur Dixie...

Some for foster sisfur Pumpkin...

Some for Bad, Bad Jack in The Big Howse...

As you can see, we had wild, crazee pawty with nommy Lainey's Pawtique cookies that were a HUGE hit with everyone (speshully Jack). Thank you @Laineyspawtique!!!


  1. OMD!!!!! I LAUGHED and LAUGHED!!!!! Bad Jack....I am glad that you like your cookies! i LOVE this story hehe haha haha bah baha haha

  2. BOL!! Too Funny!! Poor Jack. I gotz cookies today also from Lainey. Dey are da bestest cookies EVER!!

  3. Holy have to share with LOTS of other dogs! Love your cookie pics. :)