Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Duckie Club

Mai fwend on Twitter, @Manxington, has this club for kittehs called "The Duckie Club". It looked like the kewlest club where kittehs submit piktures with their beloved duckies to become members. The club gets companies to donate duckies to poor kittehs in shelters that has no duckies. Well, imagine my excitements when I found out the club was being opened up to doggies! Of course this was an adventure I wanted to be a parts of. I got my duckie, posted my pikture, named my duckie "Dick Van Duck" (you has to give your duckie a name) and this was the official acceptance I gots from Manxington:

TA Dah! You in the duckie club!

I was overwhelmed by excitements. This is such an honor. So check out Manxington's blog about getting your very own duckie to be in The Duckie Club while helping make shelter anipal lives a little brighter. And be sures to watch the pawsome movie with very snazzy musiks on Manxington's blog starring all the members (I is in it too!).


  1. OH, I did not knows about dis club! Fanks for tipping me off. You looks furry cute with Dick Van Duck. I will visit the Duckie Club.

  2. ooh, i am also going to join the duckie club! i luvs my duckie and i luvs my kitteh friends. all kittehs and doggies should have duckies!

  3. Great tip, we're headed over to check it out. You look quite precious with your new pal!