Saturday, March 19, 2011

Back In Bizziness!

The pooter lives!  Here do be a few woofs of advice fur those of you wot is technologically challenged like yours trooly - if'n you try to reboot your pooter and it keeps getting frozened afore Windows loads up ofur and ofer again.  Yank the powah plug out of the back of the pooter, wait a few minits, plug it back in and wahlah - pooter fixed.  We did think that pushing the button on the pooter to turn it off and back on again accomplished the same thing but apparently not.  You has to pull the plug completely.  Lights out.  Adios.  Then plug back in and it comes back to life.  At least it be werth a try if'n the same thing happens to you.
My sis Sydney surfs the innerwebs.
Anyways, so many thanks fur all of the birfday wishes.  We do be celebrating all month long seeing as we duss not know wot day of the month my birfday is.  (That be one of the perks of being adopted, BOL.)

So now I has to share this video with you.  I dussn't unnerstand wot there be to BOL about but mom is LOLing so hard her eyes be leaking.  I think I need to unplug her and plug her back in again.


  1. I am sooooooo very much glad that you have your pooter back and pooting or tooting or whatever it is that these thingys do. hehehe

  2. That's the way hu-dad fixes his computer, too.

  3. That's the way Mom fixes EVERYTHING now -- she wishes we had plugs!!

    We saw Denver yesterday. He's SO sorry... and so cute!!

  4. It's your birthday!? I don't know how in the heck I missed that. I hope you have lots of celebrations and fun! It's funny how unplugging solves a multitude of problems.

    Sydney looks so cute looking at the 'puter. Cute video too!

  5. That Lab is SO guilty! BOL! Just look at those submissive smiles he does...too cute! Glad to know your pooter is working good again.

  6. Well I jus' has to try dat da next time I has problems...I thought I would get da same results wit a hammer! Oh well! Learn sometin new every days...

  7. I am so glad you got your computer working again! Mom has done the power cord trick before, too.

    Mom laughed really hard over that video several times!

    I hope your hike today was tons of times better than ours!


  8. That sure sounds like an interesting way to fix the 'puter but heck, whatever works. We are thrilled you are back in bizziness.

    That video is funny. We have seen it a few times, but it is still funny. That poor dog doesn't stand a chance at pleading not guilty:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. WOW. Your barkday is the same as mine! We'll both celebrate together. The video is really funny. Have a good barkday, Finn

  10. We hadn't a chance to watch that one yet -


    I wonder how Khousin Merdie got in it!?!

    As fur your Shawnee Month, PAWTY ON!

    PeeEssWoo: Woo Hoo Fur Fixed Poooooters!

  11. OMC - dat video is the cutest ever. Talk about innocent looks. Love it - I gotta perfect dat innocent look better.

  12. Thank dogness you is back Shawnee!!! We didn't want you to spend your birthday month without communications with us here in Blogville!!

    PeeS.....Lemme know if da 're-booting of da Mom" thingy works. I think my momma could use some brains rebooting ever now and then.

  13. Shawneeeee..... Happy Birthday. Celebrate all month? That's a great idea. Have a great party!

    pawhugs, Max

  14. Durn pooters, but we are SO glad you got it fixed so we can see your latest walk!

    Happy Burfday, Shawnee!!

  15. happy burfday, shawnee.
    good job with the come-on-back-to- momma! i watched the video from another "innerwebs" place, same thing happened to me.

    thanks for the technical advise. your tip will come in handy some day.

  16. Mom saw that video the other day and she was BOLing lots, too!

    Hrm...would Sydney happen to be looking at videos of yours truly when she surfs the web? *snickers*

  17. NO NO! Don't unplug your hoomin! Hehe...not sure what might happen. This video is too funny. I just felt so bad for that pup - caught!

  18. Oh, no I see. I been readin blogs in da wrong order. BOL.

  19. Glad you figured out all the teknickel stuff, Shawnee! And we had to "reboot" Mom (i.e. smack her on the back) while she was watching Denver 'cause she was laughing and crying so hard she got all choked up. We're feeling kinda bad for ole Denver. What did he do that was so bad he got the "penalty box"? Treats are for eating, right???

    The Road Dogs

  20. I am mortified we missed your birthday. Must be mom's fault! Maybe I can send her to her kennel like poor Denver. She does get this real sad guilty look like he does. Mom is having a problem with watching videos in Firefox. She gets the blue screen of death and managed to do it 4 times today trying to watch the Denver video (after the first time she was trying to find the url from the video so she could put it in Internet Explorer and she kept playing it by mistake. She needs to go to the kennel (if we had one) for the language I heard her say.