Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bye Bye Winter, Hello Spring Hike

Whew, we had lots to cram into one hike today. Mom has two use-it-or-lose-it vakashun days to take this month so since we did this hike to Mount Minsi in Pencilvania the same time last year, we decided to make it a tradishun and celebrashun combo.

So furstly, we isn't sure when my birfday is coz I woz just a baby puppeh when I woz birfed so I dussn't rememmer. I woz gotted out of the shelter in Jooly and woz 4 months old so my birfday be sometime in March and this year I turn dubbull digits. Yup, I be 10 years old now!

Then when we do this hike we always find the furry last patch of snow or ice up atop the mountain and yup, we founded it today.  This do be the last of it.

Afore we get started I has two training videos I putted togedder fur you today.  Furst up we has how to climb rawks:

And secondly, how to jump logs:

OK now on to the hike.  I is heading towards Mount Minsi on the right in Pencilvania.  The mountain on the left do be Mount Tammany in Noo Joisey and I has hiked there afore.  Rememmer where I found the poopy baby diaper last year?  So when I get up high on Mount Minsi I will be able to look ofur at Mount Tammany and see where I standed afore.

Me and Mom in Front of Mount Tammany
Me and Mom Atop of Mount Minsi
It do be foggy on the horizon today so you can't see so much of our seeniks today.  We then went on to Totts Gap on the Appalachian Trail.  You knows, some peeples has alreddy left Georgia where the Appalachian Trail starts and be heading this way.  They be hiking rite here in a cuppull of months:
They is going to be needing to watch where they step coz I did find some coyote poo:
Here I be at a seenik right afore Totts Gap - this be looking west into Pencilvania:
So then we headed back and let me show you my litter haul fur the day:
Wot's this? BACON AND EGGS?!?!?!?!  *DROOL*
Hark - Who goes there?
It do be my noo furrend Diesel!
We did about 5 gabillion laps of zoomies! It woz fun! And that woz at the end of the 10 mile hike!
I is going to leave you with some Shawnee Cam pikshures of the hike but let me tell you furst that I mite not be able to get around to reading your bloggies fur a few days coz when we gotted home today, the pooter broked!  The pooter fixer man is coming Saturday.  Mom is letting me use her werk pooter rite now but she rilly is not allowed to do pawsonal stuffs on it and it duss not werk well at all fur posting bloggies coz mom has to use a rilly old vershun of IE for her system at werk so we has rilly had a hard time writing this one coz nuttin wants to werk rite.  Grrrrr.  So if'n my bloggie looks funny, that be why. So I be back visiting efurryone just as soon as our pooter be fixed!


  1. What a perfect spring hike! I can't believe you are ten! You don't look a day over 5! Happy Birthday!

    Your pal, Pip


    I am very much sorry that your pooter went Ka-poot.

    I did watch BOTH training videos.. butt must say..I simply can NOT do the over the log thingy.. I have some "SHORTcomings" you know..
    BUTT on the bright side.. I'm pretty sure that I could climb a hoooge rawk now that you have given me full instruction. You are an excellent teacher.. for those who are tall enough to ... git 'er dun. I'm just sayin.

  3. Happy Birthday to roo!
    Happy Birthday to roo!
    Happy Birthday dear Shawneeeeee!
    Happy Birthday to roooooooooooo!

    We just wanted to add a little serenade to the occasion!

    That was one awesome place where you went hiking! I am glad you didn't find any poopy diapers this time, too. And you still had energy for zoomies after it was all over! I am dreaming of the hiking we'll do Saturday and next weekend we might have a guest star on our hike! I can't wait!


  4. My goodness, I did not know it was your birthday!!!

    HaPpY BirThDaY SHAWNEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And many, many more!!

    What a great way you celebrated!!

  5. Happy Birthday sweetie. WOw - you do not look or act like you are 10. Must be all that hiking that has kept you in shape. It was nice you could take a hike on a bootiful spring day.

  6. 10 years old & still incredibly fit & beautiful! Happy Birthday Shawnee!!!

  7. Appy burfdee for you my pal. You is lookin mitey fine and fit. I do ope mum be gettin that poota fixed real soon cos we is gonna be sad wivout readin your blog. Hurry back

  8. Happy barkday Shawnee! Wow you duzn't look 10 yeerz old espeshlly doing those jumps! I hopes your puter gets fixded rill soon. *pawhug*

  9. OMG it's your birfday?!?! HAPPY BIRFDAY!!!

    What a great hike! And I love seeing you in action. You dog-handled those rocks and tree! You're unstoppable!

    Hope you puter gets fixed soon. I will once again try to channel my inner you on our hike this weekend!

  10. Lucky Mom to get those days off and lucky you to be able to get out for a hike. It looks like it was very nice day too. We love how you can make your own agility course out there with the big rocks and fallen trees.

    Hope the puter problems get fixed soon - we will miss you.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  11. Happy Birthday Shawnee! Thanks so much for the training videos. That will come in handy for me someday, I just know it. Your new friend Diesel is great and you both look like you had so much fun together!

  12. I hopes dat I looks dat good when I is 10. Tank you's so much for da lessons, especially da ones bout jumping....butt....I don't tink my short legs can jumps dat high. :o(

  13. We don't know our birthdays either (well, Natasha does, but she is all royalty like), so we just celebrate selected days too. Happy Birthday!

  14. Happy barkday Shawnee, you sure don't look 10

  15. Happy birthday month!

    I love the instructional videos. A great addition to your blog!

  16. Yes, Happy Birthday Month!! I can't believe you're 10 - you are so spry and healthy!
    Glad you were able to make a new friend and see the last of winter :)

  17. Wow Shawnee! Happy Birthday, girl!!! Gracie and Aspen are kinda jealous of your youthful looks and more importantly, your youthful abilities to go for long walks and jump over stuff. They are demanding to know your secrets. And they're willing to pay :)

    Looks like you had a wonderful day and we definitely think you should celebrate the WHOLE month since you don't know your exact birthdate. Tell your Mom you'll start off with some bacon and eggs. hehe

    The Road Dogs

  18. So sorry I missed your barkday, Shawnee... Please forgive me!
    Happy way belated barkday!!!!!
    *woof woof woof*

    And thank you...*nosekiss*