Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Palisades Hike

So today we hiked in the Palisades Park. Let me eggsplain how this park werks. It is about 13 miles long and only 1/2 mile wide and it runs along the Hudson River in the north part of Noo Joisey.  There be the Hudson River on one side (with Noo York City and Yonkers across the waters but we not going there) and big big cliffs wot go 500 feet up high on the udder side.  We be taking the shore trail out wot goes along the river and the Long Path trail back wot goes up high atop the cliffs.

If'n we turned around we could see the George Washington bridge wot goes ofur to Noo York City.
I biggify if fur you:
So back the way we woz going along the cliffs...
There used to be more cliffs but back in the olden days the peeples woz blowing the cliffs up with dy-no-mite like this:
They used the rawks wot falled down to make streets and buildings ofur in Noo York City. But some peeples gotted rilly mad about the destrukshuns of the cliffs and they got the rest of the land pawtected so there be cliffs fur us to see on our hike today.

So one sekshun along the river do be called Giant Stairs. You knows how I feel about stairs and this did not sound good but I gibbed it my bestest shot.  It do be all these boulders wot we had to climb ofur wot had fallened down off the cliffs a gabillion eons ago when there woz rawk slides from atop the cliffs. They do has warning signs that it not be easy.  Gulp.

OK, here goes...

It taked us furefur to get across the Giant Stairs wot turned out to akshually be more like 1/2 mile but it seemed like a gabillion miles.  I is supposing the reason fur that be coz this do be happening a lot:

But we finally did it. Yay. Then we went through this gate (um, I wonner wot purpose that served) into Noo York state!
And then we comed to the pritty Peanut Leap Cascade:
Then we had to climb more stairs to get up high atop the cliff. But these woz a piece of doggie cookie after hasing survived the Giant Stairs.  Check out this move with 3 paws in the air!
Going up....
And at the top, bootiful views of the river from up high.
You can see teeny tiny the trail we woz on earlier down by the river:
Then we comed to a castle!
 Can I be a princess and go up in the castle?
Allow me to demonstrate how one ascends one's castle.

See, you has to whimper pawthetically for drama - furry impawtant. Then you look down at your mom like "Wot, is you skeered to come up or something?"
Akshually this castle be a monument for the Women's Federation wot helped pawtekt this park.
Oh, so I furgot to show you when we comed back into Noo Joisey there woz a fence and a gate, too, but also a nifty marker.
So there woz lots of litter down by the river wot woz stuff that washed up like tires, lawn chairs, whiskey bottles...  We did not pick any of that up, it just be too much.  But I put togedder a collage of some of the litter I did pick up wot woz from peeples hiking on the trails.  They not be real hikers coz real hikers would nefur be litter bugs.
 My load woz getting a little, um, wide, so when we comed by this overlook wot peeples can drive to wot had a recycling bin, I went ofur and unloaded:
And I leaves you with the following...
A little bit of winter wot I founded.
A little bit of spring wot I founded.
Oh, and Max's fambly picked him up today.  We told them Max could come stay with us any time so they sayed he would come and be our boarder again. Yay!


  1. What a wonderful post. I feel as if I actually went on the hike with you Shawnee. Thanks for the super guided tour...

    Can't wait for the next one.

    pawhugs, Max

  2. I agree with Max.. you give the bestest tours there are. What a wonderful way fur you to spend your weekend time.

  3. Wow, that was incredible that you walked across those giant stairs. My favorite part was the castle. Your so brave and yes, you are a princess, no doubt.

    Goodbye Max, it was nice seeing you!

    Love, Cupcake

  4. What a great hike again pal. M thought the trail along the water was one she could do - until you started climbing up rocks. ooo, dat do look scary. he he - was good to see you were a little uncertain yourself at having to climb up to the castle. I sitll think I'd like to ride on your back - until you start climbing up mountains of rocks. Too scary for dis little kitty.

  5. Those stairs were scary - we are so glad you and your Mom made it and didn't get hurt. Another great Shawnee adventure shared and enjoyed.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. What a cool hike!! Thanks, Shawnee :-)

  7. My mom is most excited about this hike. Her two aunties live in Bergen County and she has made this hike! I have not and don't plan, too! BOL! No scary stairs, rocks, steep cliffs for me!

    Your pal, Pip

  8. What a cool hike! I can't believe it was only half a mile wide. That's pretty neat. I am green with the jellyness that you got to go into a real castle! I need a real castle to visit!

    We had a great hike today, too, and we sure thought about you and hoped you were having a good time today. We have to start keeping better track of how far we're walking. We had guests today, though, so we took it pretty easy, but it was still fun!

    I can't imagine that anybody wouldn't want to come and stay for a visit with you and your family!


  9. OMD. Those giant stairs look so scary! There's no way my little legs could ever make it up them.

    Loved the look you gave your mom at the top of the castle stairs!

  10. Oh Shawnee, what a beatimous hike...except furs da litter! Shockin' you didn't find any cars...hehehe!
    You looks right at home in dat castle!


  11. We go hiking in the Palisades sometimes too! Maybe we'll see you there next time!

  12. We was glad we did struggle fru to the end of that post to see max. Typist was geetin dizzy lookin at them picture of the high-up path and almost bailed out until i insist we read on to the end. Well done for findin that winter hidin under the tree. I wondered where it went when we had finished wiv it

  13. You went all the way up that cliff?!?! Wow! Very impressive hike! And of course you have to have a bit of drama, it's a princess castle!

  14. Dat looks like a really nice place to hike, but it looked scary to me....specially after what da sign said. I tink I sticks to my own backyard. BOL

  15. Mom promised me we could watch the videos later on her netbook so she didn't accidentally get the blue screen of death. She is mumbling about having to go through the troubleshooting steps to figure out why Firefox and Java are mad at each other. Maybe they both need the penalty box! And, you make the perfect princess for that castle!

  16. I am so impressed that you did those crazy looking stairs, Shawnee, especially after reading that sign!

    That's a great picture of the George Washington Bridge and skyline. That's also interesting about the rocks and cliffs. That cascade is really pretty and so is the view of the river.

    I'm insanely jealous about that castle but mad as a wet cat about the litter.

    Yay that Max will come back to stay with you again!

  17. A castle!!! Holy smokes.

    woof -Tucker

  18. You were very brave to go along those super scary giant stairs! I personally would be too much of a woos to even try. The stroll along the water's edge would've been it for me. That was a lovely castle, though!

  19. Shawnee, Is I80 not very far from the castle? If it is, I've been there several times. My grandparents use to live in NJ.
    Mr. Taleteller.

  20. That was SOME hike, Shawnee. If you hadn't told us, we never would've guessed it was so close to NYC! We're very impressed with your rock climbing skills. It would've taken us several days 'cause Dad would've had to carry Gracie all the way and then come back for Aspen :) Cooper would've been to end and back before they got across. And Mom would've just stayed in the car with the little guys. Thanks for taking us on this "virtual" hike with you.
    You know, we're kinda sad to see little Beagle Max leave your B&B. He's a cutie :)

    The Road Dogs