Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center, PA

So today we wented ofur to Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center wot is a state park in Pencilvania.

They do has this nice fancy bridge ofur the river rite when you get started:

That little howse on the udder side of the bridge do be the hooman litter boxes. We made a quick stop in there and I got to go in too.  The heats woz on and it woz warm and cozy in there. I did get a pikshure of the litter box door with my Shawnee Cam:
Unfortunately, we furgotted that the Shawnee Cam cannot get frozened and it woz frozened cold out this morning so rite after that pikshure the battery frozed up and no more Shawnee Cam pikshures.  Even when it got warmer the battery woz ded so the cold must zap the powahs out of that battery.

Oh, so afore we get too far into this hike, I maded anudder instrucshonal training video fur your viewing pleasure.  This do be called "The Recall" and it be a furry impawtant command fur hiking if'n you efur get off leash priviledges.  I prefer not to lissen to this command when I is in the middle of sniffing eggsiting pee-mails (and it always do be at the bestest, juiciest pawt when mom say "Shawnee, COME!" but if'n I want to has off leash priviledges I has to lissen. So this be how it be done:

OK so that do be one of mom's rules and if'n you think she has a lot of rules, check out how many this park has:
Holy Milkbone! OK, we is not reading that.  Moving on...

And I do so appawlogize fur the log jumping training video from the udder day. Due to a brain fart on my pawt, I completely furgotted that my vertically challenged furrends (I do hope that be pawlitically correct) cannot jump ofur the logs so allow me to make this modificashun:
I woz going to try to go unner to demonstrate but I would has gotted stucked.

The vertically challenged should use this method fur the dubbull jump combo also:

OK, enuff of that now, come along and let's get to hiking!
Hmmm. I wonner wot happened to the bridge.
I thought the two geeses back there woz my furrends but they sayed SQUAWK and flied away.
That there be Bushkill Creek on my rite.
Wishing it woz warm enuff fur a swim.
Mebbe soon coz I found some spring!
I do think this be some kinda historic house at Boulton Historic Site
Here do be the Henry Homestead and they had a dog back in the olden days!
This dog now be sitting on the Henrys' front porch wot is now a museum.
Holy Horses! There be 4 of them but they did not all fit in the pikshure coz they be so big.
Is I supposed to be skeered of this trail? Bring it on!
It just be a trail on a ridge at the top of a ravine with the Bushkill Creek way down below. Not skeery.
Now we is talking skeery. (You knows how I is skeered of steps.)
I made it and will live to see anudder day!
In closing I has one thing to say: "MOM, COME!"


  1. Wheeew! I am feelin sooooo much better now that you had a log crossin Trainin Flick fur us vertically challenged furfolk. YES indeed... I (Frankie Furter) will be takin the unner route whenever pawsible. THANKS.

    Now about your comment to me... what do you mean you didn't pawticipate and or help. I see it very much differently. YOU were there giving us your GRRRREAT Pawsitive Comments.. which gave us the strength to continue. You were here fur us... with a bit of Rest and Recreation from our works. YES.. Shawnee... you did HELP and YOU DID Pawticipate. We each have our own WAY of lending our paws for the grrreater good.
    And YOU Missy Shawnee ARE grrrrreat and Goood!

  2. Another great hike, Shawnee! We really like that pic of you on the porch of the homestead. We are glad you managed on that scary part of the trail. We don't think we would be able to take the Momster there - she would surely embarrass us and fall on her patootie.

    Have a great week.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Shawnee, what a great hiking spot! You find all the best places. We are envious of you!

    I think you have your mom pretty well trained there. Your hiking videos are very educational, too! I always choose the over route, myself!

    Morgan and I are living through you this weekend. We got to do a little urban hiking this weekend, but because of a birthday party, we didn't get to go out and hike like we wanted to. That's okay -- Mom has one more week until her break and she promises lots of adventures starting next weekend!


  4. Hi Shawnee!! Just so you know, we always choose the under route, just cuz we're lazy dogs. No agilities stuff for us. No sir, uh-uh. Nice hike, tho. We just got back from a shorty in the RAIN. We got soaked, but then we got toweled which is just about our favorite thing ever!!

  5. Oh Shawnee - you tickle our funny bone cuz you are so cute. WOW, M and I were very very impressed with how well you follow directions. You are a very well-behaved doggie. (It's easy to see you are not a cat as we get, well... let's just say we is independent.) he he.

  6. BOL! I love the "Mom, COME!" at the end of your hike!

    I suppose my little legs put me into the "under the log" category. I like to slinky under the kitchen table chairs sort of like I'd need to if I was gonna go under the log...

  7. Love the videos. Mama is so impressed by you. All your obedience is making me look bad, girlfriend!

    You rock the way you overcame your fears again with those steps!

    Great hikin' as always!

  8. Wow, that is a lot of rules. Of course, we just check to see if we canines are allowed.

  9. I prefer the "mama, lift me over this log" command. I have her trained quite well in this regard. BOL!

    Your pal, Pip

  10. Why is my mom laughing at the rekhall video?

    PeeEssWoo: Great hike in Pawsylvania!

  11. This is so cute ^_^ Looks like she had a blast! Except for those steep steps ;)

  12. I haz had my measurin stik out and I fink this is quite a lot of blog for sumone wiv poota problems who was not gonna be bloggin for a while....but we sure are glad you is back. Nice werk on the viddoh too. I does recall.....well, I duz it if I is feelin like it.

  13. I would have's to take da unner root too. BOL And.....I don't listen to da word "come". I thought it meant "run" the odder way. Guess I better not go's hiking.

  14. What a great hike! We love any hike that involves water :) As for the "COME" thing - Gracie says just lose your hearing, then you don't have to do that one. hehe

    Those instructional videos are very handy, too. We are fans of the double jump combo here, but some of us just take the long way around or ask Dad to lift us over :)

    The Road Dogs

  15. Yes, the recall is very important, so is the STAY which moms says when we see another doggie and I don't run and attack it with slobbers and kisses, cause apparently all doggies don't like slobbers and kisses. Boo!

    I tried again to channel my inner kinda worked. After a small pitty party!

  16. You were very brave going down those scary steps. I hope your mom is as well trained as you when she does a recall.

    I usually take the 'over' route, but sometimes the 'round the side' one is more interesting especially if there is any peemail.

  17. Such poise and grace...this looked like a fun hike. Especially since you found spring!

  18. Outstanding pix! I felt like I hiked right along wif you! Thanks Shawnee xoxox

  19. AHHH another pawsome hike! So Shawnee, I notice you always carry a backpack with you. What's in it?