Sunday, March 13, 2011

Watchung Reservation

So with an hour being stolened from us today and all the flooding in Noo Joisey from all the rains we woz hasing, we decided to stay close to home and hike the 10 mile Sierra Trail at Watchung Reservashun wot is only about 6 miles from our howse.
So you mite wonder why we duss not go to this park more often seeing as it is so close by us.  It has been a good  5 years since I hiked there and that woz with our furrend Courtney afore she moved to Collah-rah-doh.  She reads my bloggie so sit tite a sec while I gibs her a shout out, k?
"Hai Courtney! We lubs you and miss you lots!  Shawnee, Dixie and Sydney"
Courtney used to stay at our howse when mom woz out of town and take care of us and it woz one wild pawty we had the bestest time!  Anyways, mom dussn't like that park so much coz no matter where you is in the park you hear traffic from the I-78 innerstate wot runs smack along side the park so you nefur feel like you is away from civilizashuns.  But it woz a good choice fur today and made us think lots about when we hiked with Courtney.

Here be where all the trails start but we be staying on the white trail the whole time:
The trails woz pritty much dry eggsept fur some spots.  Well, OK, a lot of spots.
But wot duss I care? These paws be washable.

We went thru a pritty pine forest:

Then up high:

But the only seeniks we seened woz icky howses and roads and cars - not furry seenik.

Wot is this?
Helloooooooooooooooooo down there.......................
So I think you be getting the pikshure as to why this not be our fave place to go hiking but it woz not all bad. There woz some nice parts on the trail.  I snagged a pritty decent pikshure of the woods with the Shawnee Cam:
And a pikshure of mom:

Mom got a pikshure of me on the boardwalk while I taked a picture of the boardwalk with my Shawnee Cam:

Then I metted a new furrend.  His name be Sonny and he be a lab/bloodhound mix just like the dog Sherlock wot mom had afore me.  Sonny was a stray wot woz founded in Washington State and his mom adopted him from the shelter when she lived there then they moved to Noo Joisey.  He gets to go hiking lots with his mom and he is crazee ofur sticks.
We had impawtant pee mail to sniff:
Sonny's mom woz carrying a bag wot she was putting litter in wot she woz picking up.  Mom told her I pack out litter in my backpack and she thought that woz such a good ideer that she is going to get a backpack fur Sonny.  Woofing about litter, this do be my haul:
We went by this old barn with a fence around it coz they do be restoring it as a historical barn. Mom did not get a pikshure but I did.
Then we went through the Deserted Village of Feltville wot woz a town in 1845, eggsept fur it not be completely deserted coz the park ranger do live there in one of the houses.
Then there do be an old cemetery from the Revolushunnary War back in 1776!

It do be a good thing we woz not planning on taking this red trail...
It do be better suited fur Mr. and Mrs. Duck rite now:

So we got back to the car and tried out mom's new invenshun.  She put some warm waters with just a drop of oatmeal shampoo in an old cooler jug to bring along fur my paws coz we knowed it would be rilly muddy.  I calls it "Baf in a Carafe."
Ta da!  All clean and reddy to get in the car.
Trust me on this - it be so much better than a real baf or (shudder) the cold garden hose.


  1. four-paws up (or in) for the good idea with the baf-in-the-caraf. you already know this but i'll say it anyways, your mom is a smart cookie. thanks for telling us about your hike.

  2. My Daddy is the same way, he doesn't like hearing any cars or planes or seeing any houses when he is hiking.

    Wow, I can't believe you found a submarine when you were hiking!

    I loved your "Baf in a Carafe", and it looks like it worked great!

    Love, Cupcake

    P.S. Thanks for picking up litter
    and keeping our parks clean.

  3. That looks like yet another really nice trip while the rest of us are snoozin'! BWhahahahah!

    It still looks so cold there!

  4. You know pal, you are a very neat hiker and I loves how you clean your paws before getting in the car and making the car all yukky!

  5. Morgan likes your bath in a carafe idea! You should have copywrited that so that you could get all the credit and royalties from it.

    It looks like a nice hike to me, and it has to be better than staying at home! Morgan and I were happy to get out and stretch our legs yesterday, that's for sure!


  6. Mama is chuckling over "baf in a carafe".

    You, your mom, Sonny and Sonny's mom are heroes for picking up all that nasty litter. Papa is always amazed at how he'll go to the most beautiful places in nature and there is some litter that some lazy, dirty so-and-so left.

    That looks like a pretty good hike in spite of the cars and such. Love the cemetery! Like Amber said above, great hike while I was napping and Mama was working (hiss). Oh wait. I guess that was yesterday. If so, Mama and Papa were in Amish country. Lots of horsies but no doggies or kitties.

  7. We thought about you when we heard about all that NJ flooding. We are glad you were still able to go for a hike even if it wasn't as nice a place as you usually get to go. Mom tries to dunk our paws in a bucket of water to clean our paws, but she has no luck at all with the Pest. She just refuses to let Mom do it.

    We bet your friend Courtney loved seeing this post too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. Shawnee
    Hi Courtney! I wanted to do a shout out to your pal too!! I agree, trails that woo see houses and see traffic are not as fun but woo met a cool pal. I bet he gets his own back pack too. Ummm tell your momma that you got all the important shots taken care of. Nice fotowork Shawnee. furry nice. .... now your baf in a carafe.. I'm gonna keep momma from seeing that.. she'll steal your idea.

  9. You had me a little nervous again with that hole - be careful!

    Looks like a great hike and your new friend is a cutie.

    Your pal, Pip

  10. Baf in a Carafe is a great idea Shawnee! We need that for McIver. He is our dirty dog!


  11. That was a pretty pawsome hike you took there, in spite of roads and mud and ponds. Oh, wait. Mud & ponds? I think I'd make short work of your Baf in a Carafe. Mom thinks it's a great idea, but I'd need a whole 50-gallon drum after that walk.

  12. Wow, mum is rilly onto sumfing there wiv da baf in the caraf. I ope she be patentin it soon so the other peeples dont be steelin her idea. Nice werk wiv Shawnee Cam too. They is some of the ebstest photos you did take so far I fink.

  13. Our trails were muddy and icky this weekend too...IT WAS GREAT!!!

    Baf in a Caraf?? I cannot let mom see that. Oh, and your new friend was quite cute!!

  14. We know what you mean about it not being very nature-y! Where we live, no matter WHERE we go, we can't get away from the sounds of traffic! The forest preserves look big, but you'll always hear the sound of the highway... plus the beer bottles and fast food wrappers everywhere you look are saddeing! And sometimes there are murderers and dead bodies in there. So we generally stay outta the woods here. ;)

  15. Bwhahaha...Oh Shawnee, girl you cracks me up...Baf In a Carafe! Dat is ingenious! But, I still don't likes to gets my feetsies wet.

    Gosh, I can't believes you hasn't seen my Pinto. You is always finding neat treasures on your hike and I knows what a treasure my Pinto would be.


  16. I think your Shawneecam is real cool and youy do a grat job with the pix, not so sure about the Baf in a Carafe though, mustn't let She who thinks she must be obeyed see that one after all, a walk isn't a walk if you don't get wet and muddy.

  17. The look on your face whilst enduring the paw spa was precious!


  18. Shawnee, you sure know how to go to some of the best places! That place looks awesome & kinda creepy especially with all those very old & abandoned houses & barn & a cemetery! Bet it gets pretty spooky out there at night. Hope you enjoyed yourself!

  19. Shawnee - You made a wise choice not to follow the red trail, at least not without a CANOE! We can see it probably wouldn't be your FAVORITE hike compared to other places you hike, BUT you met a new cool furiend at least! And you can send a little of that rain down here if you want, our ponds need a fill up!

    The Road Dogs

  20. Baf in a Carafe!!! BAH! Love that - I think I'll have to borrow that idea for the muddy weather we have in the spring here.
    That old town looked a bit scary - not sure that I could stay there even one night!
    Your Shawnee cam pics are great!

  21. Hmm I don't puts litter in my backpack, only milkbones and my poop.

    woof - Tucker

  22. Your mom should totally patent "bath in a carafe"