Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Back to the No Dogs Allowed Park and the Chiropractor

So we went back to that park wot sayed no dogs allowed where we stealth hiked last week.  But this time I woz legal and had proof.  Mom emailed the park peeples and asked wassup with the no dogs allowed sign and the innerwebs saying dogs is allowed.  They anserred that dogs do be allowed and they will has the park ranger change the sign.  So just in case they had not changed the sign yet, we printed out the email and bringed it along.  Thank dogness we did that coz the sign woz still the same.
How hard can it be to change the sign?
So anyways, woo hoo, we got to go to the seenik now.
Common furrends, I show you the seenik.
It be atop that mountain ofur there.
Ta da!  There woz seeniks on all sides atop this mountain.
The seenik biggified - that be New York City ofur there.
Going down from the seenik.
Wishing I could get my furs wet but I has that chiropractor appointment.
So this only be a short almost 4 mile hike coz I had my chiropractor appointment.  I has to tell you, furrends, we has seen AMAZING results from me hasing my bones re-alined.  Rememmer how before a cuppull of hours after my hike I could not get out of my hidey spot to nom dinner coz I woz all wonky stiff and stuffs?  It woz happening efurry time we hiked.  So after just two adjustingments, we hiked almost 10 miles last Furiday and NO WONKY STIFFS!  We hiked almost 12 miles Sunday and NO WONKY STIFFS!  The chiropractor woz amazed and sayed he had not eggspected me to respond so fast.  So now I dussn't has to go back fur 2 weeks. 

Then on our way out of Mike's Feed Farm where my appointment woz, I met a new furrend and OMD, he be an Irish Wolfhound and I felt like a chiwawa next to him!
I is not used to being so tiny.
I got all eggsited coz off to the side (not in the pikshure) I seened FRANKIE FURTER!  OMD! OMD!  But when he did SNARLY FACE at me, I knowed he woz an impawster coz my buddy Frankie Furter would nefur show me his teefs like that.  His mom sayed he did that coz I be so big.  So my mom sayed "Wait until he sees what's around the corner."  Wish I could has stayed to seen that, BOL!


  1. YEII...Chihuahua.....Dat guy be BIG! Mee would be a French Fry next to him's. No...really....a French Fry or maybe a bite of...hot dog! Yikes!

    Loved da seeniks, specially da one wit NYC in da background.

  2. So glad you wrote to them and were able to go on your hike. Very smart of you to take the email with you though. Glad to hear that your treatments are working. We want to keep you hiking cuz you enjoy it so much, but also cuz we indoor types live through your hikes. Have a great day, pal.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. Maybe they mean no hunting with dogs? People do the strangest things!


  4. OMC that dawg iz huj! At leest him haz a nice smiles but Iz laffing cuz you iz tiny when he iz next to you. Hurray fur da chiroprakticalisms werking so grates, now you can hikes rill far an no moar sores.

  5. We missed you. Mom has been bizzy with the 3 babies. They sure do eat, pee and poop a LOT. didn't know you was having troubles with you back but glad the Chiropraktr helped a bunch. We really enjoy being part of your hikes. that was a huge Wolfhound but he looked friendly - good thing...
    Take care

  6. We are SO glad you're feeling better! We used to have one of those GIANT dogs in our neighborhood. He was a really nice fellow.

    -Bart and Ruby

  7. OMD... You are soooooo right.. I (Frankie Furter) would NEVER show you my teefs... even though you would be proud of how white and shiny they are. It would be ImPAWlight to show them ... unless we was havin some bitey face fun, then you could look.

    HOLY GWALK A MOLEY... THAT is a GIANT. Can you EVEN imagine how big his poops would be?????
    Now wonder you felt like one of those CheeWahWah dawgs.
    I am sooooooo glad that your back bones are back where they belong.
    OMD OMD... those silly Ranger Guys better get their Paws outta their... LUNCH Boxes.. and get goin in fixin that SIGN. SHEEESH

  8. OMD, that dawg be sooper big. I wunner ow much he do eat effury day? Mebbe he just live in da shop cos it be quicker for hims to get his noms dat way

  9. Love the seeniks! That is so awesome that the chiropractor has helped your back so much! I'm so happy for you!

    Wow, that dog is is super tall but his face looks so sweet and friendly. You do look rather short next to him. I bet that's a first.

  10. If YOU felt like a chihuahua, I wonder what I woulda felt like next to that gigantic doggy!

    Mom took me to a store that reminds me of the Feed Farm. I pooped near the toy aisle. *evil snickers* That's the second time I've pooped there. Mom says we can never go into that store again, though, 'cause she's too embarrassed... *sighs*

  11. I'm glad you finally got to see the seeniks at that park. Dumb signs.

    High paw for your chiropractor. That's just pawsome that you're not getting all stiff after your hikes anymore. Don't want you all achy. That's no fun.

    Howliday hugs my furriend. Hope 2012 is a pawsome year for you!

  12. Good thing you has your papers! Take that silly non-rule making peoples!!

    Are you sure that was a dog and not a small horse?

  13. I am thinking that GIANT dog might be from outer space or maybe a giraffe in disguise

    Your pal, Pip

  14. Hi Shawnee, glad you got the sign business sorted out. Is that really and truly New York City in the distance. We aren't too familiar with where you live and what's around it.

    Hey Shawnee, Rory says "what big dog?" Looks normal to him. If you felt tiny, imagine what I feel like next to my 'little' brother. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  15. OMD!

    That is a giant!!

    I khan only imagine how tiny I would look too!!!


  16. Wow, that wolfhound must really be big. And shame on the FF impostor for growling at you. We hope Santa was taking notes.

    So good to hear about the great results from the chiropractor's work. We can't have our pal hurting at all.

    Mom went to Petco today and she brought home 12 cans of that Holiday Homecoming food for us - woo hoo!!! Wish they made it year round.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  17. Oh yeah! Our Irish cousins are ginormous! They're usually pretty friendly, though. I'm glad the chiropractor is helping you out so much! I'd hate to think of you having to give up hiking.


  18. So glad you worked out that No Dogs thing. I can't beleive they would try and keep their most loyal forest hiker from getting to her scenis.


  19. Good job on bringin the proof paper to the park! :) Laughin my tail off at imposter Frankie snarlin at ya and yeah would have luved to see him meet wolfie too BOL!

    Hope your Christmas was grand!

    Waggin at ya,

  20. Shawnee
    I know another way to color that sign. I have a sharp shooter. hee hee. I'm so happy to hear your wonky stiffers are better. I have a feelin your cracked is different than my crackahedness. hey I ran into an irish wolfhound and I thought it was a horse. Dude was huge. woo know..frankie furter wouldn't do that 2 you..maybe me. not woo.

  21. Woo always make us laugh sooo hard Shawnee! Play bows,

    RA, Isis & Nanuk

  22. Unfortunately some doxies do be havin' "short dog syndrome" and can bes dat ways but I not eithers. And to make matters WORSE, my kerazy mum wants an Irish Wolfhound...da woman is nuts!
    Thank goodness you ain't wonky no mores and da chiropractals is workin'...whew!

    PS: Sharpies are da best!

  23. What a great hike! And why to stand your ground. Next time bring that sharpe if it's still up.
    Are you sure that's a dog? What do they feed the big guy? Maybe it's a Dorse, you know a cross between a dog and horse.

  24. What a cool view on your hike! NYC doesn't look any more polluted than Phx,AZ this time of year!! SO interesting to hear you had a chiro. visit. How did you find a poochie chiro to do that?? Interesting. And that Wolfhound!! Yikes, you did look like a tiny fellow next to him. Did you tell Frankie about his evil clone?? Okeydokey, gotta go now.
    Smooches from pooches,
    BRD & Hootie

  25. Silly people making bad signs. I saw a wolfhound once at the park when I was young. She was a girl and she was off leash and she was in heat and I was VERY frustrated because I couldn't reach!

  26. So glad your chiropractic adjustments are paying off! Plus, you have really good genes, Shawnee! We should know! Yeah, those wolfhounds are ginormous! PLUS, they hunt WOLVES! Yikes! Don't want to messing around with those guys, huh? BOL!

    The Road Dogs