Monday, December 12, 2011

The Chiropractor Visit

I woz dooped.  Here I woz thinking me and mom woz off to the chiropractor.
We rilly do like our V-E-T coz she gibs good skritches.
And she dussn't mind if'n we body slam her to the floor, BOL.
Turns out Sydney be due fur her rabies shot and blood swiping and I woz due fur blood swiping coz we has to keep checking me fur Lyme disease to see if'n I stay cured or get it back again.  So mom stopped here on the way to the chiropractor.
Sydney's heart be in werking order.
My heart be in werking order and the V-E-T say mine sounded RILLY good, all slow and steady from all that hiking.
So I has no foto-graphic evidences of the bloodletting coz the fotografer, aka mom-who-is-not-to-be-trusted, holded us down fur the V-E-T!  Yup, she played V-E-T tech and put us in death grip headlocks and holded off our veins so the V-E-T could stick the NEEDLE in and bloods would come leaking out.  She did that coz it be the only way Sydney dussn't has enuff nerve to try to put the bitey on the V-E-T fur stealing her bloods.  She knows better than to do it if'n mom be holding her.  And me, well, troof be told, I would rather mom hold me than a stranger even if'n she cannot be trusted.
Weak from loss of bloods.
Now check out how kewl this do be.  The chiropractor V-E-T sees some of his patients at Mike's Feed Farm.  This be my kinda V-E-T place!  It be a place full of nomilicious treats, stuffies, anything and efurry thing fur any kind of critter, even...
Let me biggify that fur you coz I know you cannot beleef you eyes:

I wonner, be this chow FUR skwerrels or chow MADE OUT OF skwerrels?

Anyways, I rilly like the chiropractor and Sydney woz all schmoozing with him coz she knowed he not be the blood stealing kinda V-E-T.  He sayed my pelvis be tilted too high and he rearranged some innards around in there.  It did not hurt, felt kinda good akshually.  Then he went along my spine and it felt kinda like a massage, ahhhhh.  He sayed a verti-bray be out of line in my neck and that woz causing my shoulder stiffness so he twisted my head off put that back where it belongs.  He sayed this just be normal aging stuff but he be there to help me feel my bestest in my senior years.  He sayed to mom I be in furry great shape fur my age coz of the good nutrishun (he be furry happy with the fuds and supplements mom feeds us - Wellness and Missing Link) and lots of hiking eggsersize.   So I go back in a week to see if'n my front and rear-end allinements stayed in place and mom is to let him know if'n she notices any difference so we will has to let you know but so far so good!  And it woz not skeery at the chiropractor!  There woz udder dogs wating to see him and they woz all happy and eggsited and stuffs.


  1. Wow Shawnee you wuz rill brave going to see dat vet an that chiro..speshal kinda vet. I hope it makes you feel rill good but Im sorry they stoled yer bloodz *softpaw*

  2. Me is so hap-pee dat dey didn't take you all apart and forget to put back some of da pieces.


  3. Shawnee,

    OoH I think I would likes your V-E-T too cuz her looks nice. :) Happy dat all your parts is in order too.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  4. Squirrel chow - seriously???? they get enough nuts on their own, don't they? Why do we have to feed them too?

    Hope the chiropractic thingies do the trick and that your blood work all comes back A-OK.


  5. Well, first I'm glad to hear that all is in working order at the vet but sorry you had to go there. Yep, you were definitely duped. I fell for it too. I was so happy for you that you didn't have to get stuck.

    The chiropractor sounds pretty good. It's great that he can help with your stiffness. MOL about the Squirrel Chow?

  6. You're so brave! Squirrel chow?
    Dachshund Nola

  7. Your vet looks very nice. I didn't know you had Lyme Disease. My papa had it a few summers ago, but they caught it early and think he should be fine. I sure hope you don't get it again.

    Your pal, Pip

  8. I hope you keep that Lyme disease at bay! I am SHOCKED that your mom would lie to you like that and take you to the vet's office! That is horrible.

    Shawnee, please investigate that squirrel feed for me! Inquiring hounds want to know!


  9. Aw, your mom omy dooped you because she loves you. Your vet looks very nice!

  10. Well, that was a pretty mean trick to take all your blood before the chiropractor visit! Why must there always be trade-offs, eh? You must be feeling pretty well-adjusted now! BOL! We would definitely love going to see that chiropractor with all that yummy stuff around :)

    The Road Dogs

  11. Shawnee, I has just gots to knows more bout da squirrel food...I don't think it be fairs we feed 'em cuz they has been muching on ALL my pee-cans dis year and they is fat nows.
    I am so delighted your skeleton dr. was ables to help you. I so hopes he was ables to take away some of your stiffness and aches.


  12. Oh Shawnee, I ope you duz be ok wiv your aligny-ments and it do not be affectin your hikin. Also I am glad your hearts is ok cos I do take speshul interest in doggie hearts now I kno that mine do not werk propply. Owever, I do say the most innerestin part of da blog was the squirrel foods. Iffens you is findin it be made OUT of squizzles then you can send me a cupple bags pleez.

  13. Wow, you are the first doggie I know what has been to one of those kind of doctors. M used to go to one for oomans, but I don't think we has one for anipals in our city. So happy he/she can get you feeling better again. You are in good shape cuz you have good oomans watching over you pal!!

  14. Shawnee girrrrrl.. Your mom Dooped on you??? Must have been Pay Backs from when she had to carry your.. stuffs during your last hike.

    Well now.. I think I could eat an entire BAG of that Squirrel Chow. I am sure it has that delectable Nutty Flavor that we all crave.

    Glad that your neck and hips and shoulder are all lined up agin. I'll bet it felt WONDERFUL.

  15. O...M...G.....SQUIRREL IN A BAG?!?! Quick! I has to rewrite my Christmas list to Santa!!!

    The kyropractor sounds much better than Dr. things going up "you know where". A massage sounds MUCH better!

  16. Shawnee
    No doubt woo are in good health but I wanted to see the chiro twist you into a pretzel? no footage? That chiro puts squirrels in a bag? Huh... that leaves out the most fun part... chasing them. I'm glad woo are okay and I think u should get a chicken jerkey b/c your faint from the blood stealin.

  17. Furry sneaky of yer mum there mates. Glad woo are doing good master Shawnee! I'm sending #1 over to the suppliment site woo recommended to check it out,


  18. Squirrel chow?????????????

    Stop on by for a visit

  19. I wanna try some of that squirrel chow. And some of those stuffies...of course...

  20. Howdy Shawnee, you have a tricky mum for sure but at least your Vet is a nice lady even if she does steal your blood.

    Thankgoodness you recovered enough to look around the chiropractor place and see all the goodies there. We hope you got some treats to get your strength back. How come there aren't any photos of you after the chiro visit. Is your head on backwards now??? Also one last question. Does Sydney ever go hiking with you? No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  21. Oooh squirrel chow does sound yummy, but Mommy thinks it is to feed to squirrels for some reason. I love my chiropractor too, but I don't like it when she has to "pop my head back on". Sometimes that makes me yipe. Mean trick of your mom to take you to the vet-vet prior to the chiropractor-vet.

  22. Good to go for another 10,000 miles, right?


  23. Your VET looks so nice Shawnee :) Glad you got your realignment in. Try not to bump into any curbs now k? ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  24. First of all, if that Squirrel Chow was not MADE out of those pesky long-tailed rats, then it SHOULD have been. That's what I say, anyhow.

    I'm glad you made it thru the V-E-T OK. I just can't stand it when they try and stick that thing up my butt. No sirree. No way! I haven't had to do any blood-letting yet, but I'll remember, Shawnee. Yep, I'll remember what you had to go through. They'll probably need Mom and 3 vet techs to hold me down. I just know it!

    That does sound pretty cool to have your neck and back all massaged afterwards. I bet your Mom planned it thataway.

    Your pal, Sage

  25. Another great post! I'm glad you both survived the vet and found a chiro that you liked. I've considered either chiro or acupuncture for Arwen who has arthritis in her back :( so I'll be interested to see how things go withe the chiro for Shawnee!

    I was laughing out loud at the squirrel chow - my kiddos would be all over that!