Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last Hike of the Year?

Well, we isn't sure yet if'n today's hike be the last one of 2011 coz the wevver peeples did tell fibs again.  We would has rather hiked tomorrow when it be 47 degrees out but the wevver peeples sayed oh no, no hiking, there be RAIN, fur sure!  So we hiked today in 15 degree wind chills.  This do be how cold it woz:
At the end of the hike, from sloshing thru puddulls wot woz not completely frozened, my belleh looked the same:
Then we get home and the wevver peeples say, ha, ha, ha, ha, we changed our minds about tomorrow!  So NOT funny, wevver peeples.

On with today's hike.  It woz a fantabulous hike with lots of seeniks even though we froze our paws off and could not stay and look at the seeniks furry long.  We hiked up Bear Mountain in Noo York on that Appalachian Trail.
The sunbeams make it look warm but it woz WINDY and COLD!
I has arrived at the seenik.
Those mountains is in Harriman State Park in Noo York and I has hiked up lots of them.
Let's go to the udder side of the mountain fur more seeniks.  All togedder now... ♫ She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes... ♫  We has to keep up a beat or we get frozened.
Here on the udder side be the Hudson River.
Atop Bear Mountain the Appalachian Trail do be axessibull wot means dogs in carts (and peeples in wheelchairs) can go on the Appalachian Trail.  They can drive up in their cars to get to this part and see the seeniks but that road be closed in the winter time.
This be the Perkins Memorial Tower atop Bear Mountain wot you can go up in fur more seeniks but I think we has plenty of seeniks down here.  Besides, the towah be closed in the winter
I can see Noo York City from Bear Mountain.
OK, last seenik, it be windy and cold up here and we is going down now.
On the way down we seened this deer and mom woz all SQUEEEEEEE!  There be no huntin nefur efur in this park so you can get closer to the deer fur better pikshures coz they is not so skeered of peeples.  This deer woz keeping her eyes on me big time but no worries, I dussn't chase wildlife coz if'n I even think about it I lose free range privileges and has to go on the walking string.
The Appalachian Trail goes on that bridge ofur the Hudson River.  I hiked ofur that bridge in the summertime.  It woz not so much fun.  I like the Appalachian Trail in the woods better.
The Appalachian Trail on Bear Mountain has lots of steps but they be made to look kinda natural so I isn't skeered of them.
Here be some things about those steps wot I thought you might find interesting.  And when you read that you will know why me and mom saved this hike fur the winter time - it be CRAZY BIZZY here in the summer time!
Quick Facts about the new Appalachian Trail section on Bear Mountain
- Since 2006 more than 800 individuals have volunteered over 30,000 hours of service. They have worked alongside professional trail builders recruited from around the country.
- The new section will feature nearly 800 hand-cut steps each weighing around 1,000 pounds.
- Over 15,000 square feet of stone crib wall have been constructed from scratch. This was all done with no mortar.
- The trail is designed to withstand the foot traffic of more than 100,000 hikers a year for the next 100+ years.
- The construction of this 1 mile of trail is the most technically complex along the entire 2,100+ mile long Appalachian Trail.
It woz not so windy down by this lake so we hiked around it and woz able to stop in a spot of sunbeams fur a drink of water and a chickun jerkey (fur me).
We akshully found a HEATED bafroom wot woz OPEN on the udder side of the lake and went in to warm up.  Dogs is not allowed, prolly coz they mite catch peeple cooties wot be in there, but there woz nobuddy there and I had to warm my paws.
When we comed out of the bafroom sumpin fluttered by and OMD, it do be a Pileated Woodpecker!
They do be furry camera shy but this one sat there a furry long time and modeled fur us.  Well, akshually, I think think he woz nomming bugs and stuff.

So then we woz getting back on the hiking trails when we heared musics.  Wot could that be? 

So when we got home the boy and the girl woz back from Pencilvania spending Chrissmass with the girl's fambly and they brought back flowahs wot the girl made fur mom.
I see no resemblance.
Thank dogness my hidey spot be next to the heat maker coz that do be where I is thawing my furs out.


  1. What a great hike - even if you did freeze your fur off. Loved the pictures again. Shawnee, you are such a good girl not to chase wild life.

  2. What a great hike. I LOVED the icicles on your first picture and oh my what a lovely deer and cool woodpecker. And how cool to get to watch the ice skaters.

    If it be the last hike of the year, it be the best.....

    thanks for sharing

  3. What an amazing hike!
    Dachshund Nola

  4. I think that was a beautiful hike.. butt BRRRRRRRR I was cold just lookin at it. Glad you got to go into the Peeple Potty.. to warm your paws.

    I LOVE the Flower Pup!!! Butt it looks more like Tessa than like you.

  5. Oh, it sounds so cold there! I like it when it's cold outside only if I'm inside all warm and cozy. It still looked like a great hike. Mama hates public restrooms but that's one restroom she probably would've liked. I'm glad you got to warm up a bit there.

    The flower doggie is so cute (but you're cuter)!

  6. Me is all shivery jus lookin at you hikin in all dat cold stuffs. It would be lot nicer if it be warmer. BRRRRRRRRR (Butt den is a Florida dog and anyting below 70 makes me shiver!

  7. OMD we can't believe you had icicles on your fur. Blimey charlie that must be cold. It still sounded like a great walk. Wish we could come with you cause we like walking too. Your mum's flowers are so cute.

    We wish you a Happy, Healthy and Content New Year. We are so glad we met you. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory (and Carol)

  8. What a fun hike!! I like it best when it's cold outside - I like to run and pounce and act like a puppy. Butt I never had ice sickles on my furs before. You are very brave, Shawnee!!


  9. Yeeowzers! I love hiking, but I do not want icicles on my fur. I don't know if we'll get in a last hike of the year, but I do know that the first one of next year is all planned out! I am so excited! Morgan and I wanted to take Kuster out and teach him how to hike but Dad said no, that he has a shred of sanity left and walking Morgan and Kuster both through the woods would sever that thread. Phooey! I don't think we're going to see any frozen waterfalls this time, though, because it's been too warm here. We still haven't even had any snow to speak of. If we'd been with you, we'd have wanted to go up in that tower for sure!


  10. Shawnee, you needed to wear a coat today in all that cold. We are glad you found somewhere warm to hang for a bit. Our mom could never hike in the cold - her feet and hands go numb very quickly. We hope you get to go again tomorrow, and maybe it won't be so chilly.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. We also meant to add that we all got a big kick out of your comment about nekkid Santa:)

  12. Aw fooey on thoze wether peeples making you freeze yer paws. Wat a pritty dear you did see i teh woods, an that flower doggy iz amazing! *purrrs*

  13. "Shawnee'll be comin' round da mountain when she comes..." Oh lawd, you is gonna haves me singin' dat aaaaall day nows.

    Dat wa sa most beautiful hike but I is VERY cold from watchin' you...and you don't EVEN has on a jacket...shudder! I would has stayed in dat potty room furevers and not come out.


  14. That was an action packed hike! You got to see skaters in an ice skating ring! How cool is that! Speaking of cool...15 degrees?!!! You couldn't have drug me out in that weather with a giant chain pulled by a tow truck! :O You had icicles on your belly!!! Glad you found that heated restroom and ignored the sign and went inside :D

    The photos of the deer and woodpecker were fantastic! Mom says she would have braved the cold with yaz :)

    Luv the flower doggy bouquet! How very clever! Fun! :)

    The one of the NY skyline on the other side of the mountain was absolutely stunning! Wow!

    Waggin at ya,

  15. The girl made such pretty flowers! She's very talented.

    I know what you mean about cold, windy walks. That was ours last time we went to 1000 Acres. Brrrrrr. We don't have quite the scenics you do, but we can see Camas across the river! Sorta like NYC, don'tcha think?

  16. Okay, that deer had a very floofy Khyra tail!!! I guess you need a floofy tail to keep your butt warm in the cold artic tundra!

  17. So THAT's where our woodpecker subcontractors flew off to instead of finishing the job on that stump in our backyard! BOL! What a spectacular hike, but we're sure Mom would have been camped out in that heated powder room until the frost thawed :) Hiking in no-hunting zones is much more relaxing, don't you think? Adorable flowers your boy's girl made! Very creative!
    We're so sorry that we've been gone from Blogville so long - we miss our furiends so much! Now we're semi-hibernating in an undisclosed location with slow-as-molasses innernuts! So visiting our furiends is very slooooooow! But we're so glad we stopped by to catch up on your hikes! Hope you and your family have a Happy New Year Shawnee!

    The Road Dogs

  18. Another great hike, but you do look cold in that last shot with the flower dog.

  19. Those are cool looking icicles!

    Stop on by for a visit

  20. Another great hike fur woo!

    Mom still remembers when she was in Mahwah fur some training - each day driving bakhk to the hotel she always felt like she was seeing The Emerald City!

    PeeEssWoo: Furry nice flower pup! We have the next two sizes down in woodpekhker here in my tree!

  21. A pawsome last hike fur da year Shawnee and I admires your branes for goin in the barfroom for warmin the paws up. Good idea. I expect the park peeple dussnt mind you doin that.