Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hiking in the Snow

We dussn't has any snow rite now (thank dogness) and there be no snow nowhere in Noo Joisey.  But leave it to mom to find the only park with snow within a 100 mile radius of our house.  (Note to self: This mite be good fur Sarge's "My Peep is a Flake" Contesty.)
When we seened snow 10 miles from the hike out the car winder, mom woz all like "What the....."  So it be a big surprise to both of us.  So let's get started on the "Shades of Death Trail".  Yes furrends, snow AND death.
Akshually, this be called the "Shades of Death Trail" becoz it follows along Hickory Run and in the olden days dams on Hickory Run would break and flood the town and make peeps dead.  I let the park peeples ofur at PA State Parks eggsplain it better to you.
"The loggers clear cut the immense forests but did no replanting. Hickory Run, which frequently flooded because it is so steep, flooded more often because there were less trees to slow the water. In 1849, several dams broke, flooding the towns of Saylorsville and Hickory Run. The devastation was so great that the state legislature passed a bill that allowed those who lost property to sue the builder of the faulty dam, but nothing could be proven and no action was taken. At least seven people died in the flood and many are buried in the small cemetery near the park office. The blacksmith, Jacob West, lost four of his children and his wife in the flood, yet survived by nearly forty years until he was finally buried at their sides."
We went looking fur the cemetery at the end of the hike coz it be too cold early in the morning and we needed to start hiking and get the bluds flowing and warmed up.  Brrrrrrrr.   

It woz so cold there woz steam coming out of the waters from Hickory Run.  See on the rite side of the pikshure?  I would say it might be a ghost but it woz warmer by the water and it is supposed to get colder when ghosts be around.
And when the steam got higher on the tree branches where the air be colder, it frozed and made pretty trees like fur Chrissmass time.
Snow.  Brrrrrrrr.
Snow.  Brrrrrr.
We got back ofur to a different part of Hickory Run downstream - akshually I think the water we is seeing is the same water we seened at the beginning of the hike and we catched up to it.  Anyways, in this hiking book mom has the writer man writes "Just find a way over Hickory Run to continue on this trail."  Mom could has scootched ofur on that log but it did not reach all the way ofur to the udder side.  I would has had to swim but it woz way too cold fur me to get all my furs wet.  So we went a different way.  Doodyhead book!  Mom figgered this mite happen so we had a backup plan.
Ta da!
Backup Plan
We just taked a different trail wot runned along side the Hickory Run until we commed to a bridge so mom did not has to scootch and I did not has to get my belleh wet and has ice sickulls hanging on meself.

OK, so you rememmer how my whole life I would nefur poo anywhere udder than my own back yard?  I nefur efur poo'd on hikes until the skeery Howloween hike when I had the poo skeered outta me.  Well, I has now decided to take it up as a new hobby.  Today be the THURD time I has poo'd on a hike since that Howloween hike.
Mom tied it to her backpack so she did not has to carry it and efurry time it would make noise moving around mom would turn around thinking sumbuddy woz walking up behind her.  (Note to self: Anudder pawsibility fur Sarge's "My Peep is a Flake" Contesty.)

In case you is wonnering why I hasn't been wearing my backpack to carry my own poo, well, you see, my shoulder has been bothering me some.  Not while hiking but after we get home and I take a nap, I cannot get out of my bed or walk coz it goes all wonky stiff on me.  The next day I be fine.  So mom duss not want me wearing anything wot mite bother my shoulder.  (Did I time taking up pooing on hikes just rite or wot?)  Anyways, tomorrow mom be taking me to a chiropractor and I unnerstand they dussn't swipey bloods or give needles or do alien probes so I think I mite like this.  I'll get back to you on it.

So back to the hike.  We found this humungoid pine tree.  I think the peeples in the olden days wot cut all the trees down missed this one.  The trunk woz about 36 gabillion inches in diameter.  The only udder tree we seened with a trunk this big woz 500 years old!  This tree woz so big we could not fit all of it in the camera.

We climbed up high where it be warmer with sunbeams and we be looking fur a seenik up here.
Sniffing out some seeniks...
Here I is at the seenik.  That be the Lehigh River down there and that pillar thingie in the water is where a bridge used to be but it's brokened.
ACK! Litter!  Mom had to carry that too seeing as I duss not has my backpack on fur litter hauling.
So then at the end of the hike we went sniffing around fur the old cemetery.  It woz not easy to find and mom dragged me through sticker bushes and up and down steep mountains we had to go off-trailing to find it.  Mom read on the innerwebs it be across from the park office and we looked efurrywhere but no cemetery.  The sun woz starting to go down and we woz ready to gib up when we decided to try up the street from the park office instead of across the street and wah-lah!
There be no signs or trails or nuttin coz they dussn't want bad peeples finding this spot and messing up the graves.  The tombstones alreddy be old and breaking on their own without any help.  But sumbuddy comes and puts flowahs on the graves.  They be plastic that be why this is not dead from the cold.

Here be the tombstone of the childruns from that fambly wot the park peeples woz eggsplaining about:
So furry sad even tho it happened 162 years ago.  But it be such a bootiful place where they be buried, up high on a hill unner the pine trees with soft pine needles on the ground, overlooking the Hickory Run so they not get flooded any mores.  It woz a peaceful place where we could has stayed a while longer but we woz losing sunbeams and had to get back to our car afore dark.


  1. another beautiful hike my friend. You got snow and water and mountains adn boy did you have a lot of poo for your human to carry out.

    Some humans might be tempted to just push the stuff off the trail.

    We are very proud of your human.

    Bert and My Vickie

  2. That is sad. But gorgeous pictures
    Dachshund Nola

  3. Let's start by saying we are so sorry about your shoulder, let's blame it on all those littering peeps who do dumb things and make you have to carry all that trash. We hope the chiropractor can fix you up good.

    So sad to see that cemetery, such a shame for those young lives to have ended so early.

    We can't imagine you would want to go in that cold water - brrrrr is right. Glad you found that bridge even if it was snowpacked. The Momster is very leery of crossing icy or snowy bridges - she says they are very slippery.

    We hope you have a good week, pal.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Brr is right! Stay warm

    Stop on by for a visit

  5. Yes, it does look cold there! Beautiful pictures! I'm glad you didn't get any icicles on you.

    Sorry to hear about your shoulder. I hope the chiropractor makes you feel better.

    That grave is sad but at least it's quite old.

    Yet more hisses and hairballs on yet more litter. Your mom is so good for hauling it and your poops. :)

  6. You look beautiful in the snow! At least it was a pretty day for a hike, even if it was cold. I'd love going there with you. We'd have had to find the cemetery, too!

    I admit it, I'm giggling hard over the proof that your mom is a flake!


  7. Oooooo! The falls from the dam are awesome! :D Mom thanks you for the icicles. She if very fond of them :)

    I'm laughin at your Mom gettin spooked by your poop bag. Tee Hee Hee. Now I know why my Mom carries her in front. So she knows it's just a poop bag and not some crazy monster or somethin sneakin up behind us :O ;)

    Waggin at ya,

  8. Let's see if I have this right...

    YOUR POOPS almost scared the Poops out of your Mom??? Now THAT would have been Really Funny!!

    Your mom found the ONLY snow within like 87 or more miles? YES!! Snow FLAKES.. Peeps are Flakes ..??? YEP PERFECT match fur Sarge's thingy.

    OH NO... Not the Sore Shoulder thingy!
    I have heard some GUD thingys about those KYRO Practicer Guys. I am sure you are RIGHT about the NO Alien Probe thingy. BUTT I bet you will get Lots of Relief and stuffs.
    Even with the Cold and Snow and Scary Poops... THIS was a Lovely Hike. Thanks fur takin us with you.

  9. Oh my gosh - another great hike. Your mom is so smart to have found another way around the water. It would have frozen your paws for sure. Sorry your shoulder is sore pal, that's no fun at all. Healing purrs for you - purr purr purr purr purr.

  10. Oh my gosh - another great hike. Your mom is so smart to have found another way around the water. It would have frozen your paws for sure. Sorry your shoulder is sore pal, that's no fun at all. Healing purrs for you - purr purr purr purr purr.

  11. Harrooo Shawnee! Hope your shoulder feels better mate! Your frosty hike looks like it was a blast, play bows,


  12. Shawnee
    The story about the trail is so sad. I'm glad u were able to visit the families and see they are all together in a beautiful spot. Those frostie flakes on the trees were furry pretty. Speaking of flakes- your momma kept hearing poo sounds not boo! hee hee. I sure do hope your shoulder feels better after the chiro twists you around like a pretzel.

    PS- i think it's funny you never laid turds on hikes. I like to stick my butt on top of the highest things or on a tree and leave it. Momma says that's gross.

  13. Wow, you are a pooping machine! Hope your shoulder is better fast.

    I think my trip to see Santa yesterday in those stupid PJs should be considered for Sarge's contest...

  14. Shades of Death Trail??? That sounds very spooky and scary :o

  15. Sure wish we lived in your neck of the woods, we'd have a blast exploring.
    Hope your shoulder is better quick!!

  16. Shades of Death!!! I would have turned back right there!

    I am sure sorry about your shoulder. That's no fun at all. I have some pain in my back legs so I do understand.

    My mom might give your mom a run for her money in the flake contest. My mom doesn't understand the meaning of back up plans, which leads to many funny situations.

    Your pal, Pip

  17. Da fotos are really beautiful butt me stays away from places wit "snow" and "death" in da same sentence. BWHahahahahah

    Sorry bout your shoulder. Hope it be ok!

  18. That waterfall is gorgeous! But we could do without the snow! So sorry to hear your shoulder is bugging you - maybe from that time your Mom pulled you down that steep rocky cliff onto your head, right? Want us to put you in touch with a good personal injury lawyer? BOL!

    The Road Dogs

  19. You timed the poo-fest perfectly. I don't poo on trails cause I don't want to carry it, but I end up carrying Duncan's anyway, cause he poos in no time...hmm...this doesn't seem fair!

    I would have gotten in the water anyhoo...but the bridge is a good plan for the moms...they don't like getting in water like we does!

  20. Another great hike! That was quite a bit of snow. And good for you learning to poop on your hikes, especially since your mom has to carry everything now.

  21. Shawnee,
    It got really cold this weekend. I hopes woo still were able to hikeballs. On my wish list, I put down a backpack so I can be like woo. Well it's actually so I can carry my froggehs that I catch.

    hey i wanna send u a xmas card but momma doesn't have your address. would you mind emailing it to me norwoodunleashed AT

  22. That is a tragedy - that poor blacksmith! Thanks for taking us along with you...
    I hope your shoulder owies are only temporary. Has mom added fish oil to your diet? Our pups get loaded down with fish oil for heart, joints and coat health ;)