Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hiking With Haley Again

Sorry not to gibs you my full attenshuns but the dogs across the street from the park had just been let outside and they woz woofing impawtant stuffs at me so I had to lissen carefully.  Anyways, my furrend Haley in Con-etiquette asked me to come hiking with her again.  But she woz late.  Haley's mom called my mom on the cell phone to tell her she had gotted pulled ofur by the pawlice and woz getting a BIG SPEEDING TICKET!  Yowser!  So while we waited I went and checked pee-mail at Millers Pond.
Then finally the pawlice finished writing up the noggty slip and let Haley and her mom go.
Haley! Is you in there?
Using proper greeting tekneek to be sure I is me and Haley is Haley.  We dussn't want any identity thefts or nuttin.
Identities confirmed.  Let's hike!
Here we is hiking.
I is sniffing pee mail ofur Haley's shoulder.
It woz furry cold and the moms kept complaning about their fingers being frozened like these icy sickulls.
So we did not get a whole lot of piksures of this hike coz you know the moms, yak, yak, yak, yak, yak.   So let's get rite to the seenik and our break.
Here we is at the seenik called Bear Rock on the Mattabasset Trail.  The mountain ofur on the horizon on the left be where Haley and I hiked fur our haunted Howloween hike.  Spooky ofur there.
Me and Haley could not keep our snooters out of the break noms.
Chickun jerkey woz hiding in with the Zuke's Powah Bones!  Wot a surprise! Me and Haley snarfed those down FAST!
When we woz done with our noms and break the moms got up and woz putting their backpacks on and me and Haley started BOLing coz, is you reddy fur this?  Haley's mom woz sitting on COYOTE POO!!!!  Thank dogness it be frozened or she would has had it on hers britches, BOL, BOL.
Frozened Coyote Poo
Uh oh.  Litter in the woods.  I had mom carry it out.
Tight rope walking on a log - but I chickunned out and went through the cold water.
Here we be back at Millers Pond but it still be way too cold fur swimming and getting our furs wet.
My magical leash be engaged fur leading mom back to the parking lot.  Haley LOVED my magical collah and her mom said she could has one.  We mite has matchy magical collahs the next time we hike togedder!
So fur some updates on our stolen bloods and the chiropractor.  The V-E-T sayed Sydney must has studied fur her blood test coz she passed with flying colors - that be sumpin the hoomans say, wotefur that means.  Me, my bloods woz good too butttttt......  the Lyme disease do be BACK!  I has to take anti-bionics again.  So it either commed back on its own or I woz reinfected.  So neither Frontline nor K9-Advantix stopped me from getting cooties from the icky ticks.  Boo.  And we be thinking that the furst visit to the chiropractor done did fix me coz I has not been stiff or limping after this hike.  Yay!  We go back to the chiropractor tomorrow fur anudder re-aline-ment.  I is so liking this!
Lyme disease in my bloods - biggified
Biggified even more.
Yes, furrends, you can get Lyme disease stuffies and pull their guts out and stuffs.  I want one to put the bitey on.


  1. Oh no Shawnee i wants that lyme diseeze to go away fureburrs. We did laff at that coyote poo storee MOL!

  2. Dog gone it. dat terrible lime disease makes me terribly upset! I knows you'll be all betters right?

    Coyote poo...bwhahahahahahaha...OMD, I soooooo needed dat laugh. Ahem, okays, is cmposed nows.

    Why in da world is theres a balloon in da woods...dats just weird.


  3. How fun to get to hike with a pal! Mom says those Connecticut police are really tough - she used to live in CT and says they would be set up in hiding all the time.

    Nice nommies - chicken jerky - yummers.

    We are all on Vectra now instead of Frontline. We are sorry to hear about your blood test results, but we also hope the meds make it go away for good this time.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Con Scratch U Lay Shuns Sydney fur passin your test!!
    Sorry that the Slimey Lyme thingy is back fur you though Shawnee.

    Now about this GIRRRRLS Hike Out thingy... I guess you all spent time talkin about your Furs and Nails and collars and walkin strings and stuffs.. while you were checkin Pee mails. Wimmen... even though I have TWO WIVES... I am NEVER gonna understand you Wimmen.

    Sorry that your mom girrrls got the icy sickle fingers.
    GRRRRREAT Girrrrrls Hike Out.

  5. Oh, what a great hike! Mama & I LOL'd and MOL'd at the frozen coyote poo and the Lyme disease biggified. I'd like to put the bitey on it too. I really hope you get over that real soon.

  6. Sounds like fun! BOL coyote poop! Sorry about the lyme disease
    Dachshund Nola

  7. If we had friends to hike with, that would be even more awesome than going out on the trails! You're a lucky girl, Shawnee! I can't wait for us to be able to teach Kuster how to hike!


  8. I do love hiking, you guys are very adventurous. :

    It's all About Pet Fences

  9. Phew, is so many emoshuns readin bout your hike my pal. I am so glad you haz a great time with Hayley and did enjoy your break noms. But I am sad to see your Lymes disease is back. I dussnt like to fink bout you bein poorly. I do send some ealin wuzzes for you and ope they duz banish the nasty ticks and icks. Woof

  10. Love the hike, but it made me shiver... We're not used to frozen poop in Florida. There is an advantage to that. HEE HEE.

    pawhugs, Max

  11. So sorry that hike started out with Haley's Mom getting in trouble by the pawlice! Our Mom gets nervous just SEEING a pawlice. That was such a nice hike. Bet it made up for the naughty ticket, eh? And at least the coyote poo was frozen, hehe!

    We're even more sorry to read about the icky lyme buggers! Go away from Shawnee!!! Leave her alone!!! we say. But the chiro thing sounds nice - can you get a massage afterwards?

    Happy Holidays to all of you!

    The Road Dogs

  12. Hate that you have lyme again. : ( Take your meds. : )
    Looks like another great hike. I am always impressed with how you are able to be off leash in the woods.
    : )

  13. I'd fur sure be ripping the guts out of that Lyme stuffie. Nasty critter--how dare it mess up your bloods.

    But, at least you got to go on a fun-looking hike with Haley! I'm not sure I'd stay out of that water though. Anything for a good swim--at least that's what I say!

  14. Police, poo and bad guys...sounds like a movie!! Does the coyotees not know they're supposed to bag up their poos?? Maybe they need a backpack to carry poo in?

    You need to get that lime disease and put the bitey on it..and destuff would be good therapy I think, not to mention FUN!!!

  15. Oh my goshies -- sorry to hear about lyme's disease... that sounds so bad. :(

    You always have such grand adventures! :)

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  16. You and Haley have some good times, don't you. I loved todays pictures, all except the one about the lyme disease.

    WE don't get that much out here and I am sure glad. that looks like an ugly thing to have floatin around in your blood.

    Make sure to take all your medicien and maybe it will kick that lyme out forever.


  17. What a fun hike and visit with Haley. That was funny about the coyote poo. It made mom laugh out loud at her desk at work and everyone was looking at her. MOL

    I'm gonna purr real hard for your sickies to go away once and for all!

    In case I don't get to meow at you before next week - Merry Crispmouse! *hugs*

  18. Howdy Shawnee, what a good hike. Those icicles are amazing. We all laughed at the frozen coyote poo. That was heaps funny. Probably not so funny for your friend though.

    We are glad Sydney is fine but not that you have your Lyme disease back. We are not sure what that is but it sounds yuckky. I hope Santa Paws brings you a Lyme stuffie so you can get your revenge. Take care all. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  19. A Lyme disease STUFFY?! Send me one and I'll take out vengeance on it, too. *evil snickers*

  20. Ha... Shawnee you be you and Haley be Haley - off woo go. Humans are so biddy yakky yak they don't know where they be sitting. hee hee. I hope you get rid of that lyme creatures soon.
    love norwood

  21. Oh no! Mommy's previous dog, Boo, had Lyme disease, but he got rid of it after the first months of antibiotics. Bad ticks!

  22. we love hiking with friends

    Stop on by for a visit

  23. you just kick those nasty lyme bugs out fur good Shawnee.
    keep on hiking,I just love reading about your hikes