Sunday, December 4, 2011

New York or New Jersey?

Both!  Yes furrends, today I hiked 11.5 miles in Noo York AND Noo Jersey and sometimes at the same time!

So on the way I seened Mr. and Mrs. Duck again.
Hai Mr. and Mrs. Duck!
Then up high ofur my head:
That be a downy woodpeckah - there woz a gabillion of them but this be the only brazen outgoing one wot posed fur pikshures.  Here you can see the red on his head better:
So we hiked along the creek wot woz more like a river...
Then it became a LAKE with a DAM!
I woz lissening to the soothing sounds of the cascades...
When all of a sudden....
There woz like 10 gabillion dogs!  Some belonged to the moms, udders they was dog sitting so they didn't has to go to jail and some woz fosters.  Wot funs we had visiting!  It woz wild and crazee good times.  But they woz going to their cars and me and mom still had lots of hiking to do so we sayed good-bai.
Just when you think you has seened it all...
Looking fur that Appalachian Trail.
I found the Appalachian Trail with seeniks!
So now that we woz on the Appalachian Trail we had to sign the trail register to say we woz here.  (Frankie, I would not sign Francine and Ernestine in, k, coz we want no record of them, rite?)
Then, OMD, my worstest puppymare!  A steep drop DOWN!
I is skeered.
Oh. My. Dog.  Wot to do? Furry most worried look on face.
Well mom went down, taked her backpack off, then climbed back up with a fur real leash, lassoed me and pulled me down!  She lied talked all nice and and sweet and stuffs and woz like "Come on Shawnee, you can do it, one paw at a time..."  Then she PULLED me and I FALLED even though I dugged my claws in and hanged on fur dear life but mom did catch me and drop me on my head lower me down furry gently.  This be how I got down:
Well, I did live to see anudder day.  But now it woz my turn to help mom.  We got to the river and OMD, wot happened to the bridge?
Irene swipied the bridge.
It be no prawblem fur me to cross ofur but how is mom going to get ofur?  I always say if'n she did not shave the furs off her legs, she could get them wet and stay warm like me but duss she lissen?  WOO HOO - I found a way fur mom to get ofur!
Mom had to sit on her behind and scootch ofur coz she be no good at tight rope walking.  Me, I swimmed ofur.
I found the bridge wot Irene swipied.
On the way back to the car we had to go through swamps and I thought that it looked like Bert had so much fun swamp diving that I gibbed it a try...
I tell you where that got me...
I is not amoosed and now I stink of flowahs.  BLECH.


  1. OMC you haz wet pawz! That wuz a kewl hike an rill pritty seeniks, Iz glad that big rawk din't fall on you cuz it looks kinda tippy. Iz sorry you stinks like flowuhs, want me to lick yer furz?

  2. OMC - you ended up with a b.a.t.h. YIKES. he he- you are funny when wet. What a great day you had - hope it was worth getting a b.a.t.h. over.

  3. Look at you sitting on the NY/NJ border!

    I bet that water was cold! I am impressed your mom made it across that tightrope - I think my mom would have ended up in the water.

    Your pal, Pip

  4. BOLBOLBOL!!!! You does look fery fery not amoosed about your baf. You does also look fery fery not amooosed about your mom making you git down that big DOWN rock. That be the kind of fing my hu-mans wud do to me too.
    Only fing different it I lubs bafs. I gits myself in the baf once the water is in. And efen more than bafs I lobs gitting dried. I hope your Mom hafes a fery big warm fluffy towel fur drying wooo.

    Tail wags

    PeeSSSS - I hope that boy sneeked wooo sum of his cake. I does remember that wooo said boys is good for sneeking us pups noms what the moms don't want us to haf!!!

  5. What awesome scenics you saw! Shawnee, you had such great hiking weather, too. I am dying to be able to get Kuster out on the trail, but I have to start small with him, so he's learning to just walk on his leash in public for now.

    Did it feel funny walking on two states at the same time?


  6. shawnee
    That surprise pawtee was totally coolbeaners. Ya know your momma is that all sweet talking but evil at the same time. I mean how do you deal with that? Sneaky. My momma had to cross a creek too on stones and ended up getting her feet all wet. Too bad you couldn't lasso your momma and pull her across.

    PS- Momma always wants to capture a woodpecker but they be too high to get a good shot. Nice work.

  7. WOW what amazing pictures! It's nice to meet you, I'm Dachshund Nola, your newest follower. Hope you'll stop by
    Kisses and Tail Wags,
    Dachshund Nola

  8. THANK YOU THANK YOU Shawnee fur leavin ... ummmmm "THEM" somewhere along the Apple Lay Shun Trail fur me. YOU are a WONDERFUL and THOUGHTFUL Furend.
    I so agree with you about these Wimmen that take the furs off their legs... what is up with that?

    WOW you met a Whole Pawty of new furends on this hike.
    I agree with Norwood.. It is very much difficult to get a good pic of the woodypecker guys. You did grrrrreat.
    I REALLY like your new collar.. that should keep you safe from the hunters!!!

  9. Oooooh...Shawnee...dat was a big drop. Mee would not have made it. Did you haves to cut yourself in two pieces to be in NY and NJ at da same time? {Ouch}

    As for da baf....well, what can me say? You's didn't hide fast enough!


  10. Great hike.... yep... that swamp diving will get you a bath every time...

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  11. a-boooooo for the barff. I had to ave one at the weekend too cos that Lola has gibbed be a skin itch whuich she got from da groomer. A-booooo for barffs

  12. You were in NY & NJ at the same time? Who says you can't be in two places at once!

    Too bad about the bath. At least you had fun getting dirty.

  13. Wait...did your mom tricky you and then yank you down the giant side of mount Everest?!?! OMD that is horrible! Did you have the woodpecker as a witness? I'd sue for noms. Especially after that bath photo. I'm on your side Shawnee...

  14. That was some hike 11.5 miles, pretty impressive!
    Tough about the bath though, washes away all those great outdoor smells!

  15. OMD - that looked like a scary hike :/

  16. I am embarrassed now about how upset I get when mom gets the ear stuff out because that is nothing compared to falling off a cliff! You are the bravest dog in the world!

    Must have been fun to meet all those other furiends!

  17. Wow! Two states at ONCE! That's pretty amazing, even for you Shawnee! That was some pretty rough terrain you & your Mom had to navigate there. Glad you both made it out okay! Plus an impromptu dog PAWTY! Cool! Great hike and some nice scenicals!

    PeeS - Your calendar is on the way :) THANKS!

    The Road Dogs

  18. You were very brave to let your mom drag you down that cliff. My hike would have ended right there.

  19. Hi Shawnee, another great walk. Your woodpeckah looked kinda like our Kookaburra. Not very often you meet lots of friends on your walks. They looked like a fun crowd.

    Hehehe, when your mum 'helped' you down it reminded me of when mum 'helps' Rory out of the car. He is too skeered to get out. Its very high probably about two feet!!

    No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  20. Thats lots of hikin!

    Stop on by for a visit

  21. I don't like baths much either, but unfortunately I like to roll in the mud...

    Loved your seeniks, but I'm with you--no way would I go down those rocks by myself. You were mighty brave!

  22. Shawnee that was a most amazing hike! You had me laughin my fool head off with the tree that couldn't see and your 'not as the crow flies' decent down the rocks BOL! So, did your Mom have splinters in her butt from scoochin across the log? ;) Hardy Har Har :)

    Waggin at ya,

    PeeS: Your sissy Dixie's snowflake is on our Blogville Christmas tree now! It is most pawsome! :D

  23. OH MY DOG Shawnee how I has missed your hikes...girl, you always be crackin' da PUddles up! Yea, I'm with Roo about da splinters. Shame there was no foto of your mom scootin...hehehehe!


  24. BAH!! Great post- I love the faces on Shawnee while on the rock and when all spiffy in the tub. She has such an expressive face! I would've been scooting across the log, too. ;)