Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day Hike

So on Saturday mom dumped drived the boy to the train station so he could join the gurl in Pencilvania at her fambly's house fur Chrissmass.  So seeing as we had no howliday obligashuns, we went HIKING!  We love hiking on howlidays like this coz we has the woods all to ourselves.
All decked out in my festib Chrissmass bandananana.
But I had to wear my hiking gear magical collah too and they dussn't match so I made a doggie fashion faux paw.
Wowser!  I found a snail shell.  There woz nobuddy at home so we carefully moved it off to the side coz that be valuable real estate fur some critter mebbe.
I be waiting on mom to climb the steep hill.  Four paw drive lets you climb faster.
I is leading the way to the seenik.
A crow flied ofur and he sayed Merry Chrissmuss at us.
Yummers! I got howliday chickun jerkey fur break!
I is crossing the bridge to the main part of the park wot is usually furry bizzy but nobuddy there today!
I put mom on the walking string, fur her own safety, you knows, and taked her to...
... Ringwood Manor.  It do be full of anteeks from 1854 - 1936 and you can go in and look, well not me coz I dussn't think dogs is allowed, but peeples can.  But they is closed fur the howliday.  They left a few dekorashuns up just fur me tho.
Did you all get your prezzies coz I hope this do not be Santa Paws' sleigh wot broked down.  Yikes.
Then outside the mansion in the yard there be this gate with no fence!  If'n they had dogs, they is not here no more.
I had to look back at the mansion one more time coz well, all us dogs wot once lived in shelters do be furry greatful to has homes but a home like THIS would be totally pawsome.  Hey, a gurl can dream rite?  And just think, mom would nefur has to get the vacula out again coz our furs would has all that room to spread out in and you would nefur see them!
Hmmmmm.  More gates with no fence at the old cemetery.  I is starting to see a theme here.
We found this grave in the old cemetery.  Do you know who this be?  He made maps fur George Washington.  Now I know how that George found his way all ofur New Joisey and New York!
So after visiting with all the graves and stuffs, we taked the hiking trail back into the woods.  Me and mom woz just like la-di-da-di-da strolling along all happy coz the sunbeams finally commed out when all of a sudden we heared...
Me and mom froze and looked ofur to where the sound came from and all we seened woz a black furball bear bootie flying away into the woods.  We must has skeered him and he JUMPED out of the tree and runned away.  Silly bear.  If'n he stayed there rilly quiet we would has nefur known he woz there and he could has been like a Peeping Bear.  Of course it happened so fast we did not get pikshures.  Again.

Butttttt, mom had to climb ofur a blown down tree and while she woz sitting atop the tree trunk swinging her legs ofur (furry carefully coz her bootie do be sore from falling the udder day), she noticed eyeballs on her and told me STAY!  Mom sat there and just started taking pikshures:
There woz a gabillion burds (and mom taked a gabillion pikshures) but these turned out the bestest.  The little ones do be White-throated Sparrows and you all know the udder be a gurl Cardinal - we didn't has to look that one up.

So when we get home after mom dragged me thru the woods fur 12 miles hiking I go in the yard to do my bizziness (I is back to holding it on hikes ) then straight to my hidey spot fur a nap.  So I let Sydney and Dixie snoopervise howliday dinner prepawrashuns.
We mussn't furget howliday dinner fur the kittehs!
Hey, you kittehs should try this stuff.  Our kittehs like it the bestest of anything they has efur nommed and there be no icky BPA poison stuffs in the cans.  It be called WERUVA - People Food for Pets.  They make it fur dogs too but we hasn't been able to find it in the store.  Still sniffin around fur it.  OK, going to go chow down now.  Bye.


  1. Happy holidays, my woofie pal... what a great adventure you've had!!

  2. A Bare Bear Foot?? Fur REAL? I would have been scared about THAT.
    Now about that Fee Fi Fashion FO Paw Pawsonally I think you look EXTRA Lovely with the colors next to your furs. And I know Gooood lookin Wimmen when I see them.
    Very good that you put your mom on the walkin string when you did.. gotta keep them Under Control.

    So let me see if I unner stands this.. HOOGE house equals No VACULA? I gotta start Ernie and I workin on diggin some Footers around our house.. I hate VACULA.. he scares me worser than Bert's Allred does. And Allred is SUPER Scary.

  3. What a nice adventure for Christmas. Good ting dat ole bear wasn't hungry for doggie chops! And at least dere wasn't any white stuffs all around.

    Hap-pee Holly-Days!

  4. Shawnee, we think that gate with no fence is a trend we wouldn't mind seeing happen in our yard:)

    Mom hasn't gotten us any more of that yummy holiday dinner - we think she should go grab a case or more before it is out of stock.

    You saw a bear??? Wow, our Mom would have run the other way.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. In answer to your burning question Re: Stuffie Guts vs. Snowman Poops..

    Snowman poops are little round thingys.. and stuffie guts are all fuzzy and stuff. Trust me... I KNOW... I have been up to my EARS in BOTH lately.
    BUTT the GOOD news is that ALL the Snowmen got Packed up in their boxes and stuffs and are now all stored away... making plenty of room fur the PILES of Stuffie Guts that Ernie has ripped out today.
    Betcha wish you hadn't asked aren't you. Baaaawaaaah

  6. Wow, a Bear. A BEAR. You lucky got to see the back end of a bear...

    I am so jelous. You and K are the only dogs I know that have seen a bear.

    Merry Christmas Shawnee.

  7. What a fantabulous Christmas adventure! I wish we had spent Christmas day the way you did, but the humans had parties to go to. I am glad you shared your hike with us!

    We had the same kind of feast you did, but ours was Honolulu Luau!


  8. Merry Christmas!
    Dachshund Nola

  9. Wow! A bear! Did you bark and bark and bark? I think seeing a bear would be a very barkable occasion.

  10. I love your Christmas bandana! Mama would love to live in that mansion, especially if it meant no more vacuuming. I hate the vacuum too. Thanks for your sharing your great day!

    Merry Christmas!

    Those bird pics are great and I'm going to get Mama to check out that cat food.

  11. Happy Holidays dear friend. Sounds like you and mom had a wonderful holiday - doing what you like to do best - going for a long hike in a park. Now I'd love to see your 4-paw drive in action! he he - bet we could race you with the car and you'd still win! Bootiful birdies too - we don't have any white breasted sparrows up here.

  12. Hey Shawnee!
    Wow, what a great Christmas hike! How great to have the place all to yourself...well, except for the bear and birds! Totally pawesome to see a real, live bear, even from the back end. I've seen them here in my territory and I was smart enough to not bark...they're HUGE! Yeah. Best let them go about their own bear-business. Glad you had a great holiday and I love the pix!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  13. I wonder why they have so many missing fences?!

    Merry, Merry Christmas, Shawnee!

  14. Hi Shawnee, a bear? for real? We would have run the other way. Looked like a great hike. Your dinner looks totally yummers. We aren't worried the the vacula. I don't know why. We just aren't. If you had a big house like the one in the photo we could all come visit you. Yay. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  15. Great hike! We always get the horses out on holidays - it's been kind of nice on Christmas, everyone who has received their Christmas horse is out too!


  16. A real live BEAR wow.
    And you look really smart in your Christmas bandanna

  17. wow we haven't seen a bear since we left AK!

    Stop on by for a visit

  18. NJ is full of wyld khritters!

    Thanks fur sharing your pawesome HOWLiday hike!

    I got to have most of a khan of TurDukhKhat - I was a nice khanine and let THOSE khritters on the porch have some of it -


  19. You was furry bizee for a Christmas Day Shawnee. We dint do no hikin, just a short walks for us. But we did do some similar nommin on some festive foods! Woof

  20. Great hike! Happy Holidays!

  21. Maybe the bear was like "nomming on a tree (or whatever bears do), wait?? Is that Shawnee?!?! OMG! My hair isn't brushed! I'll die of embearesment (badda bing!) if she seez me! Run away!!"

    That's what I think. Complete with the horrible pun. :)

  22. LOVE your holiday bandanny! We love those hikes where no one else is around :) Usually a rainy day, but holidays are good, too! We jellus that you got to see a BEAR! People are always saying there' bears here in the NC mtns but we haven't seen any in the fur! Lots of STORES named BEAR this and BEAR that and some stuffed ones here and there AND some in a PIT! BOO! But none in the furs! You're so lucky! PLUS you got Holiday Stew! We LOVE that stuff!

    The Road Dogs