Monday, December 19, 2011

An Illegal Mini Hike, a Lost Dog and the Chiropractor

Bizzy, bizzy day today furrends!  Mom taked half a day off werk coz my chiropractor appointment be today and it be far away in hiking country.  There be a park close by wot is too small fur a regular weekend hike but mom figgered we could do a little mini hike afore the chiropractor.  So afore we go to a new park, we always check if'n dogs be allowed coz we would nefur pawtronize a park where I do not be welcome.  The innerwebs sayed nuttin about dogs not being allowed.  Butt, in the pikshure above I is not looking at you coz I is bizzy reading the park sign:
Uh oh.  We woz 3 hours early fur my appointment and it be an hour drive home so not werth going home and coming back.  Well, we woz noggty and hiked anyways.  There woz udder cars parked there so mom figgered they woz going to where the seenik is and we would hike where there be no seenik and hope we did not run into anybuddy.  But pawlese note the sign also say litter do not be allowed:
But horse poo must be OK:
So we stealth hiked furry quietly through the woods.
Shhhhh.  I is not here.
I go where no dog has gone afore.
The coast do be clear.  Let's roll.
So we made it back to the parking lot undetected and mom sneaked me back in the car.  Whew.  Then a van pulled in and the laydee in the van asked mom if'n she had seen a 9-month-old husky in the woods.  Mom sayed no, we, errr, I mean she had not seen ANY dogs in the woods.  But she asked the laydee fur her phone nummer in case we did see her dog on the way to the chiropractor.  The laydee sayed she woz so close to catching the dog but she bolted.  They had adopted her 2 weeks ago from a husky rescue and she somehow got off her walking string.  Mom gibbed the laydee some advice.  She told her if'n she sees her dog again, not to try to grab her but to fall to the ground, cover her head with her arms and whine like a dog rilly loud.  Fur real, that her dog would then come to her to sniff her head to see why her mom be flipping out like a loony tunes and then she could reach up and grab the collah.  The laydee looked at mom like, um, OK and left.

So as penance fur our evil, illegal stealth hiking ways, mom picked up ALL the litter in the parking lot and throwed it away in the trash can.  Well fur that reason and coz we woz still too early fur my appointment.  So just as we was getting reddy to leave, the van pulled back in.  They laydee jumped out, ran ofur to my mom and sayed, "THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  I did what you said and it worked!  I got her!"  Ta da, here be the vagabond puppeh:

WANTED CRIMINALS:  Illegal Hiker and Runaway Puppeh

That laydee woz amazed that the minute she covered her head and started whining, her dog runned rite ofer and snootered around her head wonnering wassup and the laydee reached up and got her collah.  OK, so good deed done to wipe out bad deed (that werk fur you Santa Paws?) and off to Mike's Feed Farm fur my chiropractor appointment.  We still had some time so I did some shopping.

I did find some of that Merrick's Homecoming Holiday at Mike's Feed Farm and had mom get it fur our howliday dinner! Thanks fur telling me about that Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning!

And thank you all fur your concerns about the Lyme disease.  It be a worry fur mom and sumpin she has to stay on top of but I has not had any symptoms at all and it dussn't make me feel sickie.  I is not even aware of it and hopefully we can keep it that way.  And I dussn't mind taking the pills at all coz I get eggstra good nom chasers to wash them down with.

PEE ESS:  I looked back on the innerwebs and seened this on the town web site about the park we woz at.  I think mom be calling them tomorrow...
Moutainside Park; End of Mountain Ave and West Parkway; Mountains and wooded area, hiking trails, dogs permitted on leash;  Camping by permit.


  1. OMD,,,my mum be overs here laughin' likes a looneytunes withs your mum telling dat lady what to do. My mum obviously needs a room withs some padded walls.
    BTW, I nevers saw you hikin'...wink, wink!


  2. But woo aren't a dog -

    Woo are a Shepherd -

    PeeEssWoo: Mom khan't imagine that story about the runaway Husky ;-)
    OH WAIT - she SOOOOOOO khan -

  3. No...mee never saw you is dos woods. All me saw was da poopin' horse! HeHeHe

    Bet dat ladee was very hap-pee. Now mee Mom nose to do dat too but hopefully wee won't ever be able to escape from our "jail" yard!

  4. what a great adventure, I love hiking with my family and Paws. :)

    It's all About Pet Fences

  5. You rebel, you, going where no dog has gone before - except for the lost doggie. Thank goodness you and your mom were there to help.

    Your pal, Pip

  6. YOU would never Hike where you were not supposed to... Now see YOU are SHAWNEE.. and Shawnee lived all over the North East and they were HERE FURST.. Tecumseh was the Grrrrreatest of the Shawnee's... Until YOU came along.. that is. SO I say... SHAWNEEs BE WELCOME EVERYWHERE.
    Now I am sure that the Run Away Puppy is REALLY glad that your mom explained how to ... play CATCH Pup.

  7. I think those park peoples are confused about whether or not they want to allow dogs!

    SOOOO glad you and your mom were there to help the runaway puppy like that!

  8. Great, great post! That is so awesome that your mom told that lady how to get her missing dog and that it worked and that she came back to tell you!

    I'm so glad you don't feel sick, Shawnee, but I really hope that icky Lyme disease goes away once and for all.

  9. See! You're not illegal anymore! I'm glad you don't feel the effects of Lyme disease - ticks are nasty buggers I wish we could obliterate from the universe! Sorry...I just get carried away some time.

  10. BOL that's great!
    Dachshund Nola

  11. They should totally be paying you to hike in their park and tell people about how great it is! I know I always wish I could go hiking in the cool places you go to. It would be great publicity for them is what I'm thinking!

    I am sure you'll get lots of bonus points for helping that Sibe find her way back home, too! Mom was giggling about your mom's advice because she knows that it's true.


    P.S. We got your book back here in the mail, so we need to send it again! Mom just keeps forgetting to look up your e-mail and tell you. *sigh* Good humans are hard to find sometimes!

  12. That sign looked like it said 'No DOLLS'.

    Heh heh heh at your woofie friend's face!

  13. That is so cool that the lady did what you said and it worked! :D Make a good video to I bet ;)

    Paws up to you pal for ignorin the rules! My kinda gal! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  14. Shawnee! You were TOTAL camo-mode in those fotos! Heeheeeeee! I have misssed your most wonderfuls stories, cuz they always make me SMILE!

  15. Oh Shawnee you is mad, bad and dangruss to kno! And I fink you do be seein from twitter that I already did pass on mum's advice bout lost doggies to sumone this mornin. Woof

  16. Whoa I love me a naughty girl. WOo were right tho and helped your fellow criminal home. That was pawsome. Hmmm I missed the post about lymes disease. I hope u both are okay! I had lymes but the pills do work good and I have no problems since .. that's been 3 years ago. Lots of ticks hereballs.
    Alls well that ends well- right?

  17. I think on that photo it said: NO DOGS without you is fine.

    Glad you helped with the husky rescue! That should give some major bonus points with Santa!

  18. Hi Shawnee, if everyone knew you and your mum they would be begging you to come to their parks cause you are so special and pick up other peoples horrible rubbish. Maybe they should PAY YOU with great yummers!!! Anyway we like to have a friend who is a bit naughty hehehe. Glad the other lady found her pup. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  19. I HATE when we get to a hike and see the "no dogs allowed" sign. One time we were 1/2 way through a loop hike and there was a "No dogs from this point" sign. What's with that? And why don't they ever have "no kids allowed" signs?

  20. But you aren't just a dog. You are SHAWNEE!!! And that should allow you to hike anywhere.

    Mom says she is glad you found that food. She needs to go back to that store and look for it again. She thinks she was wrong when she told you Petco - it was at a specialty pet shop here in town. She doesn't always remember things very well:)

    That husky was lucky to get found, and thanks to your Mom.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  21. Both you and your mom deserve extra treats in your stockings from Santa for helping that runaway pooch and mom.

  22. Shawnee? Did you go hiking this week, cuz we sure didn't see you...

    -Bart and Ruby

  23. Nope, you were never there

    Stop on by for a visit

  24. Shawnee,
    What hike? I think you was just dreamin' you went on a hike, yeah dat's it!
    Your sweet mom may have sounded nutty but dat is similar to sumptin' dat my trainer Miss Shawna told my mom to do. Her said dat if I didn't comes when I was called to squat down turn her back on me and make whiny noises...I falls fur it all da time!

    Merry Christmas my furiend!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  25. Whew! What an exciting day Shawnee! haha We've stealth hiked before! And stealth moteled (is that a word?) and done lots of stealthy things that we won't admit to :) So glad that pup was found and SO cool that your Mom knew exactly what to do! Don't think our peeps knew that one. They've used the sit on the ground with your back to the dog to catch some, but not the whining like dog thing. Wow, we can't wait to see them use that one. Hope we have the video camera handy when they do! BOL!
    We wish your chiropractor was close to us - that's a cool place!

    The Road Dogs